The most influential people in the world 2016, Forbes rating

There are more than 7.4 billion people on the planet Earth, but only a very small part of them have the ability to change the world. Forbes magazine presents the rating of the most influential people in the world .The selection of participants was made according to the following criteria: the number of people over whom the candidate has power;condition and fame.


  • 10. Mark Zuckerberg
  • 9. Narendra Modi
  • 8. Larry Page
  • 7. Bill Gates
  • 6. Janet Yellen
  • 5. Pope Francis
  • 4. Xi Jinping
  • 3. Angela Merkel
  • 2. Donald Trump
  • 1Vladimir Putin

10. Mark Zuckerberg

The youngest influential person on the planet according to Forbes. Mark is only 32 years old, while the other participants on average have already exchanged the sixth decade. In 2016, he made a breakthrough, rising to 9 positions in the ranking, and also became the most successful businessman in 2016.Despite all his wealth( and Mark is worth 50 billion dollars), Zuckerberg and his wife do not forget about charity. In September 2016, he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, promised to spend $ 3 billion to eradicate all diseases in the world by the end of the century.

9. Narendra Modi

The popularity of Narendra among the people of India is getting bigger and bigger. She was not even hurt by a sudden monetary reform in order to fight corruption. In November 2016, the 66-year-old prime minister suddenly ordered the annulment of two Indian bills of the highest denomination, which forced the population to storm the exchangers.

8. Larry Page

The eighth position is the developer of the world famous Google search engine. Last year, Google was reorganized - it is now one of the subsidiary companies of the association Alphabet. Larry is the chairman of the board there.

7. Bill Gates

A person worth $ 83.8 billion can afford extravagant gestures - for example, to organize a chicken coop in one of the Manhattan skyscrapers. But do not think badly - it's all in the fight against poverty. Bill Gates is simply fascinated with chickens and believes that breeding these animals is a sure opportunity for the people of Africa to get out of poverty.

6. Janet Yellen

American economist and head of the Federal Reserve System of the United States, which deals with the fact that it exercises control over the activities of banks and other financial institutions. Her popularity among ordinary Americans is supplemented by the fact that Janet prefers to express herself as clearly, clearly and clearly as possible, which makes her one of the most influential women in the world.

5. Pope Francis

The only religious leader and the oldest participant in the ranking of the world's most influential people. Pope Francis is 79 years old! However, he is quite cheerful and continues to inspire his giant flock( according to statistics - 1.3 billion people).

4. Xi Jinping

From the very beginning of his presidential term in 2012, Xi Jinping took a course on reform and fighting corruption. Popularity is added to his Chinese leader and his unconventional openness to China - for example, he recently allowed the publication in the media of a detailed description of one day of his life.

3. Angela Merkel

Forbes regards Merkel as the last bastion of the liberal west on the path of Russia's growing influence. In 2016, Angela, as a supporter of the European Union, had to cope with the consequences of Brexit, and somehow it is necessary to somehow assimilate migrant migrants, the number of which has already exceeded one million. In 2017, the Germans will hold parliamentary elections, the result of which will show how the German people assess the policy of Merkel.

2. Donald Trump

Unexpected result - the first billionaire as president of the US took only second place in the top 10 most influential people in 2016.It seems that some Americans, especially the middle and upper class, traditionally committed to liberal values, are ashamed of their president. True, they prefer to vent their anger not directly, but on the wife and children of Trump. Donald himself promises to completely surrender to presidential affairs, and the management of his entire immense real estate empire to his children.

1. Vladimir Putin

The Russian president has long arms - he reached out not only to Syria, but even to the USA!It is rumored that Donald Trump is the Kremlin's protege, and the scandal with the alleged interference in the election of Russian hackers has only brought heat to the furnace of fears stretching from the time of the Cold War. Both Putin and Trump, of course, deny their participation in each other's political affairs, but not everyone believes them.