30 kitchen design ideas 12 square meters. m with photos and examples of interiors

Kitchen - the personification of practicality, aesthetics, cleanliness of the home, the space where meetings take place, communication of family members. At various times of the day, this part of the house needs to leave an appropriate calming and inspiring impression. Modern interior views allow comfortably arrange the most unusual rooms, and kitchen design 12 square meters. m is called to be not only practical, but also an exclusive, uniting the working area with a dining area, including the bar, sofa.

When choosing a plan should take into account the number of people who need and frequency of use of the cooking zones and the dining room; plan type depends on how many members of the family have dinner at the same time, what kind of things or classes you need to organize in the kitchen, what are the things to keep if there are pets, whether guests welcome.


  • Linear type planning
  • Two-line layout
  • U-shaped layout
  • L-shaped layout
  • C-shaped layout
  • kitchen island type
  • About styles
    • Classic
    • Minimalism
    • High tech
    • Country
  • Several design recommendations
  • About the color palette
    • Brown in the kitchen
    • Golden
    • Blue or Blue?
    • The friendly yellow
    • Red kitchen
    • "Fifty shades of the noble"
    • Accurate black "successful composition"
    • Touring
    • "Neformal"

Linear type planning

The most common, practical, functional kitchen layout method, a width of 2 m main active points -. Stove, refrigerator and washing are located on a straight or delta connected, and the free part of the kitchen can be used under the dining room, which can be arranged in any other part of home.

White and beige kitchen

Among the shortcomings - the possible location of the dining table in the kitchen end. Acceptable style - minimalism, Contemporary, supermatizm. It is important to avoid placing the dark hues at eye-level and above, creating the impression of tightness in the narrow kitchen.

Kitchen with sofa

Two-line layout

If the width of 1.5 m from the kitchen into the aisle may bilinear parallel arrangement of furniture. rectangular table visually enhances extended kitchen. If most of the cuisine is dedicated to the dining area, the table and the seats can be selected to suit all tastes. It is better to abandon the top row of lockers, installing in their place, open shelves, but better - pictures, or give preference to transparent glass constructions.

classic cuisine

At an impressive height of ceiling lighting should not be too elevated to the kitchen do not be like the well. Most likely, wall lights will come in handy. The recommended zoning the working area - a special design of the wall.

Elongated kitchen with access to the balcony

U-shaped layout

For a rectangular room suitable U-shaped arrangement of furniture, but for the harmonious operation of the kitchen side length should not go beyond the 1.5-2.5 m and the beam length must be more than 2 m. The ideal type of a kitchen combined with living room. Along the "beam" the window can be placed a sofa or Occasional furniture.

U-shaped kitchen with a small islet

L-shaped layout

An ideal choice for a square and a large family kitchen. A lot of cabinets, the most extensive work space, the freedom for various furniture and appliances, including a washing machine and ending with a wine cabinet. This type of interior allows the owner to successfully implement the boldest ideas of the kitchen.

corner kitchen

C-shaped layout

This layout is suitable in the case of combining the two areas where the adjacent area of ​​the room is reduced in favor of the increase in the kitchen. If there is no need for a working kitchen area, appliances fit in a minimal format: refrigerator, retractable under worktop, oven with microwave function, with two stove, breakfast bar, dining replacing the volume table.

Kitchen Project 12 sq m

kitchen island type

This type of interior suggests a partial arrangement of furniture in the center, in the form of an island, or poluostrovka (the wall), separate from the main series cabinets, squaring the square enough given the number of family members, their preferences, which is perfectly acceptable for one person or couples without children. The island - a dining area, hob and storage, has a modern stylish look.

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White and brown kitchen

Presence of 1.2 m width between the island and the adjacent cabinets gives the basis for this type of interior. Under the seats can be arranged drawers with kitchenware. Small chairs on high legs, around the same compact dining table, useful for placing the company of several people in the case of reception.

The compact kitchen in white

About styles

How to choose a style of cuisine suitable for you.


The massiveness of furniture, natural materials, carved facades, graceful ornaments - classic style attributes. The situation involves the deployment of modern household appliances that do not fit into the strict style, inside cabinets, quite a lot of space, and, of course, practicality, elegance, refinement, comfort, beauty.

Kitchen with a bay window in classic style


Characteristic of minimalism: the minimum number of things, a minimum of decoration, restraint of colors, a maximum functionality, lots of space and light, regular geometric shapes of compact objects, leisure preference materials. When inflated the cost of such furniture its advantage is that in this kitchen will accommodate all. 12 square meters for a minimalist kitchen design - is an acceptable solution, but if too much emptiness in the austere and orderly "footage"?

Kitchen with painted facades

High tech

Glass, metal, glossy surface, simple shape, fitted with mechanical devices, keypad fittings with "helm" are able to transform the kitchen space in this remote Space Administration ship.

Kitchen in white and black color "High-tech" good with minimalism, style loft or other, underlining the functionality, simplicity. Artificial materials, transformation of forms, the cold glitter, the lack of needlework trinkets - all this may remind you of success, but some kitchens would not hurt a little "heat".

Kitchen in wenge color


Romance, comfort, warmth, structurally polished surfaces inlay patterns of natural hunting, fishing subjects, pottery, handicrafts, fireplace, rocking chair - the components of the atmosphere of a country houses. Country is not only rural simplicity, but also the origin - similar Russian log hut, US ranch, and perhaps be able to bring a Swiss chalet in the kitchen layout to a modern 12 squares way.

Kitchen in country style

Several design recommendations

For the design of a kitchen of 12 square meters. m adjacent to the balcony, there are also plenty of options to give atmosphere interesting features. For example, the septum belonging balcony may perform the function of the bar or to serve as a support for the newly-attached cabinet. A balcony may be formed as an arch or decorated glass door (need only provide insulation for cold weather balcony).

White kitchen with lilac décor

zoning methods:

  • Furniture with the method of its placement;
  • Design features space - the podium, niches, arches, walls, Semiwall;
  • lighting;
  • multi-level ceilings.

At a height of 2.5-2.7 m ceilings set may reach the ceiling that creates additional volume - for storing utensils and concealment outline drawing or other purposes.

Light kitchen 12 sq.m

Textiles in the kitchen tends to be contaminated, absorb odors: it is better to replace it with an alternative material tolerant to frequent washing and is resistant to the penetration of fat.

Extractor fan in the kitchen of 12 square meters is the most important value: its lack of functionality at present are forced to inhale the evaporation of all the food is prepared.

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Kitchen Design of wooden furniture

Save space dining area with corner kitchen 12 m2 installation design can be hinged table tops and the same seat with a support at right angles to the wall: when dinner is finished, dishes cleaned in a sink, worktop and back outside the upright position.

Kitchen in the style of hi tech

The design of the 12 sq m kitchen projects considered diagonal method of laying tile that extends visually.

About the color palette

The desire to create an unforgettable mood in the kitchen space with its decoration often involves extravagant receptions, including the choice of color, stretching far from the ordinary. It is worth recalling that the bright colors and blotches visually expand any space, and the design of the kitchen 12 sq would benefit from this technique.

white kitchen

Ceiling, facades sets, furniture and floor can be white or pastel tones, and vivid accessories allocate them well and complement the color scheme. Saturated colors of the limit space and make things less bulky. To the west side of the kitchen it is recommended to design in green and yellow colors, orange walls, white furniture. For a well-lit perhaps more improvisation with a dark color. White, black, violet - a palette for the spacious kitchen. Consider a few bold colors for the kitchen.

modern kitchen

Brown in the kitchen

Brown - to match the majority of materials, versatile kitchen of any style, practical, combined with any color (becomes fresher with blue, purple and less strict with pink and warm shades), environmentally-color psyche. It looks good with light walls, in a spacious house lit with large windows. Improper use may be associated with the brown gloom and dark brown is rarely successful with red but reliable combination of tones - slightly brown white gives the winning option brings feeling of comfort, heat. Brown recommended for classic, English-style, loft, country.

Corner kitchen with a dining table by the window


Gold - the color of luxury, refinement to the demanding environment and is compatible with all the colors of the sun (preferably in a ratio of 1: 3), as well as white, black, gray, brown, shades of blue. A glut of gold disastrous: often quite a few decorative items or items in this color (chandeliers, vases, photo frames, hoods, mixer, furniture accessories), harmonizes with refined details and natural materials to maintain balance and to emphasize the nobility of style.

Kitchen in country style

Sink or legs of the chairs can be processed gilding. Unacceptable excess frills in terms of finishes, accessories on a background of gold - it will reduce its value and becomes minus in the interior. West side or the desire to make the kitchen more visually lit - prerequisites for the use of gold: bronze wallpaper, golden stucco, brass shiny coating. Is applicable in the art deco style, minimalism, hi-tech.

Blue or Blue?

Cool color of the sky in the kitchen moderates the appetite, helps to reduce the pressure, adjusts to mental activity, is associated with purity and freshness. Blue - is ideal in the summer heat and unnecessarily cold winter evenings, so it is best to use it selectively thinned yellow and red parts confine blue curtains instead of wallpaper or pokleit blue one wall. Ideal with white, including, in Gzhel painting, Chinese porcelain, Spanish tile; good with neutral colors, cyan, magenta, purple, black, gold, green. Is applicable in the art deco style, Provence, Empire, Scandinavian.

White kitchen with blue apron

The friendly yellow

A good solution for dark or small kitchens, color stimulates the activity, digestion, animates the interior, optimum as accessories (curtains), or background, as its excess can bore.

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Kitchen in yellow

He shades weight: lemon, olive, cream, peach, sand, wood, which perfectly complement each other and are recommended for the painting of the walls and kitchen furniture design. Yellow looks balanced with gray, white attaches glow green recovers and, with pink interior becomes gentler.

citric kitchen

Red kitchen

Color irrepressible extroverts and originals, people moving and hospitable, is expanding and approximating property for perception of objects, increases blood pressure and appetite. Suitable for large kitchens, but large quantities of tedious.

Kitchen with red cabinets

It should be noted that bright but muted tones exclude the effect of saturation in case of doubt, they are almost always in a win-win combined with others that there is a warm, warming, enhancing the color, and cold, refreshing shades of significance to the north or south of the world. One and the same color can be happy or depress red is balanced by its opposite - the blue, but it's good in a chord with light blue. It is rarely used as the primary, and often - to make pulse into the overall scheme.

Kitchen design in brown

"Fifty shades of the noble"

Gray will focus on tranquility, freshness, refinement of home, neutral and universal, capable to emphasize the beauty of any color. Gray facilitates satiety interior decoration, enhances the beauty of natural materials, is ideal and practical as the background, is considered noble acceptable for classical, art deco as well as high-tech. The kitchen is impeccable classic white with gray, but in a chord with any other color - purple, red, light green, beige - gray - metal, asphalt, graphite, silver - gives rise to a new mood. A variety of materials - tiles, parquet, ceramic, wood look good on the background of gray.

Cozy kitchen with a soft sofa

Accurate black "successful composition"

Black - the color of extravagance, high-tech, industrial, Contemporary, white - as a classic and art deco, good in bright lit kitchen, not for the design of small spaces, only a small amount of it will emphasize the sophistication of style, but its predominance in the negative weighting Effect. Black is particularly good in combination with white and red.

Beige kitchen


White - the color of purity, refreshing and expanding, allowing infinitely experiment with the design of the room, the color out of the competition. In terms of dark colors lose soiled white and relatively maintenance in practice is more significant quality materials.

Bright kitchen with dining table

The color will not look too formal in the kitchen with warm lighting, as well as with the addition of vivid detail, in addition, there is a lot of white shades: milk, bluish, close to pastel. Classic, Provence, minimalism, country - popular styles that use white.


For the most suitable will be purple Scandinavian style, fusion, pop-art, high-tech, modern. Due to its overwhelming effect of his mentally rarely used for decoration in the purest form.

The combination of purple with a white kitchen Yellow, white, light brown color of the materials - gold, bronze, wood - the most spectacular, surrounded by purple.

dark purple kitchen

From these considerations it follows that the space of 12 square meters, holds a lot of opportunities to have a chance to be implemented with the next repair, bringing to perfection the kitchen of your dreams. It is to say, the design of a kitchen of 12 square meters. m suitable for the realization of any style, and its creation - an individual process, and the combination of destinations with non-standard approach has not been canceled.