Top-4 advice on how not to lose a radio model in the first flight

Radio-controlled models. .. How many in this interesting! After all, what can be simpler and more tempting than buying a slender handsome airplane( or helicopter) and launching it in flight? Such "aircraft" in stores are sold enough. Some can serve for years, others - will disintegrate at the first rough landing. Which you choose - it's up to you. Of course, it is worth paying attention to the recommendations of the sellers, read the various forums of aircraft enthusiasts, and just see how well the subject of your desire is fulfilled. However, buying a model is just the beginning.

The first flight is joy, or sorrow?

You got your long-awaited air craft, brought home, unpacked, made sure that the RC model does not have any damages, charged the battery( or refueled, depending on the type of engine), went into the yard, first run, take off, flew a little, start the planeto land. .. and suddenly the plane bites its nose and crashes into the ground. If you launched the plane into the sky for the first time, then you will be very lucky if everything happens without an accident.

So, what's the matter? Even if you managed the plane in the game, and very skillfully, these skills to you in real life can not only hinder, but even harm - the physics in the game and real life sometimes differ greatly. How to solve this problem, and do not break your purchase on the first lap?

Simulators solve problems!

Yes, simulators can help you in understanding how to pilot a radio-controlled model. Only this is not the simulations you've played - X-Plane and MSFS here will not help you. In order to deal with untyped flight rules, you need to download special software that can simulate the physics of the flight of a real radio-controlled model.

How do I start a workout? There are two options:

  • Keyboard. Only if you try to engage in this scheme, you can forget about successful flights. The fact is that the keyboard can not transfer efforts to the joystick, with its help, in principle, it will not be possible to create an imitation of a real transmitter.
  • Transmitter connected to a PC.This method is almost ideal, using a transmitter, you can adapt to manage the virtual model in the same way as the real one. The plus of this method is that you use the remote from your aircraft( helicopter), which allows you to get used to the control of your aircraft.

You should not flatter yourself. ..

That's right. It is not necessary, having got used to control on the PC, to consider that in the field you can also manage the aircraft beautifully. The simulator is just a primitive program, which, while trying to create a sense of a real sky, copes with it only for a maximum of a quarter. But you can get used to management with such programs quite quickly. However, in the field - caution and again caution. Good luck in flight!