How to upgrade the countertop in the kitchen: tips and ideas

Kitchen - a place where the apartment tenants spend a lot of time: it is prepared, consumed food, but often also organize gatherings with friends. So, naturally, I want to see the room looked attractive.

Favorite cozy kitchen

Favorite cozy kitchen becomes a place for socializing the family bathroom, which often spend most of their free time

Countertop relate to that part of the kitchen units, which is due to regular use, increased susceptibility to various kinds of damage loses its appeal fastest. If the damage is minor, it is necessary to repair countertop - variants depending on the material used in its manufacturing.

The load on the countertop

Worktops used in the kitchen, while its operation is subject to a variety of loads

If the restoration surface is not subject, you should think about more radical way - its complete replacement. Consider the options in more detail how to upgrade the countertop in the kitchen with his hands.

Table with ceramic tiles

Homemade table with ceramic tiles looks unusual


  • 1 Cosmetic repairs: Top 3 creative method
  • 2 Can not be restored
  • 3 Change qualitatively and correctly their own hands
  • 4 Video: Master Class: decorate the table with mosaic
  • 5 50 photo ideas for renovation and decoration countertops in the kitchen:

Cosmetic repairs: Top 3 creative method

The result of replacing countertops

The result of replacing countertops and type dishes before and after

Update an existing countertop in different ways - the end result here depends only on your imagination. However, there are three main options are most popular.

Replacing the countertops before and after

kitchen transfiguration after replacing the countertops and fronts

The first place for creativity and the prevalence is painted table tops using a stencil. This method allows you to implement any ideas, as well as the least costly in terms of money. The desired pattern can be found on the Internet, print, then it will be necessary only to cut himself a stencil (use thick cardboard or thin plastic), and it's time to get to work.

Décor using stencils

With stencils, you can realize almost any idea, and this method is not costly

In addition to the stencil and acrylic paints will require the necessary colors, a brush, a sponge. Before you start painting you need to prepare the surface: wash it, degrease. Further worktop covered foreground color, and then using the template and a sponge, is applied to the selected pattern. To paint or enters a stencil pattern to get a clear, experts recommend to apply paint on the sponge with a thin layer. If in doubt, get a sponge that gently put the image, use a brush.

Painting under the stencil perfectly with decoupage. On the surface of the working area, and regularly uses purified chemical detergents, the method use is not recommended, but, say, a dining table or countertop bar in the studio apartment, so you can safely decorate.

Creative table tenike dhhh

His hands can make a creative thing, if you use the technique of decoupage

The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of images, pick the right combination of pictures for decoupage and painting pattern, otherwise it may turn out nalyapisto.

Tools, as well as material costs here, too, will need at a minimum. Ready decoupage pictures are sold in all the stores with goods for creativity, but you can save by cutting out pictures from napkins, magazines, newspapers. Works are carried out in several stages:

  1. purified, degreased surface;
  2. PVA glue diluted with water (ratio of one to one), wetted with this solution image;
  3. carefully glued to the table top image, smooth, to clean out from under them air bubbles;
  4. after drying surface coated with varnish in three, but better - four layers (each layer before applying the next must dry).

The second option updates the working plane kitchen units with their own hands - Floor decorative tiles. This option is suitable plastic, wooden top and made of MDF / particleboard. To this end, suitable even ordinary ceramic tile, but it is much better to look mosaic.

combining tiles

Tile on the table, it is desirable to combine the size and colors - so the image will be more original

When choosing a color scheme, experts recommend covering the future to take into account the style of the apron, which is located above the working area. More original design obtained by using combinations of tiles, different sizes and colors.

Tiles combined with mosaic

Also, the tiles can be combined with a mosaic in the form of large tiles, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of decoration

To update the tiles need proper tiles, adhesive for her floating. The procedure for performing work similar to the previous method of restoration countertops: the surface must be washed, dried, then apply the adhesive, lay tile. When they dry up, on top of the tile grout it is applied.

The most expensive way of repair relates third countertop - using tempered glass. But the result looks accordingly - it's expensive. Action Set standard: cleaning, degreasing, paint coating, after drying - laying, fixation of the glass sheet.

Table top with glass

Colored glass countertop will look presentable and very rich

For a more spectacular appearance instead of monochromatic layers of paint put on the table some drawing. To do this often use screen-painting or the same decoupage. Tempered glass pattern protect against abrasion, will give more strength to the table (unless, of course, you will not cut meat ax here). Also, experts recommend that such a structure was removed from the plate.

Glass can cover any surface

Glass can be put directly on the raw surface with any texture

Can not be restored

Sometimes the repair of the old countertop is more expensive than buying a new one. Here the choice is obvious - it is better to replace it. Options today a great many, so you can choose to suit every taste, color and budget. Also, when choosing should take into account the overall style of the kitchen units.

Countertops are of five types:

  • MDF / particleboard;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • glass.

Table tops of fiberboard or chipboard covered on top, for greater resistance to moisture, elevated temperature, a layer of plastic, - the best option for "price - quality". They are also characterized by a wide variety of textures, caring for them is extremely simple, and resistance to various types of damage is high enough. Qualitatively missed a waterproof sealant joints significantly prolong the service life of the surface, also will retain its original shape. Disadvantages of plastic - can be scratches, stains.

Table top with a plastic layer

Worktop with a plastic outer layer - a modern composite kitchen

Stone planes are divided into two subspecies: the artificial stone or natural. Their distinctive features are high strength, resistance to any external influences (humidity, temperature, etc.), an attractive appearance.

stone countertop

Kitchen countertops from natural stone

Countertops made of artificial stone

A practical and less expensive option - the artificial stone countertop

The main drawbacks - the big weight, high cost, moreover, damaging some of the countertop, it will have to change completely.

Metal tables are made of stainless steel, used mainly in professional kitchens. They are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, they are not afraid of moisture and high temperatures, and the price is also "does not bite." Specific deficiencies in the material is not present, but some are inclined to say that it contributes to the loss of useful properties of the products, cut into this table.

metal table

Tables for production made of stainless steel

Wooden top preference is given to fans of all natural, eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing. However, it should be taken into account fast enough "wearability" of the material, plus it can burn from the sun or under the high temperatures, and can be deformed when the lacquer coating is damaged, and therefore requires special care. In addition, the surface of the price is quite high.

Table top of solid

For worktops array used high strength wood ash, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, or bamboo

As for the glass kitchen surfaces, they are not suitable for every design - for example, in the old Khrushchev with "Grandmother" repair such a surface will look at least strange, but looks perfect on a modern a spacious kitchen. Advantages glass top - impact resistance, resistance to high humidity, high temperatures, a large selection of colors. Among the disadvantages - high cost, the need for special care.

Glass table

Glass table with chrome legs in modern design

Change qualitatively and correctly their own hands

Special skills replacement process is not required, however, pre-figuring out how to update your countertop kitchen units, would be superfluous. So you will be able to make things right, to avoid mistakes that could affect the life of the surface.

Of the tools you'll need a drill with the drills, jigsaws, files, sandpaper (preferably use a fine-grained), sealant, putty, for marking and product measurements - a pencil, tape measure, pattern, square.

Tools for replacing countertops

Tools and materials that will be needed to replace the countertop with his own hands

When everything necessary is prepared, you get to work. First you need to turn off the water, and other communications, remove the sink and the hob, then this dismantling the old countertop. Carry out the dismantling experts recommend gently, it is desirable to keep the details of which it was attached, - you may be useful corners, some screws from the old set.

Remove old sealant

After dismantling countertops need to remove remnants of the old sealant in the joints of the wall

Dismantle the old surface must be well clean up the place where will be installed a new, paying particular attention to the joints. If the holes for the hob and sink in the countertop yet, it's time to make them.

Template for new

Old countertop use as a stencil to cut new edges of plates fastened to avoid moisture

In the case of glass, stone or wood, in the absence of confidence that you can do everything right with their hands and do not spoil so expensive material, it is better to entrust the corresponding cutting holes specialists.

Make a layout for washing

Making markup for washing and cooking surface by gently opening Scrollsaw

insert the washer

Cover with sealant and insert sink into a new countertop

Next countertop fits into place. Before attaching to the wall and the rest of the headset, make sure that it lies flat. When all fasteners installed countertop is ready for operation.

Set the mixer

On locking fastener mount upper profile, then connect the trap to the sink faucet and install

The only thing else we can do - for better aesthetics and reliability at the same time use, close the joints corners.

Closed with a decorative skirting board

The junction with the wall close countertops decorative skirting corners and set

Video: Master Class: decorate the table with mosaic

50 photo ideas for renovation and decoration countertops in the kitchen:

Worktop for the kitchen with his hands
Worktops, tiled
Decor countertops in the art decoupage
Thickness of the glass on the table top will depend directly on the three-dimensional effect
Decorated with painted countertop dining table
Perfect white countertop in the kitchen tiles
Making white countertop in the art decoupage
Decoration dining table in the form of an openwork painting
Square tile countertop and apron
Countertop and apron, decorated of one tile
Unusual drawn worktop in black
Wooden worktop on the island with his own hands
Table top, painted under the "zebra"
Updated worktop array to the kitchen
Green worktop with a pattern of three-dimensional cubes
Decoupage square kitchen countertops
Dining table with a picture-stencil
Updated countertops, tiled
Kitchen worktop with a checkerboard pattern
Beautiful updated round table with a new table top
Stone countertops in the kitchen with his hands
Square table with updated countertops in decoupage technique
Ceramic tiles on the kitchen countertop
The combination of white and blue tiles on the countertop and apron
Mosaics for Kitchen Countertops
Unusual worktop jams with their hands
Stylish countertop stone of unusual design
Gray tile to update kitchen countertops
Unusual solution for kitchen worktops
Glass kitchen worktops - stylish and beautiful
Table top for the work area and the islands of the large tiles
Relief countertop kitchen island blue glass
The decoration of the surface of the kitchen table with the help of bottle caps
Mosaic table top with his own hands
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Table top made of polished concrete
Glass countertops for kitchen furniture
The new glass top for a corner kitchen
Here is the cover tabletops, after casting epoxy
Robust wooden countertop for a kitchen island
Update bright wooden tabletop
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Option decor countertop with his own hands
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Elegant glass top
Worktop for the kitchen mosaic purple flowers
Worktop laminated chipboard in the kitchen
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