Top 5 Interesting Banking Innovations 2015

The research company GfK and the international research center Marcs have published a jointly compiled list of the most interesting banking innovations of 2015.

For the selection of innovations, the monitoring of websites of banks operating in Russia and included in the top 100 by assets was applied. Also taken into account the data of 12 specialized industry sites, whose subjects - banks and finance. And an online survey of 600 people from cities in which there were from a hundred thousand people was conducted. They were asked to choose the three most interesting services from the proposed list( without specifying a specific bank).

We present to you the top 5 most popular banking innovations in Russia .


  • 5. Instant issuance of an unnamed
  • plastic card 4. Scanning documents via
  • smartphone 3. Notification of penalties and taxes via SMS
  • 2. Payment of purchases using the
  • smartphone 1. Transfer of money to a card from another

bank card 5.Instant issuance of an unnamed plastic card

Of all respondents interviewed by GfK, 28% like the opportunity for 10 minutes to get a card in the bank branch that does not have a binding to the client's name. This innovation was launched by Alfa-Bank. To receive a card, the client must use the services of Alfa Bank, that is, his personal data is already in the system.

4. Scanning documents using the smartphone

People aged 30 and over highly appreciate their time. Therefore, they liked the ability to scan payment and other data through the smartphone's camera( using the QBank application) rather than typing them manually. The creators of the application took care of the possibility of scanning receipts for payment of utility services, scanning the payment card( to bind it to the application or transfer to another card) and scanning the driver's license and the vehicle registration document. The latter option is useful to those who need to pay a traffic police penalty. For the first time such a service was launched by Svyaznoy Bank, while 29% of respondents voted for it during the research of GfK and Marcs.

3. Notification of fines and taxes by SMS

This innovation of Binbank was noted by 33% of respondents. This service allows you to pay in time any debts to the traffic police, the Federal Tax Service and the bailiffs. In order to receive information on taxes in the personal Internet bank of the bank, you need to indicate the taxpayer identification number, and to receive an SMS about fines for the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the number of the vehicle registration certificate or driver's license.

2. Payment for purchases using the smartphone

What could be easier: I attached the mobile device to the terminal at the cash register and all purchases were immediately paid for. Do not rummage in your wallet in search of the right amount, and catch the impatient glances of the cashier and other people in line. Such a convenient innovation, which was first launched by Surgutneftegazbank, was especially noted by 39% of the respondents.

1. Transfer of money to a card from another

bank The service offered by BINBANK since March 2015 is on the first place in the rating of the most popular Russian banking innovations. Most of all, the opportunity to replenish your card from online banking cards from other banking organizations was pleasant to residents of cities with a population of 300 thousand people( 45% of respondents).And noticeably less interest in it showed residents of small and medium-sized cities( from 100 and 249 thousand people) - 35% of respondents.