Can I wash a blanket from sheep's wool in a washing machine?

  • A little bit about the history and manufacturing techniques of
  • Is it possible to wash a wool blanket in a washing machine?
  • How to clean a wool blanket
  • How to wash a blanket made of sheep's wool?

When purchasing bedding, we always choose with interest the color, size and mentally imagine how comfortable we will sleep under a warm, gentle, natural blanket. And for a practical owner, first of all, the issue of caring for the product, how to wash it, and whether machine washing is possible is important. Today we will answer some questions and tell you whether it is possible to wash a blanket from sheep's wool in a washing machine, what rules must be followed in order to preserve the pristine warmth and tenderness of the product.

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A bit about the history and manufacturing techniques of

Since ancient times, animal wool has been used to make clothes and bedding. Blankets were sewn straight from the skins of animals, they were wrapped in babies, so that they grew strong and healthy. And in the sheepskin veil wrapped preterm children, and it served as an incubator. It is an environmentally friendly, warm, soft material. Perhaps this is the best material that you can imagine. Especially because sheep wool does not cause allergies in babies.

Today sheep wool blankets are produced using completely new technologies:

  • Some manufacturers press processed raw materials, and with the help of machines turn a coat of wool into a thin and light veil.
  • Other manufacturers use the option of weaving wool and cotton yarns for the manufacture of the product. Such blankets are more resistant to abrasion and durable.
  • Manufacturers of more expensive models of products offer samples preserving the natural curls of the sheep. The products are treated with special water and dirt repellent so that the products do not need frequent washing.

However, we use bedding every day, and as you use the blankets accumulate dust, dirt, sweat and other discharge from the skin of man and pets. So - sooner or later there will come a time when you come across the question of how to wash a blanket from sheep's wool to preserve its pristine tenderness and warmth for many years to come.

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Is it possible to wash a wool blanket in a washing machine?

If you have purchased a quality product, its surface is covered with special mud and water repellent compounds. In addition, the duvet cover also protects the blanket from dirt. But regardless of the protective measures, the blanket needs cleaning. Most of the woolen blankets can be washed in washing machines, and if you act correctly and in stages, then on the way out you will get a clean and undeformed product.

However, not all woolen products are manufactured in the same way. Methods of manufacturing woolen bedspreads and methods of processing fibers affect the choice of cleaning the product.

Blankets made of sheep's wool can be divided into several types:

  • Fur. Using special technology, woolen fibers are applied to the fabric on both sides. Products look very bulky and fluffy, but they are not washable. In this case, only dry cleaning of blankets made of sheep's wool is possible.
  • All-Woven. Products are a single strong and thin woolen fabric. Such blankets experts recommend dry cleaning, but hand washing is sometimes permitted.
  • Quilted. Blankets of this type are covered with a cloth on both sides of a woolen cloth. Products are quilted over the entire area, so that the wool does not fall down and does not get lost in the heap. In this case, you can wash the blanket from sheep's wool in a washing machine and manually.

Important! When buying blankets from sheep wool, be sure to learn the label with the manufacturer's recommendations on how to care for the product. As a rule, on the label you can find: a ban on washing, ironing, bleaching, for drying in a centrifuge and a gentle dry-cleaning regime.

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Wool blanket cleaning methods

Blankets made of wool are very light and warm. And to keep them always and always clean, use the following methods:

  • Dry cleaning blankets made of sheep's wool. This method does not require any effort from you. Give the product to the hands of professionals who will return the bedding freshness and pristine purity.
  • Dry cleaning or foam cleaning. This is the most gentle way to clean the wool blanket. Choose dry cleaning in case of occasional surface contamination. For example, if a stain appears on the blanket, then treat it with a special remedy, while the whole surface does not need to be soaked.

Important! The composition of a special cleaner for cleaning the blanket includes lanolin, which gives the coat shine and silkiness. The product is diluted with water in the indicated proportions, hard foamed, and then applied to the contaminated area. The foam will dissolve all the dirt and dust. After treatment, remove the product with blotting movements.

  • Hand wash. Of course, this method can be considered sparing and careful, since you can tactilely feel the limits of permissible efforts while washing the product, but the wool absorbs water so well that it will be extremely difficult to lift such a blanket.
  • Washing in the washing machine. This method is suitable in case the manufacturer of the product does not prohibit exposing the blanket to such cleaning and if the product is placed in the drum of the machine. About the rules of washing, we will describe below.
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How to wash a blanket made of sheep's wool?

If you find an icon in the product care instructions that does not prohibit washing, then start the cleaning process from the detergent selection.

You can wash woolen clothes with the following tools:

  • Laundry soap.
  • Liquid detergent for wool products.
  • Universal washing powder without chlorine and bleach.
  • Special powder for washing woolen products.

Manual washing rules

Before you start manual washing, be sure to evaluate your strength.

Important! Since the wet product will be very heavy, you can not do without an assistant. In addition, for drying a three-dimensional thing you need space.

During the process, observe the following rules:

  1. Wash the product in the bathroom.
  2. Use a large amount of water - both for soaking and rinsing. Do not forget that wool absorbs water very well.
  3. For washing use cool water( no more than 30 degrees).
  4. Before washing, soak the product in a detergent for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Do not rub the wool blanket in places of contamination, as it easily deforms and does not restore its original shape.
  6. Slightly lower and lift the product in soapy water.
  7. Rinse the process several times.
  8. Do not unscrew and squeeze the product. After washing, spread a wet blanket on a large horizontal surface or carefully hang a cloth.
  9. During drying, invert the object and shake it several times.

Important! Do not wash in hot water and dry the blanket in the dryer. From high temperatures the canvas sits down and shrinks in size.

Tips for hand washing:

  1. Dry such bedding can be in the yard on ropes, on a folding dryer or near the battery.
  2. When rinsing, add a few drops of wine vinegar to the water to preserve the color of the material.
  3. Strongly soiled areas before the washing process, first carefully dry, wipe with a soap dispenser using an old toothbrush with coarse bristles.

Features of automatic washing

If the icons on the label allow machine wash of the product, proceed as follows:

  1. Dry the coverlet first in the street, remove the dust by shaking the cloth.
  2. Check the surface for continuity. Detect the detected gaps.
  3. Choose a powder by type of fabric( without corrosive chemicals and bleaches).
  4. Fold the sheet with a roll( roll) for easy placement in the washing machine.
  5. Choose a delicate wash program. If there is, set the mode to "Wool".
  6. Temperature controller set at 30 degrees.
  7. Turn off the spin mode.
  8. Turn on the device.
  9. Install the dual rinse.
  10. After finishing the washing process, remove the blanket.
  11. Allow the water to drain.
  12. Spread the cloth on a horizontal surface.
  13. Dry product in the open air( in the shade).

Important! To get rid of the unpleasant smell of wool, use concentrated air conditioners for laundry.

Tips for washing the fleece blanket in the typewriter:

  1. To prevent the filter from getting stuck in the hairs of the wool, wash the blanket in the quilt.
  2. Do not wash the woolen linen too often. It is enough to carry out this process once in six months.
  3. To prevent direct sunlight from getting on the canvas, wrap it in the sheet.
  4. So that after washing the bedding again becomes soft and fluffy, thoroughly shake it after complete drying.
  5. If the item is large or you have a double model, and wash it neither in the car, nor manually there is no possibility, then use a dry cleaning or give a dry cleaning.
  6. Store the blanket in a special vacuum bag or in a bag with oxygen access. Put the anti-moth protection in the package.

Protect the blanket from dirt, from time to time ventilate it to eliminate unpleasant smells and you do not have to often wash the wool blanket. And that the cloth from sheep's wool has served as long as possible, listen to the manufacturer's recommendations and carefully study all the badges on the label, since with such products it is necessary to handle carefully and delicately.