Knives for cutting vegetables: varieties, especially recommendations for selection

Vegetables and fruits have become an integral and important part of the daily diet. Very often, in order to prepare meals of them, they need to cut. Today, you can find a great variety of knives for cutting the fruit. We will understand what they feature and what types they are.

Fruits and vegetables are present in the diet of any person from infancy.


  • 1 Features knives for cutting vegetables and fruits
  • 2 What are the varieties of vegetable knives
  • 3 Universal knife for vegetables and fruits
  • 4 Zigzag knife for vegetables
  • 5 Japanese knife for vegetables
  • 6 The family of knives for cutting thin "Usubov"
  • 7 Regional Japanese models
  • 8 Recommendations for choosing a knife for vegetables and fruits
  • 9 VIDEO: Knife for fruits and vegetables - a detailed review.

Features knives for cutting vegetables and fruits

It is difficult to give a general description of all kinds of cutting tools for cutting a variety of fruits. They are all different in size, shape and purpose. This is their main feature.

Using in the preparation of various dishes, vegetables and fruits should, as a rule, clear and cut.

Yet any knife to cut vegetables and fruit must have the following parameters.

  • Dimensions. The device must not be larger to make it comfortable to hold in hand. For most vegetables need just a small knife, except may be fruit and large vegetables (pumpkin, melon, etc.).

Knives for vegetables and fruits are presented in rich diversity.

  • Thin blade. This requirement applies to almost all the knives for vegetables and fruits, as the cut products do not have a dense structure and a thick blade is not required.

Also, a thin blade is much easier to remove the skin.

Such a kitchen knife, like any other, consists of a handle and a blade. Materials for their manufacture are varied.

Knife for cutting vegetables has several varieties, differing in design, manufacturing materials aimed.

What are the varieties of vegetable knives

By purpose vegetable knives are divided into 2 types:

  • for cleaning;

Knife for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

  • for cutting.

The knife, which allows to cut the vegetables into thin slices.

They are very different in appearance and blade shapes and their properties. However, any housewife two tools are needed, because the first is required to clean the vegetables, then cut. There are other types, with which you can beautifully cut fruit.

Set for carving.

Allocate blades:

  • Spiral cutting;
  • slicer straw;
  • for cutting flat circles;
  • undulating edge;
  • forms to create colors;
  • machine for a long spiral.

The spiral is obtained by cutting a cone-shaped body, into which the fetus.

Universal knife for vegetables and fruits

he just needs the kitchen. The tool is suitable for cleaning, slicing and shredding fruits. Its blade is sharpened on both sides and has an average size. This versatile knife that can be used even left-handed.

Due to the thin and sharp blade, you can easily cut even soft fruit.

Attention! For tomatoes is better to use a cutting tool having small teeth that easily cut the skin, without squeezing it.

Zigzag knife for vegetables

Vegetable knife-cut zigzag allows the fruit so that their edges resemble a wave. This effect is achieved due to the special blade with the corresponding profile. Sale devices mechanical and electrical type, which include a number of additional functions. Basically, this multifunction device is used in catering establishments.

Vegetables and fruits will look nice if they cut with wavy edges.

More economical option of such a device for cutting fruit with wavy edges - is a standard cutting tool having a modified blade. In appearance it is similar to a small hatchet, as the blade is wide and has a square shape. The very tip of wavy.

Budget option knife for cutting vegetables with wavy edges is a standard product with a modified blade.

He does not take much space in the kitchen and is suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Knife takes up little space, suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Japanese knife for vegetables

Santoku knife is very fond of both housewives and professional chefs. It has an attractive appearance and has excellent characteristics. It is convenient to use, and all thanks to the balance of the blade and the handle. Japanese knife cut products is not difficult. Another advantage - universality.

Santoku - a kind of universal chef's knife.

The family of knives for cutting thin "Usubov"

"Usubov", which means "thin", can rightly be considered one of the main tools in the professional Japanese cuisine. In fact, the way it is, because they cut slices of vegetables almost translucent in the light.

Usubov - quite massive and always long knives.

"Usuba" - a large long knife, the length of which essentially from 180 mm to 240 mm, but sometimes there are 130 mm in length. But its distinguishing feature is not the size, and the ratio of the width of the blade and the handle more.

The main feature of the knife blade usuba is smooth.

"Usubov" is more like a small ax used for chopping bones. The main difference - descending perpendicular to the cutting edge butt line. Yet they cut the bone does not work, just a thin edge will not stand. A man with no experience can damage the blade at the wrong cutting.

In order to get a good cut it with a knife is necessary to perform precise movements.

Another difference - on the handle has an elliptical cross section and the lateral edge, as well as the unusually wide blade as compared to the handle. Get used to such a cutting tool is not easy, but the result is worth it.

Japanese knives - the best tool that can be in the kitchen.

His great weight and very sharp blade gives 'straight' cut without reciprocating motion that is considered to be the main feature of "Usubov."

Japanese knives are renowned for their sharpness, durability and faithful service to his master.

Regional Japanese models

Those are mostly universal model of cutting tools.

Enormous popularity of Japanese kitchen knives, which can be found in many cuisines of the world.

  • Hakusaikiri - used for shredding of Chinese cabbage.
  • Kurimuki - versatile fruit and vegetable knife small size, suitable for cleaning chestnuts.
  • Chukabocho - main purpose is cutting meat. This is a universal knife, the Chinese it is called "Cai Tao." Often cook them alone and enjoy the work.
  • Kabochakiri - designed for cutting pumpkins.
  • Kyabetsukiri - a device for shredding cabbage, but conventional and more solid and not China.
  • Kawamuki - is indispensable when you need to clean and beautifully cut vegetables, similar to analogue knife for carving.
  • Nata (Nata) - structurally very similar to the European butcher's ax, is required for cutting bamboo and wood.
  • Ninjikiri - cutting tool for shredding carrots.
  • Negikiri - cutting tool for cutting a leek. Solid unit whose length can be up to 300 mm.

Japanese knives for the kitchen is famous worldwide for unsurpassed sharpness, durability and convenience.

Recommendations for choosing a knife for vegetables and fruits

Even before buying a multifunctional knife for slicing vegetables is important to take into account all its features and some of the factors affecting the duration of its use. Here are some guidelines for choosing.

In creating an unusual serving to help special knife for cutting fruits and vegetables.

  • The blade should be made of solid steel, is best suited for this role srednelegirovannoj or superalloy. Cutting properties of the blade will be stored for a long time, which is very important.
  • Important and coating, because the tool is a long time in a humid environment. Will be optimal anticorrosion coating.
  • Cutting tools were easy to use, before purchasing it is recommended to evaluate tactile. It is better to select the average width of the device, which will not slip in your hand. As an option - rubber coated handle.

The product with the straight blade is useful for cutting and rounded profile is best suited for cleaning fruit.

Important! Acquire cost cutting tool of proven brands, models of which are made of quality materials, not impregnated with smells and have high strength.

This device is perfectly removes peel fruit, safe in operation, it allows to clean economically.

For comfortable work in the kitchen of every housewife need a quality instrument with a sharp sharpening. After all, it is because a blunt blade and injured occur. Some knives for cutting vegetables and fruits in a variety of shapes, it is impossible to grind at home. In this case, better to use the services of specialists.

Quality knife with a sharp sharpening - the key to comfortable working in the kitchen.

VIDEO: Knife for fruits and vegetables - a detailed review.