Bedside table with his hands: the original design ideas

Interestingly, the cabinet with his own hands not just a cheaper version of the furniture. This stylish addition interior. Create a stand can practically everyone. But the original to make it harder.

bedside table

Let us dwell on the most popular types and the most simple in the creation of products.


  • 1 We determine the design and construction
  • 2 Necessary materials
  • 3 workflow
  • 4 Treatment
  • 5 Fixing elements
  • 6 Top articles
  • 7 The final stage: wall mounting
  • 8 VIDEO: Bedside tables in the interior.
  • 9 50 photos of unusual ideas bedside tables:

We determine the design and construction

In terms of design and construction of stone with their hands may be different. Here are a dozen of the always popular "nightstand" category.

  1. Simple, the type of a small table, with clear textures of wood, even here you can use ordinary nails on the background of light wood natural in texture and it will be amazing to watch.
    wooden cabinet with his own hands

    If you have previously worked with the tree, you can make this a unique and simple pedestal.

  2. Wooden cabinet made of thick lumber that is cut and kept as a surface graceful turns of an old tree rings. This is complemented by a robust metal dark area, which serves as a mount for the timber.
    cabinet made of wood and metal

    Beautiful wooden cabinets, which may appreciate if you put them in the room.

  3. Bedside table with light wood with open shelves will always be relevant and emphasize the purity of the interior.
    bedside cabinet open

    It should be a special feeling to approach the design of bedside cabinets and tables.

  4. Simple tables with marvelous ornaments are open articles that master flattering awarded with special decorations.
    a bedside table with decor

    Various designs and shapes are used to create such interesting bedsides.

  5. Openwork tables created from metal, lovely looks that the metal ceases to be somewhat cumbersome, on the contrary, gives the product lightness and thinness.
    metal cabinet

    An interesting and unusual design tables with metal legs adorn the interior of the room.

  6. Cupboard with doors and open shelf at the same time ordinary and boring with the help of colors and fabrics transformed into a retro option, this definitely will not be thrown away.
    tables decor

    Interesting and colorful stone decorated in different styles create an unforgettable and peaceful atmosphere in the room.

  7. Pedestals in antique style and unmatched look in the room.
    antique cabinet

    Interesting light bollard with his hands up in the incredible antique style.

  8. It was a "gray horse", and became a black-and-white stylish bedside table.
    stylish decor tables

    Bright and unforgettable cabinet in black and white is the perfect complement to the interior of the room.

  9. Old boxes of wood can take the time to carry on the trash, because after a thorough treatment of this precious old wood can be safely put them in a special configuration in place bedside tables.
    of drawers bedside table

    The wooden boxes are formed a nice nightstand to decorate any room.

  10. Nightstand of brick blocks is perfectly in harmony with everything that you put on it. Particularly elegant and modern look juicy green flowers in pots on a bedside table.
    cabinet of the blocks

    Beautiful and precarious curbstone made of brick blocks.

List can be long, but the abundance of the bedside table, depending on the production technology is divided into only three types:

  1. Hapolnaya bedside table;
    cabinet floor

    The most common one is the outdoor tables.

  2. Suspension tumbochka;
    hanging cabinet

    Due to its design gives the impression that the cabinet is floating in space, making it weightless.

  3. HAsten bedside.
    bedside bedside wall

    Wall cabinet in tone with the wall finish.

On the floor options clear, it is the usual products that are easy to move, and for the stability they need legs or wheels. But hanging - it is almost a new species. These products are attached to the ceiling by means of a convenient method (this may be a strong rope or special decorative chain). Wall options thumbs do with their hands is also simple.

wall cabinet

It is necessary to make the structure and fix in the right place right in the wall with the long screws.

You can find an available master class, how to make a nightstand of the boxes. Try to create things themselves, and without any extra costs.

Necessary materials

In order to make the most simple version of tables that would "fit" in any room, keep the following materials:

  • Several boxes (three fairly small);
  • Tools for processing of wood (any available paints);
  • Flexible sanding block;
  • Different elements for decoration;
  • Screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • The material for the top panel tables.
materials for tables

Materials for the manufacture of tables with their own hands.


Make a nightstand of the boxes is easy and simple, if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Handle all the boxes;
    make drawers of the nightstand

    Of ordinary wooden box or boxes can make a bedside table with an unusual design.

  2. FROMmake connection between the elements;
    attachment between the boxes

    The box can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

  3. WFasten the top of the article;
    top tables

    You can make a high pedestal of two or more boxes.

  4. FROMdo placement on the wall in the right place, or attach the legs.
    bedside drawers of his hands

    This bedside table, made with his own hands, will be original decoration of your bedroom.


To be able to use old boxes as bollards, need to do more sophisticated ruffled piece of wood each product.

Drawer units with their own hands

With the use of flexible sanding pads need to make a smooth, flat surface on each side.

Then, the surface after rubbing should clear the extra chips and dust. Only then cover the tree with the help of the stain, if you plan to continue to be used as a decoration lacquer. Or to cover an ad hoc basis under the paint for long-term storage of wood.

You can then paint in the color you want.

Fixing elements

Interconnect boxes can be by means of special screws. Also reliably attached on the rear side beam. Beam and fasten with screws.

Corners and fasteners buy in the store furniture accessories.

Top articles

Any strong material can serve as a cover exclusive tables. Fasten it with the screws. Possible at this stage to decorate a finished product by any decorative elements. The rhinestones, beads of various special adhesive elements can serve as decoration. Popular in the decoration of lace fabric, with its help you can easily create tables in a retro style.

tables decor

Make a bedside table with their hands, you can easily.

The final stage: wall mounting

That came a time when it will be able to try on the new furniture in the room. Just fasten using long screws finished product, and you can call the owner to decorate cabinet stylish gizmos and potted flowers.

wall cabinet

Pay special attention to the quality of each fixture.

If you have chosen for the top products sufficiently massive material, it is necessary to pay special attention to strengthening and decent. Since the bottom of the cabinet will not hold anything, it will be hung on the wall. Type of construction is easy to change, just make the legs for this furniture and it has become the product of the wall in the floor.

Wall cabinet with legs

Try yourself in the role of the wizard and do it without mistakes.

Today, the product sought after by their own hands as well as everything else you can think of!

VIDEO: Bedside tables in the interior.

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