Rating of the cheapest cars of 2016

Rossiyskaya Gazeta presented the rating of the cheapest cars of the year 2016, , sold in the car showrooms of our country. The reason is almost complete change of the top 10 budget models, including the former leader of the rating, Daewoo Matiz, withdrawn from the Russian market, so as not to create competition for the updated version of Ravon R2.Unfortunately, the crisis has affected both the prices and purchasing power of the population. If earlier on 400 thousand rubles at motorists there was a choice from ten-eleven models now from force from six.


  • 6. Ravon Nexia R3, Geely GC6
  • 5. Lada Granta( liftback), Datsun on-DO( sedan), Ravon R2( hatchback)
  • 4. Chery Bonus, FAW V5, Chery Very
  • 3. Lada Priora
  • 2. Lada Granta
  • 1. Lifan Smily

6. Ravon Nexia R3, Geely GC6

Price: from 419 000 rubles.

Two cars with the same price are opened - the first Ravon Nexia R3 and Geely GC6 released in Russia. The price of the basic equipment of the Comfort Ravon Nexia for the last few months has increased by 40,000 rubles( includes power steering, airbag, stabilization system and radio tape recorder).And Geely GC6, probably, will be delivered to Russia in a new version - and more expensive. As the head of the Geely branch in our country admitted, there will be no more loukostov among the cars from the number of cars delivered to Russia.

5. Lada Granta( liftback), Datsun on-DO( sedan), Ravon R2( hatchback)

Price: from 404 200 to 409 000 rubles.

The fifth place in the ranking is just three cars. The most inexpensive package Lada Granta with a liftback body comes with a suspension from the Kalina, minimal noise insulation and without a power steering. Datsun on-DO is a car of Russian-Japanese production, known for its outstanding trunk volume among budget sedans - as much as 530 liters. In its basic equipment Access includes a motor in 82 hp.volume 1.6 l, ABS, airbag, power steering and seat heating. And Ravon R2, due to a few price increases went down in the rating down, which, however, did not prevent the car from continuing to hold the position of the cheapest model with automatic transmission.

4. Chery Bonus, FAW V5, Chery Very

Price: from 390 000 to 400 000 rubles.

Fourth place ranking divided among themselves three urban runabouts. All of them are products of Chinese automakers and quite popular in the Russian market. However, their presence in the rating is due to purely formal considerations: the number of these cars on the market is steadily declining( for example, it's almost impossible to find Chery Very).Whether new supplies are expected is unknown.

3. Lada Priora

Price: 389 000 rubles.

The only one of all AvtoVAZ cars, held in its original form on the market since 2007 without any changes. The basic equipment includes such amenities as a trip computer, an armrest with storage space, an air filter in the passenger compartment and electric front doors.

2. Lada Granta

Price: 383 900 rubles.

The price of the "national car" has not changed since the summer, which allowed Lada to move from the fourth place of the rating to the second. However, the most budgetary equipment of Lada differs Spartan rigor and unpretentiousness - the engine capacity of 87 liters.with a volume of 1.6 liters, there are ABS and EBD systems, but there is no air conditioning, no receiver, no other small things for a comfortable ride.

1. Lifan Smily

Price: 369 900 rubles.

And the leader of the top 10 cheapest cars in Russia in 2016 is Lifan Smily - a small hatchback, the design of which was created under the obvious influence of the famous Mini Cooper. The engine power is 88 hp, the volume is 1.3 l, the five-speed manual gearbox. A pleasant surprise - the budget equipment of the car includes almost everything you need, including power steering, ABS and even air conditioning with radio tape recorder. However, there are disadvantages. First, cars of this brand on the Russian market of 2015 release, and their stocks run low. Will the new - unknown.