Rating of winter stud tires R15 2016-2017

The phrase "winter is close" for motorists is of particular importance. After all, you need to "pereobut" faithful four-wheeled friend in studded rubber, to calmly feel on the snow-covered and icy roads. And given the huge variety of studded tires, choosing the right model can take weeks. To facilitate the choice, we present you the winter tire rating R15 for passenger cars. It takes into account the popularity and cost of models on Yandex. Market, as well as the ratio of negative and positive feedback on various profile resources.


10. Michelin X-Ice North 3

  • 9. Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-01
  • 8. Hankook Winter i * Pike RS W419
  • 7. Continental ContiIceContact
  • 6. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8
  • 5. Nokian Nordman 5
  • 4.Gislaved NordFrost 100
  • 3. Pirelli Ice Zero
  • 2. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000
  • 1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7
  • 10. Michelin X-Ice North 3

    Average price - 3 445 rub.

    Top-10 opens a quiet model, perfectly shown itself on the icy coating, snow-reagent porridge and heavily snow-covered areas. The car, "shod" in X-Ice North 3 confidently slows down and normally "feels" in turns.

    Disadvantages: be prepared for the fact that in the first season most of the spikes will fly out.

    9. Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-01

    Average price - 3 250 rub.

    The 9th place in the rating of winter studded tires of 2016-2017 is the Japanese model with good coupling qualities on ice, asphalt, dense and rolled snow. Somewhat worse moves on snow porridge.

    Disadvantages: this is a rigid tire, so do not expect maximum comfort when driving on bumps, if the car has a rigid suspension.

    8. Hankook Winter i * Pike RS W419

    Average price - 2 960 rub.

    Among the merits: quality guaranteed by a famous Korean manufacturer, predictable behavior on ice and snow, low price. Tires soft, quiet, thorns are seldom lost.

    Of the minuses: if you maneuver, on a dry asphalt at a speed of more than 80 km / h, the machine shakes noticeably.

    7. Continental ContiIceContact

    Average price - 4 178 rubles.

    For these soft premium tires, rutting is not a problem. They will cope with ice, rolling, loose or fallen over the ice with snow. In the bends well maintained lateral load. Spikes are planted on the glue, so they will hold securely.

    Disadvantages: can burrow in deep snow.

    6. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

    Average price - 4 520 rub.

    Quiet rubber produced by a reputable and popular Finnish brand. It is praised for its excellent wear resistance( for 2 seasons with a total run of 60 t.km flew only 2 thorns), excellent handling on rolled snow and ice.

    Disadvantages: when driving on reagent porridge, salt and bare asphalt Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 strongly loses the seventh version from the same manufacturer.

    5. Nokian Nordman 5

    The average price is 4,001 rubles.

    That's another product Nokian joined the ranks of the best winter tires 2016-2017.Studded tires withstand extreme driving with sharp braking and slipping, confidently feel on the ice, well adhere to wet asphalt, predictable and manageable in the snow.

    Cons: very soft sidewall.

    4. Gislaved NordFrost 100

    Average price - 3 080 rub.

    These tires have very strong spikes and excellent pattern protectors. You will not get stuck in deep snow, you will confidently move on the winter asphalt and at the same time the tires will not be buzzing like an angry beehive.

    Disadvantages: can enter in the turn in a snowfall, uncertain behavior on the snow porridge.

    3. Pirelli Ice Zero

    Average price - 3 073 rub.

    Excellent choice for traveling on wet and dry asphalt pavement, as well as on the icy highway due to the high level of stability and handling and excellent driving comfort. Overclocking and braking in deep snow, according to users, on the assessment of "medium", although the car does not get stuck anywhere. Spikes are not lost even after two seasons.

    Thanks to Dual Stud technology, the tire achieves better grip on the ice.

    Disadvantages: it produces an annoying rumble at 40 km / h and above.

    2. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000

    Average price - 3 080 rub.

    The second place in the rating of winter tires is again Japanese tires with excellent recommendations from users. For that they praise: well-planted polyhedral aluminum spikes, minimal tread wear for 3 seasons, excellent adhesion to the ice cover.

    That did not allow these tires to come out on top: badly cope with the track, noisy.

    1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7

    Average price - 3 570 rub.

    The list of the best tires is headed by a model with reliable spikes and predictable "behavior".It is soft, noiseless, works fine on the road after snowfall, ice crust and on shallow snow porridge. However, it can be difficult to brake on asphalt.