Top 10 tips for choosing an insurer KASKO

Insurance CASCO - it's quite a complicated matter. For example, in OSAGO there is a basic tariff and correction factors. But with CASCO, where the parameters for choosing the right insurance product is much higher, the choice of the insurance company is often much more difficult. Therefore, unlike MTPL, for KASKO such rating will be very relevant.

10. Study the ratings of insurance companies

There are many such ratings on the Internet, and compiled for various reasons. Someone makes ratings of insurers on their gross income, someone - according to the insurers, someone uses several bases and issues a comprehensive rating.

9. Never believe in ratings!

In the sense that do not consider them true in the last resort. To study the ratings certainly makes sense. Sometimes ratings are made objectively, but sometimes based on someone's specific interests. Therefore, be attentive and critical.

8. Carefully study the feedback on the insurers

Here it is worth doing serious work. It is necessary for each pre-selected insurer to collect as much information as possible issued exactly by the insured. And try to weed out the emotions when studying the reviews - take it as an invoice. And study the reviews on specific situations, which, in your opinion, can happen to you.

7. Never believe the reviews!

Again: do not believe not because they are all false and bad. But we must take into account two factors. The first is purely psychological: most people will write more about what has upset them than about something joyous. It's just that a man is arranged. Nevertheless, to critical reviews, too, we treat attentively. The second factor is geographical. The insurance company, of course, may not be good in general, but usually a lot depends on the specific unit, its staff and the procedures established there exactly. Look for reviews specifically about those divisions of insurers, where you intend to insure.

6. Learn about your unit from the acquaintances

Actually this is the continuation of point 7. Ask your friends about how and where exactly they insured for CASCO, what suits them or does not suit them in the insurer. This is closer to reality.

5. Never believe friends!

In the sense that they could choose a policy exclusively on the value factor. But we are interested in something else!

4. Carefully study the content of the policy

Namely: read and analyze the insured risks, the size and type of the franchise, the reasons for refusal to pay insurance compensation, etc. Otherwise, however, the results that the CASCO calculator will give out seem to be not tempting, in the event of an insured event, you can not get anything at all or get some pennies.

3. Never believe the content of the policy!

And again - not that you do not believe at all. But apart from the insurance policy itself, every insurance company has its own insurance rules, and an insurance program. And their conditions can be much more stringent than the conditions specified in the policy! In the policy there are always references to the specified documents, but practically nobody reads them. And very vain.

2. Use online calculators

Calculator CASCO - a very convenient thing that is easy to use. There are a lot of them on the Internet, and there are universal calculators, which count several insurance companies.

1. Never believe online calculators!

Even insurance companies sometimes write on their websites that the final value given out by the CASCO calculator is approximate, approximate. In fact, although small, but the difference with real numbers can form.

So it turned out that all the tips given in the even points of our rating will really help you in choosing the CASCO tariff. And odd items will remind you that this choice should be made on the basis of a comprehensive study of information. Your case is always unique.