Top 5 greatest generals in history

Throughout the history of mankind in many parts of the world, a huge number of wars, battles and battles took place. They necessarily had winners who won the fight, and losers, who were defeated or captured by a stronger opponent. Most often the victory is won by the side that goes to the battle under the leadership of the leader, whose shoulders are aimed at rallying people together, making difficult decisions in difficult situations and much more.

In the world in different times lived outstanding military leaders, whose reasonable tactics and strategies led to significant victories even in the most difficult conditions. Let's get acquainted with top-5 of the greatest generals in the history of .


5. Adolf Hitler

  • 4. Genghis Khan
  • 3. Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 2. Guy Julius Caesar
  • 1. Alexander Macedonian
  • 5. Adolf Hitler

    He tried himself as an artist, was a military corporal, but went down in history asgreat evil genius. He was able to become the dictator of the Third Reich, as well as the self-proclaimed commander-in-chief of troops in Germany. After all, in his hands, albeit for a short period of time, there was power over all the countries of Europe. Historical facts claim that it is he who develops the tactics of "blitzkrieg", during which the war and the seizure of opponents are held in record time, while other troops do not have time to mobilize. Tens of millions of people have fallen from his hand around the world. Therefore, he is a truly outstanding military commander.

    4. Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan succeeded in establishing the Mongol nation, gaining power over most of the world that existed at that time. Therefore, he deserves the title of one of the most famous generals in history. Despite the fact that his troops were called "barbarians" and "hordes", his victories are not based on brute force, but on his brilliant tactics, abilities of the leader and organizer. Genghis Khan managed to unite all the tribes under his banner and conduct a brilliant military campaign to conquer the countries of Eurasia. Under his rule were the countries from Korea to Poland and from Vietnam to the Arctic Ocean.

    3. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte was the emperor of France, under whose leadership for more than two decades was the military and political life of Europe. His military genius, which manifested itself at an early age, gave him the opportunity to subjugate almost all countries of the European continent, and also extend his influence to Asia and Africa. In addition to the fact that these countries were under his influence, he managed to bring his ideology, innovations and procedures there. He was subordinated to the troops, armies and government of all conquered countries. Thus, he managed to go down in history as one of the most important commanders for all time.

    2. Gaius Julius Caesar

    The achievements of Julius Caesar are so significant for world history that on his behalf the words "kaiser"( German) and "king"( рос.) Arose. He was not only a legendary commander, but also a great statesman. Thanks to his conquests, the Roman Empire gained security and enormous influence in the world for the whole 5 centuries. During his reign, Latin language, Roman laws, traditions and customs spread throughout Europe. His life was cut off not in a great battle, but from a knife strike that was inflicted by his close friend.

    1. Alexander the Great

    On the account of Alexander the Great, 11 years of continuous battles, for which he did not win a single defeat. Although most often he fought with stronger opponents. His thoughtful military strategy was able to rationally distribute forces between different types of troops( infantry, cavalry, reconnaissance and military equipment), which allowed to conduct the most effective battles. The main goal of Alexander the Great was the unification of East and West, therefore, the culture of the Hellenes, their political and military thoughts were distributed to all the territories that were captured.