Children's beds with borders: safe and convenient options

When the child reaches 2 years of age, the parents question everything his children's room and the acquisition of the personal bed. When choosing baby furniture it is important to take into account the peculiarities of sleep kids this age and take care of their comfort.

purple bed with boards

Convenient and multifunctional cot with borders.

Baby bed from 2 years with borders represent a single bed with boards on the sides. There are various models in which the removable or not fences. Their size can vary: low performance at 3-5 cm above the mattress, and high - about 10-15 cm. Prices for these products are different, depending on the material.

Bed-plane for boys

Children's bed-plane - a practical bed, convenient storage children's clothes and a favorite place for games!

Models cots for children from 2 years old can be sized bed: 140x70, 150h80 and 160h80 centimeters.

bed with rim for girls

Bright bed for girls stylized carriage - the dream of every little girl!


  • 1 What are bed for children from 2 years with borders?
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of beds from 2 years with borders
    • 2.1 Benefits
    • 2.2 disadvantages
  • 3 What you can use the bed for children from 2 years?
  • 4 Which mattress should be at the cots of 2 years?
  • 5 How to choose a children's bed for children from 2 years with borders?
  • 6 Video on how to make a rim for a bed with his hands:
  • 7 50 photo ideas cots with bumpers:

What are bed for children from 2 years with borders?

Baby bed can not only serve as a sleeping place, but also to perform other useful functions. For example, there are options of furniture with built-in drawers, chests of drawers for toys or bed linen. Such designs are versatile and will save space in the nursery.

brown bed with boards

Children's bed with drawers.

The most economical option cots are transformers, their size can be increased as the baby growth and bumpers are removed or omitted at all. Prices beds, Transformers relatively low - from 7500 rubles.

brown bed in the nursery

Practical bed-transformer with borders will help to save space in the nursery.

At the age of 2 years old boys and girls are very mobile, so the furniture is popular with a variety of slides and exercise equipment.

two-tier wooden bed with slide

Very interesting model of a cot with a slide.

Bunk furniture - it's a great alternative to the two beds in a small room. Baby cots are from 1 year to the beads are complete with changing table.

bed for a boy and a girl

Bunk beds with boards for boys and girls.

Protective edge in cots can be hard and soft. Such enclosures generally are the rack, which creates additional ventilation. Size and shape of the edges vary depending on the model.

bed house for a child

Bed-house with boards - stylish solution for the nursery.

To protect the child from impacts in a dream about a side, you can use fabric inserts. Soft edges are not practical, since the operation of tissue is often dirty and torn.

White Cot with rim

Baby bed with removable soft rim.

Advantages and disadvantages of beds from 2 years with borders

When choosing a bed for a child of 2 years from the boards need to pay attention to all the characteristics of this type of children's furniture.

Cot with wooden bumpers

Bed with wooden bumpers - a practical and convenient solution.


  • Bumpers protect children from falling out of bed while they sleep.
  • On board you can put your favorite toy to help sleep.
  • Bed linen is not moving out on the floor when the baby sleeps.
  • Multifunctional furniture with drawers will save space in the nursery.
  • A variety of patterns and designs will allow the child to develop.
bed with slide

This unusual bed will become a favorite place for your child and his friends play.


  • A child may hit the rim during sleep.
  • The lattice fences are accidentally stuck arms and legs.
  • The continuous structures are no air circulation.
  • Furniture is bulky and takes up a lot of space in the nursery.

What you can use the bed for children from 2 years?

On the modern furniture market there are plenty of options for cots 2 years. The various models differ from each other in size berth, price, functionality, the material, structure, etc. You can choose as a universal model, and separately for boys and girls.

Beds versatile colors suitable both for boys and for girls.

Many parents choose as a sleeping place sofas in different colors and shapes. Children can draw your favorite characters from cartoons and bright illustrations: boys are various machines, robots, sports items, and for girls - dolls, flowers, princess, etc.

sofa in the nursery with soft bumpers

Sofa bed with soft bumpers - a bold and original solution for a child's room.

Sofas for children from 2 years old can be equipped with bumpers. But often they are purchased for the games and entertainment, and to recuperate better to use crib mattresses.

bed with blue skirting the nursery

Simple and minimalistic version of the boy's bedroom.

The price of sofas is relatively low, which makes them available.

sofa in the nursery

Sofa with a side - a perfect solution for a child's room.

The company "ABC Furniture" makes design of various forms for boys and girls. Parents have the opportunity to pick up a cot at any price to the individual characteristics and interests of children. The set includes a mattress, they are equipped with drawers, for a fee, you can add colorful accessories and lighting. The price of a basic set - from 11000 rubles.

bed and a table with borders

Bed with computer desk and drawers.

The company «My Little Dream» produces cots for those who care about the environment. Furniture of this company is made of natural wood and is covered with safe paints.

crib with a side for a boy

The classic version of a cot for a boy with a rim.

Design classic design is easy to assemble and disassemble, no sharp corners. The mattress can not be included. Boxes for things placed underneath.

bed with Winnie the Pooh

Fabulous bed with edge in the best traditions of Soviet cartoons!

The average price of these models - 23,000 rubles. Eco-friendly furniture company also produces: Teamson (America), "Dubok", "growth-Furniture". They are used in the manufacture of eco-friendly MDF and chipboard. The price of an average of 16,000 rubles.

Which mattress should be at the cots of 2 years?

For your comfort the baby, proper growth and development, the mattress need to choose wisely for a child's bed. Given the characteristics of growth and development of children, girls and boys in the 2 years of age are choosing mattresses of medium and high rigidity.

cots with bumpers to the nursery

Elegant and simple bed with boards.

The children formed the correct curvature of the spine at this age and are best suited to them hard mattress. For children older than 3 years of age are allowed to buy soft and flexible options, with and without springs. Their prices - from 500 rubles and above.

bed with boards for girls

Large spacious bed with boards - an interesting solution for the nursery.

Right mattress - is the key to a healthy baby sleep. Features and functions of spring and springless models differ. Consider a few of them:

white crib with bumpers

Incredibly refined with delicate cot bumpers for little princesses!

  • Moisture resistance. Moisture incident on the spring, may cause damage to the metal. Latex does not absorb moisture.
  • accumulation of dust. Mattresses with springs collect dust, which is harmful for the baby, but this problem is not latex.
  • Static electricity can occur due to the presence of metal in the spring products.
  • Comfort. Mattresses without springs is more convenient, but from the point of view of health, have the advantage of spring.
    Durability. Operating spring manufacturing period - up to 10 years, and springless - about 15.
bed with Smeshariki

Bed bumpers and bright illustrations of favorite cartoons like any kid!

It is also important to know about the fillers, of which produce mattresses for children: latex, coconut coir, hollkon, memory foam, and combinations thereof. Therefore, before purchasing a mattress for a year-old child, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the excipients. Prices depend on the filler material, thickness, etc.

How to choose a children's bed for children from 2 years with borders?

The bed is the main attribute of a child's room, so she chooses to focus on. The main criteria when choosing furniture for a child - it is comfort, environmental friendliness, price and health safety.

bunk bed with walls in nautical style

The unusual design with borders bed in nautical style.

Baby beds should be as safe as possible for children. Correct height of fences will prevent the child from falling, while he sleeps. The length of the bed should be more child grows 20 cm. Note the mattress: it must be smooth, orthopedic, no thicker than 6 cm.

bed with borders with hearts

An interesting option of children's bed with soft bumpers.

Raw material from which the furniture is made, should be safe. Should pay attention to materials such as beech, pine or birch. The price of furniture made of natural wood is always higher than that of products made of MDF, chipboard, etc.

wooden bed with boards

Wooden bed with boards - it's practical and eco-friendly.

It is necessary to take into account the child's wishes. Girls, for example, may like a more subtle colors and shapes, and the boys like a car bed.

Video on how to make a rim for a bed with his hands:

50 photo ideas cots with bumpers:

pink bed with boards
Cot with yellow bumpers
two-level beds with boards for the child
bed house for girls
wooden bed with boards
bunk bed with boards
Orange bed duplex
bed with boards for girls
bed bumpers dolphins
bed with a rim in the form of clouds
bed with a side in the nursery
light green bed with a side and a staircase
bed with drawers and a rim
white bed with walls in the nursery
bed with boards in a marine style
bed machine for girls
pink bed for my daughter
bed with a side of the array
bed with flanges 2 level
bed bumpers for boys
bed machine for a boy
Bed racing machine with borders
bed with a rim in the form of a cat
bed with drawers and skirting for children
a two-tier bed with drawers
blue crib with a side for a boy
bed to the rim for two children
bunk bed with boards
bed for the boy in the nursery
soft bed with boards for girls
bed machine with borders
classic children's bed with boards
wooden bed in the nursery
bed house with boards
bed with boards in the style of Provence
pink crib bumpers for girls
red two-level bed for a child
light green bed with boards
bed with boards for girls
white-pink bed with a rim
lilac bed for two children
bed with blue rim for a boy
Cot with rim bleached oak
purple bed with a side for baby
a bunk bed with a side
bed with a side of natualnogo tree
bed for girls with boards
Cot with wide flanges
universal bed with walls in the nursery
white classic bed with rim for girls