The 10 highest paid football coaches in the world

A successful career as a football coach can be a source of income of a very pleasant magnitude. The Internet portal collected data on the salaries of the main mentors of thirty football clubs. When looking at these amounts, it becomes clear why at times negotiations on the transition from one club to another last for months, and the parties can not agree on the amount of the fee - after all, it is about numbers with six zeros. Today we propose to discard envy and get acquainted with the rating: 10 of the highest paid coaches in the world .

10. Harry Redknapp( Harry Redknapp), Tottenham Hotspur. The owner of the prestigious title of Manager of the Year in the English Premier League of the season 2009 \ 10 earns 4.700.000 € per year. Redknapp has on his account a charge of corruption, which, however, was lifted.

9. Arsene Wenger( Arsène Wenger), Arsenal. The head coach of the famous English club has been working in his post since 1996 and receives 4.700.000 € per year. His career in football, Wenger began with the role of the central defender, played for the club "Strasbourg" and even got the title of champion of France.
8. Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool. This Scottish coach and former football player is a Knight of the Order of the British Empire. Kenny played more than 100 matches for the national team of Scotland, becoming the best scorer of the national team. As head coach of Liverpool, Dalglish has been working since January last year for a reward of 4.800.000 €.
7. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United. Fergie - permanent mentor "MU" since 1986.Ferguson is the most titled coach of British football .In 1999, he was knighted, and in 2002 - included in the Hall of Fame of English football. The salary of Sir Ferguson is 4.800.000 € per year.
6. Jupp Heynckes, Bayern. Prior to the beginning of a successful coaching career, Heinkes played as a player in the role of the striker. As part of the team of West Germany became the champion of peace and Europe. Today, as head coach of the "Bavaria" Heinkes earns 5.000.000 € per year.
5. Carlo Ancelotti( Carlo Ancelotti), Paris Saint-Germain. As a player, Carlo acted as a midfielder, playing 26 matches for the Italian national team. Ancelotti played for "Parma", "Roma" and "Milan".As a coach, the famous Italian managed to work with Chelsea, and since 2011 he has headed PSG and can boast a fee of 5.900.000 € per year.
4. Roberto Mancini, Manchester City. For his career, football player Mancini was a bronze medalist of the World Cup, and was awarded the title of Chevalier of the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic. On account of coach Mancini work with clubs such as "Lazio", "Fiorentina" and "Inter".At the current post, Roberto's salary is 6.000.000 €

3. Guus Hiddink( Guus Hiddink), "Anji".A former Dutch football player and acting coach is known in Russia, primarily as an ex-coach of our team in 2006-2010.In general, in coaching coin box Hiddink work with the national teams of the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea and Turkey. At the post of head coach of the Makhachkala "Anji" Husu is promised 7.500.000 € annually.
2. Pep Guardiola, Barcelona. Jouzep Guardiola y Sala is a six-time champion of Spain and Olympic champion in 1992 as an active player. Successes Guardiola as a coach even more impressive - three-time champion of Spain, two-time winner of the Champions League and the best club coach of the world ( 2009, 2011).The salary of the head coach of Barcelona is 7.500.000 € per year.
1. José Mourinho, Real Madrid. Jose could not choose a profession other than football-related. His father Felix Mourinho is a goalkeeper and football coach. The success of Jose in the role of mentor marked the title of Chevalier of the Order of Infante Don Enrique and a salary of 10.000.000 € per year. Thus, at the moment, Jose is the highest paid football coach in the world.
By the way, Madrid "Real" provides a decent income not only to the coaching staff - two of their dozen of the highest-paid players in the world play for this Spanish club. The salary of Cristiano Ronaldo is 10.000.000 €, and the income of his colleague Kaka is 9.000.000 € per year.