Children's loft bed with desk

Apartment buildings have a serious drawback - the rooms do not have the extra space during the arrangement of furniture have to be creative in the apartment. It's about the bed with a table. According to the structure of the loft bed is similar to a simple bunk bed.

children's loft bed

In both cases, it provided the ladder and bed on the second floor.

One difference - in a two-story structure on the first tier of the bed, and the bed is made with a loft with a folding table. Before you buy an expensive thing, it should be good to deal with its positive and negative qualities, what are the types and characteristics.

loft bed

It is also necessary to understand how the assembly of the whole structure.


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Advantages and disadvantages

Combined furniture is widely used by many designers and gained popularity among the different categories of buyers.

loft bed with desk

This design has many advantages. But, unfortunately, it has its drawbacks.


  1. A small amount of squaring the apartments brings great inconvenience. Therefore, a bed designed for "loft bed" type, gained a lot of popularity. Thanks to this solution released a new place.
    loft beds in the interior

    The idea to combine the everyday pieces of furniture and a bunk bed helped to visually increase the volume of the apartment, and to release new space.

  2. Another advantage - a unique design of the nursery. Unusual shapes and a variety of structures will help build a unique bed. In addition, the design is so simple that its design to fit your needs is not difficult. Its layout makes it possible to take into account the size of a child's room.
    loft bed for a boy

    Thus, it is possible to design a sleeper, fully satisfies all needs of the child.

  3. Combined bed has a solid multi-tasking. For example, children's bed with table It performs the function of an overnight stay and a place for games and recreation. In addition to the table it can be combined with a wardrobe, a sofa, a game or sports area.
    bunk bed with desk and shelves

    Note that this "hybrid" has an area (except height) normal bed.


As with everything, bunk bed has disadvantages.

children's bed for girls

All the disadvantages of this design are minor in nature, but they should pay due attention.

The principal shortcomings and problems associated with installation and operation.

  1. The first and most significant lack of the risk of serious injury. Since the bed is at a considerable height, it is important to have bumpers on the opposite side of the wall.
    bunk bed table

    Sometimes, because of the high value of a side of the mattress is not enough.

  2. Next minus children's bunk bed is that it creates discomfort in the apartment with small ceilings. Since not every staircase designed for the needs of the room with a low ceiling, it is necessary to make adjustments in the design and make similar furniture made to order, and, therefore, pay their money.
    loft bed with desk

    Besides raising also becomes difficult and descent.

  3. The first time a bunk bed will carry a certain discomfort when changing bed linen. Pillowcase or duvet cover can be put on the bottom, even though it is inconvenient, but on the sheets have to spend time. If the mattress is high, but the ceilings are low, tuck the sheets from the first time almost unreal.
    children's loft bed

    But with proper skill and experience of the time change of clothing decline significantly.

  4. Another problem is the transport bed. The bed has a rather impressive weight.
    loft bed

    Just move it so it does not turn.

Kinds of designs bed with table

Computer or desk an important part of any child's or teen room. Often, there is no place for a table. modern loft bed with desk It will be a good help to the housing problem. A lot of variety of designs can easily confuse.

loft bed having a working zone

It is therefore important to deal with the kinds of such structures, as well as their features.

Share a few beds for children and adolescents with different layout table:

  • With the arrangement of the table directly under the bed;
    loft bed with a desk underneath

    Every manufacturer is trying to make their products and functional at the same time an interesting appearance.

  • Retractable table top in the shape of a box;
    loft bed with pull-out desk

    When buying a bed you need to look, as a manufacturer of well-known standards applied in their design project.

  • With a table in the corner.
    children's loft bed

    Child on such a bed would feel comfortable if it correctly and conveniently combines all the parts.

I gained a lot of popularity classic desk, occupying almost all the space under the bed. This solution is convenient because it has a wide area of ​​the workspace. This table allows you to concentrate on work without being distracted by extraneous matters.

loft bed for teens

Also, free space under the table can take drawers.

Plus the beds traveled countertop is that it has a small height. The low bed is particularly suitable for young children. The risk of serious injury by falling out of bed, almost minimal. All the available space under the bed is occupied by built-in drawers. The only negative - the workplace, is not large enough to complete the work.

loft bed for girls

The chair is next to the bed, not under it, then, takes a lot of space.

Thanks to the engineers who designed the table in the corner, achieved maximum savings quadrature. Vacated seat may well be used for a wardrobe with clothes with a small chest of drawers. But it remains a place for a chair or armchair.

children's loft bed

As is the case with the retractable worktop, angulation has little working space.

It does not matter what the bed, it is important not to forget about the lighting quality will be selected.

children's loft bed with desk

In addition to the options you can consider their own.

Choosing a bed

When choosing a bed, you should consider all the needs of the child. Does he need free space, whether the machine will be and how many need to hang clothes in the closet. Depending on the age of the child, his needs change. Buying him a cot, it is important to remember that it is morally obsolete in a few years, you may need to buy a new one.

loft bed Teenager

There is nothing wrong, if we take the bed "for growth", since buying it for a long time.

Buying a loft bed, consider from what material it is made. That material bed will be the main cause of long bed life.

loft bed bunk

Knowing from which to make furniture, it will be much easier to take care of it.

The main material for the best price - slab of chipboard. Board treated with a special coating which is easy to clean, and also simulates wood or any other color. Such furniture looks pretty nice and adds style room. The advantages of this material is that the furniture is much lighter than their counterparts.

loft bed for teens

The bed, made of panels with sawdust, can be easily installed in the right place.

But there is a significant disadvantage - aggressive environment furniture will greatly deteriorate and eventually will become worthless. Also pressed sawdust with resin a rather fragile thing.

loft bed

When careless using cleaved angles may appear.

Notably, it is possible to make a bed on the loft type, engineered with a folding table or a conventional metal frame. The design has an unlimited warranty. Strong stand well withstand mechanical impact. The maximum that can be damaged - enamel. When careless use can leave dents.

metal loft bed

Less of this design - the high price.

Dimensions and characteristics

Bed loft has the same dimensions as a conventional single bed, except for the height. The whole point is that the bunk bed occupied as little space, but it had a lot of useful features. The height of these structures reaches about 2 meters.

the idea of ​​a loft bed

This is enough to slip underneath, and is conveniently located at the top of the bed.

If desired, focusing on their needs, you can develop your own designs with the consultant. Order materials necessary sizes and get the perfect bed that meets all needs. You can modify not only the height and width of the bed, but also choose what will work desk. It is desirable to consider the small design elements.

Teenager's loft bed

For example, to design a few drawers or put a wardrobe.

The final design step is to choose the color. Bunk beds should ideally fit the interior of the room. Upon receipt of all the details, you are ready for installation, and then collected the bed is ready. All you need to do - roll out bed.

VIDEO: How to loft bed saves space in the bedroom.

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