Sink with cupboard in the bathroom: a stylish and user-friendly solution

Thumband under shellsin - comfortable, functional piece of furniture for bathroom. This additional storage space for bathroom accessories, household trifles, cleaners or laundry. Facade bollardss great to hide technical fittings shellsie, sewer drain.

cupboard under the sink

Beautiful cabinet and complements the bathroom design, make it more inviting and comfortable.

How to choose the right bollardshave to shellss? Where and how to install it? What are the required tools and materials to install? How to avoid problems during the installation? Is it possible to make such a ground itself, which is required for this?

dresser white bathroom

Design your future tables depends on what type of sink you choose.


  • 1 Choosing a pedestal sink in the bathroom
  • 2 Choosing a location for the cabinets with a sink in the bathroom
  • 3 Installing stone for sinks, tools and materials
  • 4 installation Steps
  • 5 Possible problems and their solutions
  • 6 Making home-made cabinets and its installation
  • 7 manufacturing phase
  • 8 VIDEO: Set the sink with cupboard in the bathroom.
  • 9 Sink with cupboard in the bathroom - 50 photo-ideas:

Choosing a pedestal sink in the bathroom

With a huge range of furniture for bathroom, Offers shops, choose the right option not just when choosing a foundation shellsu need to take into account the following factors:

  • The size bathroom;
  • Design, stylistic orientation processing facilities;
  • Features water inlets;
  • Location sewage sludge;
  • The presence of floor heating;
  • Shape and size shellss.
cabinet for bathroom ideas

If you are interested in the question of how to install a pedestal sink with, remember that this piece of furniture should be easy to use, compact and functional.

The best option - the choice is suitable for bathroom Furniture at the planning stage of a new bathroom or in the preparation of major repairs of old. At this stage, you can provide all the features of the installation and design.

stone for the tank

In all other cases will have to adapt to the existing communication and style.

The large bathroom is best to set a good volume bollardspatients with appropriate shellsOh. Drawers type dresser drawers provide storage of a lot of things, and if you add the original design, beautiful accessories, a rich decorative finishes, such a piece of furniture will be a highlight of all premises.

cupboard under the sink pink

Tumba is a great choice for anyone. who seek to make rational use of every centimeter of space bathroom.

For a small bathroom storage space under the washbasin will be an excellent way of rational use of space. Combination bollardss with shellsoh, mirror, hinged shelves decorate the bathroom, make it even more comfortable and functional.

stone for the tank red

Especially good cupboard under the sink for those who live in small apartments modern urban high-rise buildings.

floor bollardsin washbasin can pick up on legs, with or without a cap. In the presence of a base to pick underfloor better with open legs or suspension, which is fastened together with shellsoh the wall.

Hanging cupboard under the sink

The internal volume of pedestals used effectively due located therein drawers, shelves and compartments for accommodation of various economic detail.

Corner version - space saving bathroomThe use of non-functional angles. With all the furniture corner room becomes softer, smoother surround.

corner stone for the tank

Smoothed acute angles provide "fluidity" of air, light, very suitable for a bathtub.

Choosing a location for the cabinets with a sink in the bathroom

Pre-planning during construction or overhaul allows to "adjust" communications - water, sewer - to the place of location of the basin.

cupboard under the sink design

If the bathroom is already ready to be taken into account available water inlets and sewage sludge.

It is important to consider the location of the bath, the toilet, the door, the size of an entire room, storage areas, most functionality bollardss. Whether the base serves only a support or used as an independent element. Also important factor of light as conveniently located bollardsI have to shellsand well-lit.

white green cabinet in the bathroom

Very uncomfortable to wash in a dark corner.

Installing stone for sinks, tools and materials

The problem is much simpler, if the base was purchased complete with washbasin. When separate purchase require further adjustment to the size of table tops shellss, sawing suitable holes for draining or shellshave in general.

cupboard under the sink in the bathroom

Since the cabinet is operated in a high temperature and humidity, it should be made of water resistant materials.

installation Steps

  1. the base assembly.
  2. "Fitting" bollardss with superimposed on it shellsthe second to the planned installation site, marking mounting locations gashes.
  3. Setting mixer, siphon
  4. Connect the mixer to the water supply, sewerage connection to siphon
  5. Securing the entire structure at the desired location

For better and faster connection base parts under the sink will need a screwdriver, but you can do a suitable screwdriver.

details thumbs

All components are usually attached to the purchase of finished cabinet.

Washbasin need siphon with grating for drain (also usually supplied complete with all gaskets) and faucet. The mixer should be selected in accordance with design bathroomIn a suitable combination with mixers bath, shower, showerhead. For plumbing work will need FUM tape, wrench, screwdriver.

assembly tables

The base is going according to the instructions, it is important to evenly tighten all fasteners tight.

After assembly of the major elements of the - sidewalls, countertops, bottom, - attached fittings, are hung door. collected bollardsu need to "try" at the intended place by putting the top shellsy, mark the place of its attachment to the wall, holes space for sewer, water inlets.

cupboard under the sink

If required, saw out a hole in the countertop for the sink, mark its size and location.

Tip! To perform solos using a saw with a fine tooth comb and a good divorce, she will not tear the "veneer".

After the necessary measurements and drank fixed siphon installed mixer, the whole structure is attached to the wall studs previously embodied in plastic dowels. If the design does not provide for wall mounting, surface shellss adjacent to the wall, you need to fluff silicone.

installation cabinets

This will be enough to hold it still.

Securing structure can make connections with tap inputs and sewer drain, not forget to apply joints FUM-tape. To all parts of fasteners and plumbing should not make too much force, so as not to strip the threads or break the integrity of seals.

sink installation

Fairly simple neat connection of all parts by hand only.

Tip! All washed down, as well as the installation box shellss silicone grease.

Possible problems and their solutions

The base stands or hanging crooked. When installing it is necessary to use builder's level. If bollardsand on the legs, it is possible with their aid to adjust the plane of the tabletop, and basin.

Hanging cabinet with sink

When the implement variant - thorough perform measurements at uneven attaching curvature can be corrected only alteration.

Base wobbles. When assembling pay special attention to the quality of the connection details. For a more durable attachment can use carpenter's glue.

installation washbasin cabinet

It should be remembered that after the dismantling of stone sizing may become impossible.

Leaks. All plumbing equipment sealed with tape FUM or technical flax.

Sink Sealant

Places sink connection to the base and the wall with silicone sealant process.

Making home-made cabinets and its installation

It is not always possible to pick up in a store suitable option bollardss for shellss. This piece of furniture can be made independently, using simple, inexpensive materials - pieces of wood, plywood, water-resistant gypsum board, glass.

pedestal washbasin

Stand invoice sink in the bathroom would be especially good for creating their own hands.

Very stylish and will look expensive items made of wood, but you must treat it vlagoottalkivayuschey impregnation. It has good moisture resistance MDF, plastic.

pedestal washbasin photos

Interesting, original article can be obtained by applying different kinds of materials.

Inexpensive materials, such as drywall or plywood revet a self-adhesive film, veneer, varnish or paint, paste over the mosaic.

The base consists of:

  • frame
  • countertops
  • Sidewall
  • Shelves, drawers, doors.

We must carefully take measurements depending on the intended location, height, shape, sink, taking into account existing communications. On the basis of measurements created a sketch with the calculations, the size of the details.


Tools for the job.

For the manufacture of bollardss need: a hammer, drill, jigsaw, screwdriver, hacksaw, chisel, screwdriver, sander, sandpaper grinding, measuring tape, pencil.

manufacturing phase

  1. All details bollardss according to the dimensions transferred to the selected material, and are cut; a hole in the table top is sawed jigsaw size shellss
  2. All parts are mounted in sequence - first going to the frame, attached to it side elements, countertop
  3. Planned arrangement of shelves with the tubes, secured bottom also with the sewage sludge
  4. Is attached fittings, hung doors.
  5. Performed ornamental decoration, coating, pasting, moisture impregnation
cabinet in the bathroom

In the cupboard under the sink without too much effort, you can turn any old dresser or table.

Installing an improvised base is similar to the factory purchase. His final finishing can be performed after the installation on the spot.

cupboard under the sink with his hands

Within such tables will be much more space than when it has to accommodate a large part of the shell.

Having spent some amount of time and effort in independent production bollardss, you can save a lot of money in the plan.

cupboard under the sink

The original sink will be the subject of your pride for years to come.

VIDEO: Set the sink with cupboard in the bathroom.

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