The original bed-transformer cabinet from Ikea: features and photo

Boasts spacious apartments and a variety of rooms, many Russians can not. Small apartments are not encouraging an abundance of space. If you can fit a double bed in the bedroom, the owners have to squeeze past her side. Instead of a large, comfortable bed purchased folding sofa bed, which is also cumbersome, do not contribute to the final solution of the problem.

White wardrobe-bed in the interior

Bed-closet from Ikea can save in your room is a large amount of free space.

IKEA specialists have gone further in the development of engineering. It developed the idea for the production of cabinet beds transformer, which has become the salvation of closeness to citizens and made it possible to equip a private berth, for example, in the living room.

Bed-transformer for large balconies

Bed-closet 2 is required such as furniture, are connected together.

The issue of space - folding bed convertible IKEA, which in the assembled state is removed in the closet, representing a full-fledged member of the interior, or serving as a wardrobe. Beds, cabinets transformers are manufactured from a variety of materials - from budget to veneer of real wood. The collected bed disguised as a cupboard, transforms the room. Legs too decorated, serve as an ornament, or hide in special seats.

Loading bed from Ikea

Stylish bed-closet easily fit into any interior of the apartment.

The product itself due to its complexity, different decor is not cheap. But there are quite reasonable pieces of furniture, which are set in urban apartments.

Fashionable furniture convertible from Ikea

Driving the Use of bed cabinet.

In a tilted bed-transformer occupies a lot of space. When buying such a subject is taken into account the availability of space to unfold. Above the bed can be assembled to build shelves.

Ikea sofa bed, wardrobe

The mechanism of the bed collection is very durable and can withstand the huge number of transactions.

Types cabinets beds Transformers:

  • one bedroom;
  • double;
  • children.
Furniture transformer from Ikea

Bed-transformer from Ikea best to provide an orthopedic mattress.

Options hoists:

  • horizontal, in which the bed folds lateral side;
  • vertical when lowering is end face.
Compact transformer furniture

On request bed-cabinet can be supplemented with side shelves.

Sami mechanisms run strong, with a guarantee of up to 20 years of daily use. Of course, bear the weight of large individuals and couples. So do not be afraid of falling bed, sleeper will remain your personal, secure area.

Compact furniture convertible from Ikea

Bed-transformer - it's convenience and ease of use.


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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages cabinet beds Transformers:

  • functionality;
  • ease of use;
  • space-saving flat;
  • elegance;
  • modernity.
Compact transformer bedroom

Bed-closet - is a new technology to the preservation of the free space of the room.

Despite the attractiveness of the lift bed, they have a number of disadvantages. It is, first of all, the price. Young families need to save for a purchase, or take out a loan. Some made their own furniture. In this case, there is no guarantee that the item will last a long time and safely.

Ikea Furniture transformer

Furniture transformer from Ikea is very popular among buyers

In a shop IKEA large selection of functional furniture for different prices. Even the most demanding customer will find here the solution of problems.

Compact transformer bedroom Ikea

Compact transformer bedroom Ikea.

Some are afraid of furniture transformers, fearing that the lifting mechanism may be closed during sleep sleeping on a bed or a person falls on standing next to the bed collected. For complacency make such serious shopping in the audited furniture stores, where the issue of guarantee documents to the acquired interior.

Assembling transformer beds

The assembly process is easy and simple bed, you do not have to exert large forces to do so.

Busy people need bother to collect, disassemble the furniture every day. But the owner of the lift bed adapts rapidly, with sufficient skill and patience, manipulate the mechanism automatically. One move, and bed ready.

Compact transformer bedroom from Ikea

All assembly machinery manufacturer gives 20-year warranty.

Wardrobe-bed convertible IKEA

Swedish brand IKEA monitors the latest developments of furniture production. Therefore, such a comfortable and feature-rich items such as roll-up bed, sofa bed, chairs, beds, becoming a hit sales. Management makes a serious investment for scientific research in the area to be in front, only to offer the customer a modern, comfortable, affordable furniture.

Bed with closet

Options finished versions beds, cabinets in the interior.

Dimensions of folding beds are diverse - from cots (for children of different ages) and a half, double for adults. The bed is equipped with a mattress. On request, an orthopedic mattress set.

Fashionable furniture convertible Ikea

Pillow top mattress is the ideal companion for transformer beds.

When choosing a special attention should be paid to the size of the structure. It must be approached on the area to the room where the furniture will be installed. It is also an important factor when choosing - a mechanism lifting - lowering the bed. Sales must when you check it out.

bed transformer

With even a child will cope bed folding mechanism.

Folding beds, built-in cupboard IKEA, supplied with gas lifting and lowering mechanisms. Even a child can use, so it is easy to use, requires no effort. One motion cabinet converts into a bed, and vice versa. Average bed becomes a stylish decoration of the premises, if the front side of the bed decorated of expensive materials, decorated with mirrors that visually increase the room.

Bed convertible for adults

The buyer can choose the mechanism for lifting bed.

Catalogs IKEA furniture offer two types of bed lifting - lowering mechanism for horizontal and vertical. In horizontal embodiment sleeper attached to the wall side portion. With a vertical version - end face. Salon-shop can always be retrofitted wall bed chest of drawers, bedside table or shelves.

IKEA offers a two year warranty on the bed-transformers.

Bed convertible for adults Ikea

The warranty period of service transformers beds from Ikea is 2 years.

Transformers "Three in one"

At IKEA stores a large selection of lifting bed "three in one", there are luxury items that become owners of expensive country cottages. Buyers are offered pieces of furniture that are both bed, wardrobe, secretaire.

Hinged, built-in wardrobe bed

Bedroom convertible from Ikea - a perfect solution to save space.

Also of interest is a set of bed, sofa, wardrobe. Option with a corner sofa, a wardrobe, a bed is popular with owners of small apartments. An interesting solution - cabinet bed, plus a dining table.

Ikea bed convertible

Bed transformer - it is the future of furniture.

That is, offers limitless palette of options, which are limited only by the level of engineer thought and imagination of the designer.

The original bed convertible

Bed-meter cabinets - is a multifunctional furniture that will give your room a huge amount of free space.

Multifunctional furniture is installed, for example, in the office or living room, in case of unexpected guests. Day of wall bed is a closet or desk, and in the evening it becomes a bed for sleeping. During the day formed a free space to bulky bed is not hindered to do business.

A bed in the cabinet - Furniture transformer

Transformable furniture can be made of any color materials.

Transformers performed interesting, elegant colors, without the pretentious nonsense. Equipped with other pieces of furniture from the IKEA catalog. Products are easy to care for, look stylish, modern fitting into the interior.

Features and benefits of the cabinet-bed

Bed-wardrobe - a stylish addition of any, even the most original decor.

A distinctive feature of the company that it offers a complete concept of the interior of an apartment or house, is involved in the creation of design environment projects. It offers unique options for resettlement housing. A major role is played here by pieces of furniture "three in one".

Bed in the closet - a transformer

Furniture "three in one" intelligently organize space in any home.

These things are essential when a studio apartment. It is also the only option in Dormitory and "Khrushchev." The country is an active construction of apartment high-rises. Demand for real estate is constantly growing. A huge number of apartments-malomerok that need to furnish. That's what best suited multipurpose transformers.

Bed in the closet - transformer Ikea

Bed-wardrobe will help you to enjoy a really relaxing and comfortable sleep.

Furniture-transformer is designed to maintain health, to make comfortable life, to protect family relationships. After all, when people are constantly in close quarters, there are squabbles, quarrels. The more free space, the calm attitude. That is multifunctional furniture has also a peacekeeping mission.

Video: originality of design bed-transformer cabinet

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