How to choose termopod Housing: Company, tips, reviews

Many of today's housewives are increasingly paying attention to such a device as Thermo, as it has great advantages compared with a kettle. Manufacturers of kitchen appliances produced a huge number of different models. When you select a device in the store can be a question: Thermo some of the firms is better to buy?

Thermo combines the advantages of the kettle and thermos at the same time. It consists of a bulb retaining heat, the heating element and the device for regulating temperature. Basically Airpots have a larger volume than the electric kettles. Accommodates standard device is 4-5 liters.

The purpose of these devices is to keep hot a large amount of water for a long time. It is very convenient for a large family to provide warm beverages a few people throughout the day. Thermo can take with them on the nature or cottage to be able to drink hot tea at any time.

First boil the water can be quite long - about half an hour. Then, as the cooling, the device will heat the liquid, while maintaining its temperature at a predetermined level. Temperature conditions can be set by yourself.

In order to pour water into a cup, it is necessary to substitute it under the tap and press the button. For water supply in the instrument is provided pump-action mechanism. It can be controlled manually or electrically.

Airpots can be equipped with various additional functions and have multi protection. These devices have advantages over conventional electric kettles:

  • large volume of the reservoir;
  • more economical consumption of electric power;
  • water target temperature is available for a long time;
  • operational safety.

The disadvantages of these devices include their large size and long time the first boiling.

Criterias of choice

To learn how to choose Thermo consider its characteristics. When choosing the best model for the house are important parameters such as:

  • power;
  • heating elements;
  • material housing and the bulb;
  • programs;
  • additional functions.

Experts advise to buy Airpots with an average power 750-1000 W, since this level is enough to boil. For example, a five-liter unit with an average power boil water for 15-20 minutes. On the fluid is required to maintain 30-40 watts hot, which is quite small. Therefore, it makes no sense to choose a more powerful machine.

The heating elements can be spiral or circular. The latter are considered more reliable in operation. Disc break less often, so they are preferred. Airpots provided with thermostats that control the temperature. If there is a step type of thermostat you will be able to set the setpoint temperature. Stepless will gradually lowering the water temperature during the day.

The cabinet can be plastic, ceramic, and are also made of metal. Type of material affects the weight of the device. Thermo plastic housing will weigh less.

The bulb may be made of metal or glass. Glass is easily broken if dropped or hit the machine. Metal may scratch when washing, but they are much stronger.

Thermo most basic models have a mode of operation. They lack the ability to set the desired temperature value. More expensive functional units may have up to 6 programs. You can select a desired temperature, such as 60 or 85 degrees.

A very important factor when choosing a Thermo Home is safety. Good manufacturers equip their devices with features:

  • locking the cover protecting from water strait when falling;
  • Protection against accidental operation;
  • Lock lid opening during operation Thermo;
  • blocking inclusion in the absence of water in the tank.

When buying termochaynikov note the additional features. It is a useful self-cleaning device, which makes it possible to produce an automatic cleaning of the flask. Also take care of the presence of the cleaning filters, as the quality of tap water we have is low.

If in the morning you have no time to wait long for the water to boil, make sure that the machine had a delayed start function. Then you can program the operation of the appliance to the time you want. Airpots with the presence of several programs, usually provided with Beep of heating water to a predetermined level.

Popular phones

Such firms as Polaris, Supra, Unit et al., Produce a cheaper and qualitative technique. These companies are in the market for a long time and have earned good reviews from customers.

Polaris 3007

Polaris 3007

This device is excellent budget Thermo embodiment. Body is made of metal and has a double wall reliable. Capacity Capacity is three liters. The device is equipped with an electric pump. There is an indicator showing the level of water loaded. With the help of a timer you will learn when you're done boiling. In the opinion of the owners of the device, this is a great Thermo for its price (about 1200 rubles).

Brand 34402

Brand 34402

This unit also offers the best value for money. It has a solid metal body and the flask from the same material. The volume of the flask - 4 liters. There is a water level sensor at the end of the heating device is automatically switched off. The manufacturer took care of the security of the device and provided protection from overheating. There is also a lock incorporating a low water level.

Supra TPS 3004

Supra TPS 3004

This Japanese company produces inexpensive technique a good quality. The device is quite voluminous - it includes 5.5 liters of water. The flasks were made of metal, the housing - of durable plastic. There are filters for water purification, which makes the care of the unit easier. There are caps lock while the Thermo. Also, the device will not turn on in the absence of water in a flask.



34 years

city Krasnoyarsk

I bought termochaynik Supra TPS 3004, to take on a fishing trip. I did not know how to choose Thermo, so guided by weight. The bulb in it metallic, it is important - in the fall will not break. it is not heavy for me, even with water. The temperature is kept for a long time, which made me happy. I'm happy with the purchase.


26 years

city Saratov

Bought shares of Thermo Polaris 2821. Small volume 2.8 liters, but for our family enough. Hot water is available round the clock, which is very convenient for me. There is a function of the supply of a cup of water. Housing metal, ergonomic handle. In general, the device is large enough, given its low price. The only negative - no re-boiling, which is written in the instructions. But without it is possible to do.


31 years

city Nizhny Novgorod

Long chose to termochaynik store, bought a Polaris PWP4012. Design beautiful, modern. Metal housing, has an electronic display and a backlight. Bowl volume - 4 liters. Three ways of pouring water, including pressure cup. Water temperature can be set in multiple modes. Like the delayed start function is very convenient for those who get up early in the morning. The whole family is very happy with the device.