Where to hide money: 10 home caches

The famous slogan "citizens, keep money in a savings bank" has not lost its relevance in our days. Unless the "savings bank" should be replaced with a "bank".But not all people are easily ready to entrust their blood to outsiders, even if they are employees of a reputable credit institution.

So what to do if you can not buy a safe, and you do not want to carry money to the savings bank? We present you the top-10 places in the house where you can safely hide the money .


  • 10. In an envelope glued to a shelf or drawer
  • 9. In a children's room, inside the toy
  • 7. Inside a false
  • infrastructure 6. In a book or a specific shirt in the
  • cabinet 5. Inside the
  • 4. Under the insoles of oldsneaker
  • 3. In the medicine bottle
  • 2. Inside the
  • vase 1. In the old

video cassette 10. In the envelope glued to the shelf or drawer

To do this you will need an envelope, two tapes cut from double-sided tape, and of course,amount of money to hide. Glue the tape on the back of the envelope, parallel to each other. Then glue the envelope to the bottom of the drawer or shelf, where it will be hidden from prying eyes. Then just put the bills in the envelope.

9. In the children's room, inside the toy

Robbers rarely scour in the children's rooms, given how many toys and knick-knacks children have. Hide the money inside one of them and the values ​​will be safe.

8. In the freezer, in aluminum foil

Thieves can search the house, but they probably will not examine every small piece of food in your refrigerator.

7. Inside the False Infrastructure

Fake lighting fixtures throughout the house, a vent, a grill or an electric socket on the bedroom wall do not attract attention, just like ordinary household items. But in fact, they act as a façade for hiding values. Many online stores sell ready-to-install versions of such caches.

6. In a book or a particular shirt in the

cabinet This will work if you have a lot of books or shirts. Attackers, probably, will not "shake" everyone.

5. Inside the handle

Open the handle and remove the ink rod. Carefully and tightly fold the bill around the rod, but do not interfere with the operation of the spring mechanism. Then reinsert it all back into the handle and continue to use it normally.

4. Under the insoles of old sneakers

In the rating of reliable home caches for money got not too fragrant, but reliable way. Take the old sneaker and put money under it. One downside: after using this method, no one can say that money does not smell.

3. In the medicine bubble

If you have a large empty vial for tablets or a box for suppositories, you can adjust them to store bills. It is desirable to use a vial or a box with a label. If the robber does not have constipation, he is unlikely to guess to look for money in a pack of purgative rectal suppositories.

2. Inside the vase

Where in the house to store money so that it was both reliable and beautiful? In a vase with plastic flowers. The main thing is not to forget about the hiding place, and not to put live flowers in the same vase, having previously poured water.

1. In the old video cassette

There is a small button on the top right side of each cassette. If you press it, the upper edge of the cassette opens, which allows you to hide the money. In addition, if you want the cassette to always be open, unscrew the bolts, and then place the bills in the cassette, but the other way is faster and easier.

Warning: The above actions can damage the cassette. Be careful and do not blame us if you spoil the rare footage.

And, talking about where you can safely hide money in the house, you can not say where they should not be stored. Do not hide money in the toilet bowl or under the mattress, these are some of the places that robbers look first.