Top 6 main causes of infertility

Many young and mature couples who want to have children have to struggle with problems. In many cases, doctors put a terrible diagnosis - "infertility."In general, infertile - this is the couple who have been trying to get a child for two years without result and at the same time has an active sexual life. Today we will tell about 6 main causes of infertility .Knowing them, it will be easier to fight this terrible diagnosis.


  • Weak sperm activity
  • Incompatibility
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Problems with follicle formation
  • Ovarian shell thickening
  • Problems with fallopian tubes
  • What's the solution?

Weak activity of spermatozoa

The main cause of infertility of the stronger sex is their low mobility and activity. To diagnose such a "disease" it is necessary to conduct a qualitative spectrogram. The activity of spermatozoa decreases every year. Today it has fallen to the level of 50%, although earlier this figure was not less than 70%.

Incompatibility of

There are situations when the female organism simply rejects male sperm. The reasons for the production of special antibodies have not been fully investigated. A similar problem in medicine is called immunological incompatibility. In this situation, the pair is forced to pass a check on the fact of compatibility.

Menstrual irregularities

Another cause of infertility, but already female - an irregular menstrual cycle, and more often than not its absence. In this situation, a woman must undergo a survey, during which all stages of the "life" of the egg will be traced - education, maturation, output, readiness for fertilization. Often the absence of menstruation - this is the main reason for the difficulties of pregnancy.

Problems with the formation of the follicle

This cause of infertility is becoming more common among women every year. The "young" ovule( follicle) is formed with serious disturbances, which prevents its fertilization. Diagnose a similar problem can be a week after the start of menstruation. As a rule, one ovary should have several follicles. One of them is dominant - it is he who participates in ovulation. If a young egg has matured at the wrong time or has not fully recovered, then it can interfere with fertilization. This problem is called polycystic ovary.

Ovary thickening

There are situations when the follicle is formed in a timely manner and is a completely healthy cell, but the thickening of the ovary wall prevents it from breaking through the "barrier".A similar problem can be caused by a serious inflammation, which must also be treated.

Problems with fallopian tubes

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes can also cause infertility in women. The follicle can remain in the fallopian tubes for up to several days. If the sperm to her does not reach, then fertilization, of course, will not happen. In addition, their meeting should be "synchronized."

What is the solution?

If a couple can not get a child for a long time, then it is necessary to be examined. Today, most causes of infertility are eliminated in the treatment process. So do not despair. The main thing is to timely identify and eliminate the existing problem.