The best football tricks and tricks( video)

This video compilation presents the best stunts with the ball, performed during football matches.

4 place. Fint Zidane : 360 degree turn of the ball. Now this trick is trying to play different players and some of this is possible, but its name was received by the name of its first artist - the French footballer Zinedine Zidane.

3 place. Kuauteminya : feint, in which the ball is clamped with boots and jumps into the "corridor" between the players of the opponent. Its name was received by the name of its inventor - Mexican football player Cuautemoc Blanco.

2 place. Fokinya or seals dribbling( foka - seal).This trick is to toss the ball, catch his head and then run, juggling the ball on his head. The trick was often played by the Brazilian soccer player Curlon, infuriated by the defenders, who could only knock Kerlon off their feet, becauseotherwise it was impossible to stop it.

1 place. Strike the scorpion .In 1995, during a friendly game at the Wembley Stadium between England and Colombia, the goalkeeper of the guests, René Iguita, beat the ball flying into his net with a strange blow, which they called a "scorpion blow."For the first time Iguita reflected the ball in this way on advertising shootings. According to the scenario, the children beat Rene's goal, and when one of the boys started the "parachute" behind him, Iguita reacted in this way for fun. Then he demonstrated this technique several times in training, but he did not even think of using it in an official match.

However, at Wembley at the time of Redknapp's strike, the line referee slightly anticipated the events and decided that the Englishman who had been kicked off the ball was going to pitch in the center of the penalty area. But since there was in offside another football player, the lineman picked up the flag in advance. Redknapp, incidentally or intentionally, got a shot at the goal, and the lineman immediately dropped the flag. Renee, who noticed the first gesture of assistant referee, managed to relax. When he realized that the ball was flying into the goal and offside was not planned, the "scorpion kick" was the only way to protect his goal: raise his hands and catch the ball under the crossbar Iguita no longer had time.