Top 10 most eccentric rich people

The rich have their quirks! Naturally, these quirks attract public attention. Forbes journalists compiled a list of the most shocking billionaires. From ordinary cranks, these people are different, primarily because they can spend millions on their own pranks.

So, in the current ten, is collected Top-10 most eccentric rich according to Forbes edition.





10. Richard Branson

  • 9. Leon Helmsley
  • 8. Peter Thiel
  • 7. Donald Trump
  • 6. Ingvar Kamprad
  • 5. Paul Allen
  • 4. Nicholas Berggruen
  • 3. Alki David
  • 2. Clive Palmer
  • 1Mark Zuckerberg
  • 10. Richard Branson

    The billionaire is known for outrageous antics. He flew across the Atlantic in a hot air balloon, practiced kitesurfing for a couple with a naked top model, appeared in public in a wedding dress. But the craziest trick Branson has become reincarnation in the stewardess. And, he did it, losing the bet. Richard worked the shift, serving passengers on the flight Perth - Kuala Lumpur.

    9. Leon Helmsley

    Called during her lifetime "queen quarrel", Helmsley left her fortune as a lap-borer named Trable. The dog, which has a fortune of $ 12 million, was included in our Top 10 richest animals in the world.

    8. Peter Thiel

    The billionaire is the author of the idea of ​​floating mini-states, which by 2019 will drift in the World Ocean. To settle the first island, there is a set of 270 people who will independently determine the state structure, the legislative system, etc.

    7. Donald Trump

    The most eccentric act of recent years is Trump's video message to Barack Obama. The billionaire promised to donate $ 5 million to charity if the president posted his Columbia University diploma and a copy of his passport online. Obama ignored the appeal.

    6. Ingvar Kamprad

    The richest man in Sweden enjoys only public transport. To take advantage of preferential travel, Ingvar presents a pension certificate. During trips around the country and the world, a Swede stops at the most modest hotels.

    5. Paul Allen

    Allen has been fond of fantasy since childhood. And now can afford to invest millions of dollars in the creation of a system of telescopes designed to search the solar system for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Paul believes that by 2025 we will have irrefutable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

    4. Nicholas Berggruen

    The state of this American was estimated at $ 2 billion, but at the age of 45, Nicholas sold all the property and is now officially considered homeless. Berggruen states that in this way he indulges his own desire for complete freedom.

    3. Alki David

    The Briton is the founder of the site, where visitors place their own crazy acts, filmed on the camera. David promised a million dollars to someone who is naked in front of Barack Obama. The only brave man who was declared was arrested by the police in the very first seconds of his action.

    2. Clive Palmer

    The Australian coal miner is going to organize in his native Australia Jurassic Park, reviving from extant DNA samples of extinct dinosaurs. Another passionate interest Palmer - shipbuilding. In 2016, he plans to complete the reconstruction of the legendary Titanic.

    1. Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook founder seriously took a great interest in cattle breeding and in 2011 said that he intends to continue to eat meat only those animals that he scored himself. Visitors to Zuckerberg's personal page on the network are now shocked by statuses like "I just scored a pig and a goat."