The most common mistakes drivers after an accident

The accident is always an unpleasant, dangerous, financially expensive business. But in your power to minimize losses - how? The main thing is not to allow the most common mistakes that, alas, almost all drivers make after accidents. We are familiar with the list, draw conclusions and, of course, do not make mistakes.


  • Inferiority to
  • Document clearance
  • Behavioral errors
  • Ignoring
  • Panic

Inattention to

objects Error number one is inattention to objects that are directly related to the accident. At the scene, it is necessary to carry out a thorough inspection of the traces of the accident and fix everything. Traces on the roadway, objects on the ground, roadsides, etc.- in the future, evaluation after the accident will be much more simple and quick, if you can provide the relevant information to the expert organization.

Document clearance

Error number two - lack of control over the quality of registration and reliability of primary procedural documents by officials. This is about the inspection protocols from the scene, the scheme to it, the inspection protocols of the vehicle, etc.

Errors in the behavior of

Under the third number in the rating of driver misses( unforgivable, by the way) are behavioral errors caused by stress. Even if you are to blame for the accident, you should not run out in the literal sense of the word - if the problems of other people do not bother you, then the chances are big( and they will impose additional sanctions, respectively).After the incident, faced with apathy? Come on! Otherwise, while you stand between heaven and earth, documents, schemes, etc.can be drawn up implausibly, which will entail corresponding consequences. However, to trust employees of state bodies, who arrived at the scene of the accident, is also unquestionably impossible - without going into details, they can be completely wrong. Do not sign documents without getting acquainted, even if the official causes you sympathy, and his honesty - no doubt.


Error number four - ignoring the need to identify the person driving the car. Are you sure that it was the owner? But in fact to compensate for the harm done, there may be a third party. Well, the fifth mistake is a general panic. Keep an eye on the situation, and if you see that the evaluation of the car and the general expertise will be needed, take care of collecting information for professionals. The more moments will be clarified at once, the less problems and ambiguities will remain afterwards.

Good luck on the road!