Kitchen design with ventilation ducts: design ideas (50 photos)

The projection of the ventilation shafts in the kitchen room is a small challenge for experienced designers and beginners sometimes do not even know what to do with it. Most often, in this case hidden ventilation design, build on a false hearth or column, depending on the location of the architectural element. The original kitchen design with ventilation ducts rightfully claim to be a special uniqueness, because options for its decoration, the successful masking there is great variety.


  • The importance of ventilation ducts
  • Features of the location, shape, size
  • What to consider when finishing
  • masking ways
    • Production of kitchen furniture on the order
    • functional disguise
    • Variants of decorative disguise
  • conclusion

The importance of ventilation ducts

This facility, which provides normal ventilation, installed mainly in areas with high humidity - bathroom, toilet, kitchen. This is one of the most important engineering systems of residential houses, which prevents excessive concentration of moisture, dust accumulation, the presence of extraneous odors.

Materials of Construction:

  • Galvanized metal - is used in residential and commercial premises, element goes solid, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, has a rectangular or circular cross section;
  • Asbestos boards - used in modern times is extremely rare, as the material is too hard, and the design has a low leak;
  • concrete blocks - data elements have special holes for arranging natural ventilation channels, have high strength, be designed prior to construction;
  • PVC - used most often for the organization of air ducts for kitchens, durable, cheap and resistant to aggressive medium virtually noiseless, simple to install, it produced different shapes, sizes, colors, but has a low resistance to fire.
Watches and paintings on the boxBlack box against the white tilesAirbox beigeMedium sized shelvesBox in the corner of the kitchen in the style of minimalismBox hidden in the tall cabinet

Self reconstruction box can damage the duct system and, as a consequence, substantial fines. For redevelopment or disassembly is required to obtain special permission.

Features of the location, shape, size

The apartments are a series P-44T, in contrast to their predecessors, the P-44, airbox is not standard - in the corridor. Multi-section high-rise buildings KOPE series, P-111M, R-55M and many others, equipped with exhaust systems through natural ventilation units located in the sanitary units, kitchen. The area of ​​kitchen space in a series of houses P44 - 8-10 square meters, but the volume duct, pipe, make the room more closely.
Inside the structure there are two or three channels through which air containing dust, combustion products are "pulled" from the apartment. Ventilation ducts consist of a horizontal, vertical sections. Inflow of fresh air occurs when ventilation through the open window.
Often the houses are placed plastic ventilation elements with different internal cross-section, rounded, rectangular shape. The most common are round, with a diameter of:

  • 80 mm, the cross section of 50.3 sq. cm.;
  • 100 mm square and 78.5. cm. respectively;
  • 125 mm and 122.7 q. cm.;
  • 150 mm and 176.7 q. cm.

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Kitchen in whiteIn the high-tech styleBox in the corner of the kitchenDecorated mirror filmBox near the entrancesmall TV

Rectangular ventilation systems are easier to place in the interior of the kitchen, for the stretch ceiling. Their usual size:

  • 110 at 55 mm, the cross section of 60.5 sq. cm.;
  • 120 60 mm and 72 sq. cm.;
  • 204 to 60 mm and 122.4 q. cm.

Box itself is made rectangular or irregular in shape, and is located in a corner on the right, or center of the room, at least - at the entrance to the kitchen. To prevent freezing, the accumulation of moisture and ventilation system have only indoors.

Box in the corner of the kitchen in redBlue kitchen with a duct in the cornerStove near boxesThe box is decorated with shelves of alcoholThe box at the doorThe kitchen is decorated with stone

A wide choice of colors Tube will pick up the design for any interior, and for complex shapes provided tees, reducers, and other elements.

What to consider when finishing

Box in the kitchen is usually a corner, where the majority of communications - this neatly fit into the interior is easy enough. Less commonly, it is in the middle of one of the walls, then hide the item a little more complicated.

When finishing this construction it is important to take into account:

  • the dimensions of the box;
  • its location;
  • in the overall project;
  • manufacturing materials;
  • stylistic design of the kitchen;
  • your financial costs.
small shelvesSink outside the boxThe box is decorated with chalk boardAirbox is hidden in the closetThe box is aligned with the barDinner Zone

When designing a kitchen design, you should choose the finish, depending on the location of the ventilation design. When positioned in the vicinity of the gas stove is forbidden decoration paper wallpaper, vinyl siding, because this excessively flammable materials. When this element is adjacent to the sink, not recommended for decorative plaster, wallpaper, except for the special water-resistant.

When the box is not very, but across the kitchen along the ceiling are the pipe communication, it is performed independently of plasterboard or metal.

masking ways

Mask design is possible in different ways:

  • "Hide" behind the facade headset - if the configuration allows the furniture;
  • arrange various functional elements;
  • cover decorations plasterboard, plastics;
  • file as the central "flavor" of the interior;
  • do virtually invisible or distract attention bright décor.

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TV on the airboxBox hidden in a pencil caseKitchen around the boxdecorated tilesBox with comfortable shelvesBuilt-in appliances

The combination of two or three methods of camouflage at the same time will create a cozy and unique interior. If you want to divert attention from the elements described above, and the visually expand the space, using different lighting techniques. For example, surround the lamp is mounted directly on the box or on the contrary, its location obscure brightly illuminating other important elements.

For kitchen design in the style of industrial, techno, art Poveri mask ventilation box is not necessary - it is a specific feature of the room. To loft style all components are specially emphasized, highlighted in color and texture.

Painted whiteHighlighted another textureWith small square shelvesA view of the dining areaIn the corner of a beige kitchendecorated tiles

Production of kitchen furniture on the order

In the presence of the bulk of the ventilation system, sometimes required the manufacture of kitchen furniture to order. It is performed with regard to the shape, size, depth and location of the construction, often almost completely hiding the items you want. In this case, all the specialist measures the relevant details into account the shape of the room.
If the area of ​​the room allows, the individual elements are made quite large - for kitchens with a bay window or combined with the warmed balcony is quite acceptable. Then tabletop smoothly skirts the box, going to the window sill or forming the bar. When placing the box in one of the corners, it is recommended to set the kitchen along one wall, preferably longer. L-shaped suite is suitable for very small kitchens, architectural ledge then take shape shallow floor cabinet, the same false, have, for the most part, decorative purpose. Less common box "hides" fully behind the doors of one of the canisters cabinets, but the feasibility of such an element raises many questions.

kitchen customDecorated bio-fireplaceBox on the bright color of the walls in the kitchenBox neatly circled furnitureSpecially chosen wallpaper for boxesKitchen with breakfast bar and duct

functional disguise

Depending on the design of the kitchen design space, decorate the box:

  • multiple shelves - they are placed souvenirs, jars of condiments, spices, cereals, small items of crockery;
  • bracket for your TV or a small screen mounted directly on the box;
  • the bar in the dining area - convenient if the box is located at the entrance, then it hang different pictures, wallpapers;
  • Portal false imitation fireplace or a window, which will create the impression that the projection is here by chance.

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small lockerPlace the TVNear the built-in equipmentNarrow shelf for small itemsIn the continuation of the kitchenA plurality of functional lockers around the

TV should not be placed in the vicinity of a gas cooker or washing, because the probability of failure of such equipment there is very high, due to high humidity and temperature.

Variants of decorative disguise

Options are not functional, but rather the aesthetic, there are many:

  • Antique column - this type of decoration is suitable for the room design in a Mediterranean style. From natural materials encouraged or artificial stone, decorative tiles, plaster moldings. The column is located immediately before the vertical duct, the width corresponding to it;
  • Niche plasterboard - made from floor to ceiling, box slightly increased, which allows you to make it an open or a closed cabinet for kitchen detail;
  • central element - for a loft-style design of the panels is made by white or red brick, high-tech rejects mirror tiles or frosted glass, Baroque - small colored mosaic;
  • design of homogeneous material - duct and surrounding walls draped identical tiles, painted the same color, or hang wallpaper. Since the projection becomes quite undistinguished;
  • association with a kitchen apron - via duct extends a horizontal bar, which is a continuation of the apron, the same is coated with it;
  • decorating with artificial stone or tile "Brick" - suitable for classic style interior, obkladyvaetsya design fully or individual elements are made bright;
  • slate - an element made of dark material on which you can write with chalk or made of metal, then decorate it with decorative magnets;
  • patterns, ornaments - perfect for a country style, eastern. The construction is decorated with hand-painted, rustic motif, in Chinese characters. On one of the planes are fixed hooks for towels, oven gloves.
Drawing boardBox in the corner of the U-shaped kitchenWhite box on a black kitchenAirbox in the color of the wallsThe box is decorated with paintingsA box of two colors


Kitchen - the space multi-functional, it is important to arrange the most convenient, aesthetically pleasing. There are many design ideas, how to decorate, hide ventkorob in small or large kitchens. When the self-registration does not succeed, there are numerous technical and aesthetic questions in this regard, should consult a professional designer who has experience in the field of apartment layouts with different types of exhaust system.