Rating of orthopedic mattresses of 2015

One third of a person's life goes to sleep and his state of health depends on his quality at the rest of the time. For a good sleep, you first and foremost need a cozy sleeper, in which the central position should occupy a quality orthopedic mattress , whose rating we want to present further.

The mattress rating is based on popularity with users as of 2015.


  • Which mattress should I choose?
  • Rating of manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses of 2015
    • 5. Vega( Vega)
    • 4. Consul
    • 3. Toris
    • 2. Ascona( Askona)
    • 1. Ormatek

Which mattress is better to choose?

There are many factories producing orthopedic mattresses in Russia, but only top-5 largest manufacturers can be listed. The following factors were taken into account when compiling the rating:

  • Quality of materials
  • User characteristics
  • Innovation( distinctive features, patents, medical research results)
  • Value for money.

Rating of manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses of 2015

5. Vega( Vega)

The enterprise has been operating since 2002.The assortment of mattresses totals more than 100 names. Only high-quality and modern components are used in production. The peculiarity of Vega in covering the segment of orthopedic mattresses of economy class. The main advantage of the products is the cost, which is much cheaper than imported and some domestic producers. Such an orthopedic mattress can be the best gift for the New Year 2016 for parents.

4. Consul

The company started its activities already in 1926.At present, it is the oldest manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses in Russia. In a year more than 1 000 000 mattresses of all price segments are issued: from economy to premium. All products comply with the environmental standard Oeko-Tex Standart 100. The company employs more than 4200 professionals, constantly developing the most comfortable mattresses.

3. Toris( Toris)

Founded in 1992, at present, the firm Toris has its own research center for somnology and orthopedics. Here, a study of new models of mattresses is conducted, experts and experts give their conclusions and feedback. This work allowed obtaining several patents for improving the quality of manufactured orthopedic mattresses. The constant development of production and excellent value for money allowed the company to get into the rating of orthopedic mattresses for an honorary 3-line.

2. Ascona( Askona)

Perhaps the most famous company on the Russian market. The manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses boasts the largest base of reviews and reviews of its products on the Internet and it must be acknowledged that most notes excellent product quality. The only downside is high prices. Ascona twice became the owner of the prestigious award "Mark No. 1" in Russia. At the moment the assortment of mattresses totals about 800 various models.

1. Ormatek

Top Orthopedic mattresses are headed by Ormatek .The company is represented on the market for 14 years. At present, it covers 83 regions of the Russian Federation, having a network of more than 400 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan. In the range of more than 420 units of products. Ormatek has many patents and innovative production technologies. Mattresses of this company have a better price / quality ratio and are very popular. A mattress of 114 sq.m.produced here, is listed in the "Book of Records of Russia".