The most expensive breeds of dogs. Top 20( with photos)

19th place: Bearded Collie( collared collie) is one of the oldest breeds of Scottish shepherd dogs. There is an assumption that they originated from a bobtail and a Polish low-lying sheepdog. A slender, strong dog with an excellent character - so you can describe the representatives of this breed. They are good at training, clever, cheerful, adore children, are able to adapt easily to any conditions. The price for puppies of the bearded cola breed varies within 800-1500 cu.

18th place: The Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world, belonging to the group of Spitz. Characterized as a guard dog and a companion dog. According to the conducted studies, it refers to the first primitive rocks evolved from wolves. They were used for protection, hunting, reindeer breeding and as sled dogs. The thoroughbred line of the breed was supported in Buddhist monasteries, where they were engaged in their breeding. Representatives of the Chow Chow breed are particularly stubborn and perverse, which in the process of education requires a lot of patience and appropriate knowledge. With the right approach to learning, they grow up to be gentle and kind dogs. The cost of chow-chow puppies is 600-1700 dollars .

17th place: Samoyed dog( Samoyed) is a very ancient breed of service dogs, which managed to avoid the intervention of breeders and to survive to this day in its original form. More than 3000 years served as a companion in the tribes inhabiting the north of Russia. The Samoyeds were used for hunting, guarding, shepherding, transportation, and sometimes even as nannies for children. They are distinguished by a calm character, sharp mind, cheerfulness, poise and sociability. Love people and happily go to contact. To train and educate the Samoyed dog should be taken seriously enough. You can buy puppies of this breed for 600-1800 conventional units.

16th place: The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world, bred in the late 19th century in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It originated as a result of crossing the terrier, the Maltese, the Manchester Terrier, etc. Representatives of the very popular indoor and decorative breed of dogs have a sociable and very cheerful character. Despite the miniature size is sufficiently brave, energetic and snooty. Yorkshire Terriers are very devoted animals, they get on well with all members of the family, they are easy to learn. A big contribution to the popularity of this breed was made by actress Audrey Hepburn, whose favorite was York named Mr. Famous. The cost of Yorkshire Terrier dogs can range from 800 to $ 2000.

15th place: Komondor is a large watchdog breed of shepherds who have been serving people for more than 10 centuries. According to scientists, the breed originated as a result of the crossing of wolves and ancient breeds of sheep dogs. And the Hungarians believe in the legend, which tells of the "marriage" of the sheep and the wolf, from which the Komondor breed arose. Representatives of this breed have an unusual appearance: the large muscular body of the dog is covered with a long fringed hair, the length of which can reach the ground. Komondora very intelligent, calm, balanced and yet very brave animals. They are easily amenable to training and are characterized by special devotion to the owner. The cost of dogs of this breed is 1200-2000 dollars.

14th place: The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of hunting dogs, included in the list of the largest dogs in the world. It probably comes from crossing dogs brought to the country by the Celts, and local Irish pickling dogs. At the beginning of the XIX century the breed was on the verge of extinction. In 1860, J. Graham engaged in the revival of the breed, and already in 1897 Irish wolfhounds were registered by the club of dog breeding. Their character is kind and calm, they are distinguished by courage, strength and endurance. The price for Irish Wolfhound breed puppies can range from 1300 to 2300 conventional units.

13th place: English Bulldog is a short-haired breed of serious and devoted dogs, derived in England in the second half of the XIX century. According to the type of use, the breed belongs to companion dogs and bodyguards. English Bulldog, the owner of a pronounced personality, is the title of the national dog of England. He embodied truly gentlemanly features: equanimity, thoroughness, even some phlegmatic, elegance and aristocracy. English bulldogs need attention very much, and their content requires great responsibility, so they will not suit people who do not have the opportunity to devote enough time to their pets. Buy a puppy of this breed for 600-2500 USD.

12th place: Beaver Yorkshire Terrier is a relatively new breed of small decorative dogs originating from Germany. Werner Beaver in the company with his wife, Gertrude Beaver, in 1984 brought the first representative of this breed. Beaver Yorkshire type are related to companion dogs. They are very kind, affectionate, peace-loving animals with a big heart, in the company of which it will always be warm and cozy. The cost of the puppies of the Yorkshire terrier beaver varies within 700-2500 dollars.

11th place: King Charles Spaniel - a breed of small dogs, bred by English cynologists in the XVI century. The first owners were English lords, then they became popular all over the world. Dogs of this breed are distinguished by special endurance and cleanliness. The main virtues of king charles spaniel are considered to be a kind character and devotion. It is easy to train and adores children. The price of dogs of this breed can fluctuate within 800-2500 dollars.

10th place: Saluki( Persian greyhound) is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dogs. Graceful fast greyhounds were mentioned by the ancient Greek historian and writer Xenophon( 444-356 BC), who saw them in Arabia. Images of Saluki-like dogs are found on ancient Egyptian monuments, which date from 2000-3000.BC.Representatives of this breed have a very calm nature, are affectionate to all members of the family, but to a stranger are somewhat wary. The cost of Saluki dogs can vary from 800 to 2500 dollars.

9th place: Norfolk Terrier ( another name - Norfolk Terrier ) is a breed of hunting dogs, originally from Norfolk County, England. About a hundred years, Norwich Terriers and Norfolk Terriers belonged to the same breed( the difference between them was in the position of the ears), but in 1964 it was decided to divide them. Dogs with hanging ears decided to call Norfolk Terriers. These well-built animals are very energetic, courageous and enduring. They have a balanced and calm character, are friendly and get along well with children. The cost of the puppies of the Norfolk Terrier breed is 1000-2500 dollars.

8th place: Chinese chongqing dog - very rare, almost extinct breed of dogs. It is assumed that they appeared in China, but this is not known for certain. In the tombs of the Han Dynasty( 200 years BC), statues of similar dogs were found. In those days they were noblemen, they served as evidence of a high position in society. In the XX century many dogs of this breed were destroyed. Today, there are about 2000 representatives of the chongqing breed in China. They are very friendly, calm animals, get along well with children. One of the main advantages of the breed is the life expectancy - up to 20 years. The price for the puppies of the Chinese dog of chongqing reaches 3500 conventional units .

7th place: Akita-Inu is a breed of service dogs belonging to the group of Spitz dogs. Their homeland is the prefecture of Akita, which is in the north of Japan. In his native country is recognized as a national treasure and has the status of a natural monument. Dogs of this breed can be characterized as reserved, intelligent, courageous, noble and very devoted to their master animals. They have excellent watchdog qualities and are easy to train. To get puppies of breed Akita-inu it is possible for 1000-3500 dollars.

6th place: Pomeranian Pomeranian( dwarf dog) is a decorative breed of miniature dogs from Germany. Images of these dogs are often found on ancient Greek and Roman coins, vases and other monuments of antiquity. In 1870, during the reign of Queen Victoria, who was very fond of this breed, Spitz fell into England, where work began on creating a miniature shape and improving its appearance. Pomeranian Spitz has a cheerful disposition and loyal character, is distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity, is well trained. In recent years, Pomeranian Spitzes have gained a lot of popularity, and some of the breed's representatives are real stars, for example, the Spitz Boo from the USA and the Spitz Shunsuke from Japan. The cost of puppies of this breed can range from 700 to 4000 dollars.

5th place: Thai Ridgeback is a national breed of Thailand, belonging to the category of hunting. For several centuries, she lived only in eastern Thailand, maintaining the purity of her breed. Relatively recently, on the initiative of the American dog breeder Jack Sterling, several representatives of the breed were brought to California, where he started breeding them. Thai ridgebacks are very active and strong dogs that need long walks. They have an acute mind and all have their own opinion. You need to be able to outsmart him and instill confidence that the owner is always right. The price for dogs of the Thai Ridgeback breed varies within 800-4000 conventional units.

4th place: Affenpincher is an ancient breed of miniature dogs that was bred in Germany at the beginning of the 17th century. Originally used as a rat-catcher. The name was received because of a small external similarity with monkeys( in translation from nemejki "affe" means "monkey").Affenpinschers are excellent watchmen - if necessary, very loudly let everyone around know about the present danger. Dogs of this breed have a fervent temper, active, rather curious and unlimitedly devoted to their masters. The cost of affenpinchers can vary from 1500 to 4000 dollars.

3rd place: Pharaonic dog is an ancient breed of hunting dogs, whose history begins at least 5 thousand years ago. This is evidenced by their images found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is assumed that the breed was brought to the islands of the Mediterranean by Phoenician merchants, where it was kept for a long time in purity. In the UK Pharaoh's dogs came only in 1920, and in 1975 they received official recognition. In Russia they are extremely rare. They are mainly used as companion dogs. Pharaoh's dogs are intelligent, playful, affectionate and kind animals, but there is some power in their character. The price for dogs of this breed can reach 1000-7000 USD.

2nd place: Lyon bishon ( other names - lion dog, levhen ) - a breed of miniature decorative dogs originally from France. Known in Spain and France since the end of the XVI century. Lyon bishonov often portrayed in his canvases by the artist Goya. At the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of the breed dropped sharply, and in 1960 it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most rare breed. That is why the cynologists began to actively engage in their breeding, as a result of which the Lyons of the bishons regained their former fame. The lion's breed is called because they are made a kind of haircut, which makes them look like a lion. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, fearless, loving and faithful. You can buy a puppy of the Lyon Bichon breed for 2000-7000 dollars.

1st place: Tibetan mastiff is an ancient breed of service dogs, the history of which has been around for about 5 thousand years. Powerful and brave dogs served as watchmen in Tibetan monasteries. In the Himalayas and Central Asia, they were often used to protect cattle and pastures. By nature, they are restrained, calm, soft and faithful dogs, who will be excellent guards of the territory and faithful friends to all family members. Very clean animals. One of the representatives of the breed Tibetan mastiff Hong Dong( Hong Dong) became the most expensive dog in the world, for which the Chinese coal magnate gave $ 1.5 million. The price for puppies of this breed is 2000-8000 dollars.

According to the popular proverb, the dog is the man's best friend. Of course, this is so. They can be excellent guards, helpers in the household and hunting, and also give an infinite amount of positive to their owners. Some prefer to have a sweet mongrel at home, while others wish to become owners of a rare and pure breed of dog, the cost of which reaches a very impressive amount. Dogs of expensive breeds often find their home in wealthy families, becoming a part of their high position and, of course, part of their lives, being true friends, despite their elitism. There are a number of factors that make a dog costly. The most important of these are the rarity and purity of the breed, the number of awards and titles, the state of health and the exterior of the dog.
It is very difficult to determine exactly which breed is the most expensive, as prices fluctuate strongly depending on the above factors, but based on the average cost in the world, you can make an approximate list of breeds for which people give away big money.

We present to your attention the top 20 most expensive breeds of dogs in the world.

20th place: Bichon frize - a miniature breed of decorative dogs of French origin, which became known several centuries ago. These small, but very daring snow-white animals often accompanied Italian and Spanish navigators, diligently playing the role of indefatigable rat-catchers. Already in the XVI century, they liked the European nobility and became very popular with the royal court. At the end of the XIX century, they lost their former glory, and for some time were ordinary street dogs. Only after the end of World War I did they regain their noble status. Bichon Frize is a playful, intelligent and intelligent companion dog, the cost of which ranges from 500 to 1500 dollars .