Kitchen design in the style of the country 75 photos of the interior

The main characteristic that defines the country style (village) - this diversity. Russian log hut, hut the bright Ukrainian, English cottage or Mediterranean country house - all of this fits the definition of a "peasant" style. The main thing that unites between different types of design - it's proximity to the very simple village life. At the same time, it does not matter what country or culture in question. When you create the interior is of paramount importance comfort and convenience. Elegant and refined decor here is not very appropriate. All of the furnishings durable, reliable to roughness. It is evident that they can serve more than one generation, and more. The theme of today's material - kitchen design in country style, its features, the basic features and ways of realization of design ideas.


  • The main features of the style
  • color solutions
  • finishing Basics
    • Walls
    • Ceiling
    • Floor
    • Lighting
    • Furniture and Appliances
    • decoration
  • conclusion

The main features of the style

First of all, you need to decide: what kind of design you are interested in how you present the appearance of your kitchen. This is understandable: the Italian trattoria is very different from the Scandinavian or Swiss chalet house. Determined? Perfectly. Now you can proceed to the choice of kitchen furniture, lamps, accessories and decoration items. For example, stone flooring and fine ceramic tiles on the walls will take you to Italy, and embroidered towels and decorative bow bunch, garlic and fragrant dried herbs will help to recreate the hut zealous Ukrainian peasant.

The kitchen in the country style

However, for all the diversity, there are some basic features that define the stylistic canons:

  • The use of natural materials;
  • The natural color palette;
  • Rectilinear geometry of the interior;
  • Using large amounts of textiles;
  • Shelves and cabinets, open or closed.
Exhaust HoodCock in lockerChandeliers and lamps on the ceilingFurniture ivory in the kitchenLockers with lighting in the work area

style origins relate to the time of plastic and polymers humanity still did not know anything. Therefore, these materials will look at rural design, to put it mildly, strange. Do not place in it, and chrome-plated parts. They should be replaced by a forged metal. The mixer may be made of a material gemstone simulating, for example, malachite, marble or granite. Appropriate in the interior and a stone countertop. But the stone - an expensive material. You can solve this problem by using artificial stone. Generally, in the manufacture of countertops and sinks materials need special attention, as these work areas are exploited most intensively.

The clock on the wall

Natural wood - the most commonly used material for country interiors. Wood varieties prefer a relatively low cost options - birch, pine, spruce, linden.

Checkerboard tile apronKitchen with blue furnitureWooden cabinet in interiorKitchen with working and dining areasConcrete walls in the interiorChest window

color solutions

With all the variety of color options, country style does not accept any "acid" and overly bright colors. Best shades for the dominant colors - pastel. Milky, pale blue, light yellow, white and beige - these colors give the impression of rest, tranquility, peace and comfort. In addition, they are visually increase the space, which is especially important for small kitchens. Darker colors can be used as accents, to isolate specific zones, giving saturation interior. It is best to choose as "accent" olive, terracotta and brown. Kitchen design will look original and stylish, thanks to well-chosen combinations.

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Bright colors in the interior of the kitchen in country styleBench at the tableCrockery WallStatue of a rooster on the wallShelves on the wall near the windowFloor tiles

finishing Basics

The main feature of the kitchen decoration, designed in a rustic style that in the finishing natural materials should preferably be used. However, some of them are very expensive, others not enough practical. Try to find a suitable compromise option and choose the best finishes.

Decorating with natural food materials in country styleThe tree in the interiorSideboard in the kitchenTable in the middle of the roomBright interior doorCurtains on the window


Wall design in "country" style can be varied:

  • Staining. We should give preference to natural "village" colors: shades of beige, green, olive or brown. From the neutral tones appropriate white and gray colors.
  • Decorative plaster with deliberate negligence. It emphasizes simplicity and old-fashioned interior. One gets the impression that diligent, but not very skillful masters themselves worked on the arrangement of the kitchen.
  • Wallpaper. Plain cloth unlikely to look authentic. Much more appropriate floral motifs, stripes, original cell or ethnic patterns.
  • Tile. Practical and relatively inexpensive ceramic perfect for lining the walls of the working area. It is also possible with tiles lining the walls completely, not only in the work area.
  • Wall panels. The use of wood paneling is the best suited for the reconstruction of rural life, so their use will have to not be more appropriate.
  • Brick. This may be a natural material or a wall covering with imitation masonry. Simplicity, naturalness and old-fashioned - exactly what the designer is seeking. However, the kitchen "in brick" looks too tight and uncomfortable, so the appropriate combination of this material with wood or painted walls.
The white walls in the kitchen in country styleStone in the interiorKitchen with island layoutTwo windows in the interiorParquet on the floorChandelier with lights candles on the table


For registration ceiling such options may be used:

  • Whitewash. This finish looks very organic. Smoothness inherent in modern style, are completely irrelevant. Deliberate negligence and "carelessness", rough surface with a brush pattern - that is consistent with the stylistic requirements. eventually begins to crack plaster? This is absolutely not critical and is the best fit in the country.
  • Matt ceilings. The reflective surface is not suitable categorically! This is an inexpensive and practical option. When caring for the surface tension is able to last for a long time. The disadvantage of this option is that spanned canvas "eats" about 4 cm in height, that for low apartment is not so little.
  • Wood. This material is able to transform the kitchen in a city apartment in the cozy "house in the village" (just like in advertising) or covered terrace on a summer residence. However, natural color wood ceiling makes visually below. It is therefore advisable to use wooden boards, painted white. Get cozy kitchen in Scandinavian motifs (sun in Norway and Sweden - Guest infrequent, so Scandinavians love bright colors).
  • Whitewashing + tree. This use of the ceiling beams in the background whitewash. Interior turns cozy and homely. However, all materials must necessarily be of good quality. In addition, this option is only suitable for high ceilings (3 meters).

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Ceiling light in the kitchen in country styleTV on the wall in the occupied zoneWashing windowFloor boards in the kitchenSuspended shelf above the tableTulle on the window


Optimal, according to the canons style, are materials such as wooden floorboard, stone or ceramic tile. The first two road material and not available to all. A good alternative to wooden floors - parquet. It cost less than solid wood, and externally almost indistinguishable from natural materials. More expensive options - linoleum or laminate with a realistic imitation of a tree. If you choose flooring with high-class strength, they do not just look beautiful, but also will last long enough. Natural stone can be replaced with tiles of granite. Coating is desirable to select a simulated natural stone or ethnic patterns. Black-and-white palette will fit well in the interior of the Farm.

The laminate on the kitchen floor in a country style

If the kitchen doubles as a dining room, you can use different types of flooring for zoning premises. For example, in the working area studios, kitchen, dining room or kitchen-living room is appropriate tile and a dining area suitable for wood or imitation. As for the color of the floor, it can be both natural and colored.

White and blue furniture in the interior

Nicely fit into the "rustic" furniture kitchen multicolored knitted or woven mats, and can be self-made.

Various flooring in the kitchenRooster and chicken on the shelfBaskets from the ceilingWooden furniture in the kitchenBuffet island with sinkDoormat at the table


Lighting kitchen, made in rustic style, combining the use of artificial and natural light. By selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures for the kitchen, you need to make sure that they are designed in the same style, with furniture, textiles and decorative elements. Some designers like to play "contrasts", placed in the middle of the rural interior of richly decorated and quite modern chandelier. However, such bold decisions require experience and special talent, otherwise you can slip into a primitive kitsch.

Recessed luminaires as lighting in the kitchen in country style

Here are some design tips for choosing a lamp in the kitchen Country:

  • Chandeliers, antique complement the picture of peasant life. Especially the "Tiffany" lamps will look well with stained glass. No less a good choice - chandeliers with light bulbs that mimic candles. A cheaper option - lampshade in "retro" style: glass, plastic or textile, in the spiral suspension.
  • Hue lighting preferred warm, close to natural. The interior will seem cozy and diversity of textures, colors and textures - not as flashy. Colored lighting is not desirable to use.
  • Good decision - kitchen equipment dimmer unit to regulate the light intensity. On request, it can be muted, comfortable, or, conversely, very bright. Thanks to the dimmer, really give the impression that the kitchen was lit by the flames of the fireplace or candle.
  • In addition to the central chandelier, it is advisable to use additional lighting from lamps or table lamps. Unusual, but very nice would look like in a spacious room lamp next to the kitchen sofa.
The combination of light furniture and turquoise wallpaperSteel refrigerator in the kitchenTV on the wall opposite the tableImages for cabinetsDecorative plates on the wallCandles on the table

Furniture and Appliances

Country - is the embodiment of old-fashioned. It is therefore logical that all the elements of civilization, better to hide behind the facade of furniture. This applies to a washing machine and dishwasher, AGV column, microwave, refrigerator, and so on. D. But the stove, hood and oven hide unlikely, so it is advisable to choose them in a retro style. Such equipment is commercially available, find it no problem. As for the furniture, there is the following requirements:

  • A set of kitchen furniture. Ideally, if it is wooden. Also look good product made of MDF or chipboard, finished with veneer. Decor can be carved, metal; appropriate glass insert.
  • cabinet design can be massive, antique, or lightweight, with open shelves. This is quite in the spirit of a country. Ceramic tableware or clay pots, paraded epitomize comfort, simplicity and rustic hospitality. Boxes from under the tea bundles of herbs, containers for bulk products - all this is quite functional and at the same time serves as a decoration.
  • The color of furniture depends on the size of the room. Large, well-lit kitchen, furnished even the dark massive furniture will not look overloaded interior. If the room is small, it is much more appropriate light furniture (shades of ivory, beige, cream and gray colors).
  • Table and chairs can be woven from wicker, rattan or wood. It looks good wrought-iron furniture.
  • Using corner cabinet helps to better equip the space.

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Kitchen in country style with light wood furnishings

For realistic reproduction of village life can be used as a dining group chairs of various kinds and colors. Instead of the usual furniture you can order products, "cottage" design. For example, roughly hewn table with podstolya cruciform shape.

Shelf with plates on the wallBrick in the interiorPots from the ceilingTree on the walls and ceilingLamps on the wall between the windowsDark apron in the interior of the tree


Consider how you can highlight a "rural" kitchen decoration using accessories and textiles. Curtains should be made of natural fabrics. It can be self-colored, checkered, flowered peas or fruit motifs. Very original look items decorated with lace and embroidery. As for the design, it may be different from the traditional "granny's" curtain up quite modern curtains pleated, roller or Roman. It can also be used as a decoration pelmet. The color scheme of natural scenery: green, yellow, blue, blue. Rounding out the window decoration plants in ceramic pots (begonias, cacti, aloe, kalanchoe, and, of course, geranium). such variety of accessories can be used for kitchen decor:

  • Baskets of vines and metal stylized boxes and chests;
  • Wood or pottery. Walls can be decorated with decorative plates;
  • This kerosene lamp stylized as antique candleholders;
  • Napkins associated with their hands, cloth dolls, homespun cloth;
  • Embroidered;
  • Watch- "clocks."

By the way, these same elements can be used in the regeneration of the living room.

The decor in the kitchen in country styleBasket on the floorBlack lights on the white wallCupboard under the windowKitchen with marble worktops

Desirably, the decorative elements combined in color or patterns with curtains.

The clock above the doorThe letters on the wallRefrigerator doorThe lamp above the cupboardSteering wheel on the wallMat in the work area


Country - an unusual, original style, offers almost unlimited possibilities for creativity. However, if a small kitchen area, you need to observe some caution, so as not to overload the interior superfluous decor. However, if the creative approach to business, even in the tiniest kitchen and 10 square meters. m, not to mention the large, you can create a beautiful design, uncluttered.

The grille on the windowWhite ceiling in the kitchenKitchen combined with dining roomGreen wall in the interiorArch made of stone on the door