How to wash coats of polyester, wool, drapery, cashmere at home


  • How to fix a cashmere coat?
  • How to wash a draped coat?
  • How to return the purity of a woolen coat?
  • What if the coat is made of polyester?

Information on how to wash your coat will not be superfluous for connoisseurs of this kind of outerwear. Dry cleaning is not always convenient to handle, but you can put things in order and at home. It is only necessary to take into account the characteristics of the material from which it is made.

How to fix a cashmere coat?

In the wardrobe of women of fashion, you can often find a coat of cashmere. Such things are usually expensive, so it will be a shame if they deteriorate due to unsuccessful washing. For starters, it's important to remember: you can only wipe your cashmere coat with your hands. If you use a washing machine, it is likely that the product will sit down, decreasing in size, or there will appear crochets on it.

How do I act when a spot is put on my favorite outfit? The most sparing way is to try to wash it with cold water. If the pollution is small and fresh, then, most likely, this will be enough. To cope with more complex spots, a suitable detergent is added to the water.

But it is not always possible to get rid of individual areas. Sometimes, there is a need to wash the cashmere coat completely.

If the label does not state that the product is only suitable for dry cleaning, proceed as follows.

  • Fill the tub or other large capacity with cool water( because of the hot thing will lose its quality).
  • Add a special detergent, which is designed for washing such products. You can use ordinary baby shampoo.
  • Lower the thing into the container. To make it really clean, its easy movements crumple.
  • The soap solution is changed to cold water to rinse. Do it carefully. Probably, it is necessary to repeat.
  • Dry necessarily in a horizontal form, spread out on a flat surface. To absorb the draining water, under the product you need to put a terry towel.

How to wash a draped coat?

However, this outerwear is produced not only from cashmere. Therefore, it is also useful to know whether it is possible to wash a draped coat. If the label does not specify a definitive prohibition, then yes. In the event that the sleeves have flashed or you just need to wipe the stain, it is worthwhile to do a wet cleaning. To do this, a small amount of detergent intended for wool is added to the water. Soft brush it is applied to the affected areas, while you can slightly rub, but without a strong push. Then apply the sponge to the entire surface of the product.

Not always this procedure is enough to put things in order. You can wash a draped coat just like a cashmere coat: in lukewarm water, followed by thorough rinsing and horizontal drying.

How to return the purity of a woolen coat?

Wool coat in most cases is allowed to be washed in the car. This should be indicated on the label. But it is important to follow the rules:

  • for washing use only special products for wool products;
  • select the appropriate mode;
  • temperature set to 30 °;
  • the spinning should be turned off;
  • must be washed in an inverted and buttoned manner;
  • is best dried horizontally;
  • another wet woolen product must be ironed to take a natural shape.

Wash the finger then from the wool in the typewriter can be scary. Many people prefer to do this manually, so as not to spoil your favorite thing. The principles of washing are the same as in the case of cashmere or drapery. But you can use small tricks to improve the look. For example, when rinsing, add a little bit of glycerin, which will not let the wool fall. The product will retain its color with acetic essence.


If the fur coat is present on the coat, then it must be unfastened so that the fur does not fall off.

If the dirt is insignificant, the wool coat should not necessarily be washed. You can wait until they dry up properly, and gently clean them with a soft brush.

What if I have a polyester coat?

Wash the then from polyester is also possible at home. Things made of such a synthetic material do not change the appearance after washing, do not crumple, and dirt can easily be removed from them. But there are also peculiarities: when heated, the form is "remembered".So if you overheat the water, then the folds will not be easy to get rid of. Bleach, which contains chlorine, will also spoil the material.

As in the case of products made from other fabrics, the most reliable method is hand washing in lukewarm water, without twisting. But still it's quite tiring, so it's easier to use a washing machine. It is necessary to choose a delicate washing mode or a special one for synthetic things, the temperature should be 30 degrees, spinning - the weakest. Powder fits any - and for colored or white fabrics, and intended for synthetics. Do not forget about the air conditioner: it will make the coat softer and take away static electricity. With mild soiling, you can put it in a linen or mesh bag - this will help to save the fabric. All fasteners and locks should be closed. If the washing machine is provided with an additional rinse, it is advisable to turn it on. Dry the product on the shoulders.

If the composition is wool and polyester, then to wash your coat at home, you need to use all the same ways: do it manually or trust the thing with a washing machine. The water should be just a little warm, the cleanser is intended for wool, as is the conditioner. Dry the product better on the shoulders above the bathroom to make the glass water. After it dries, it should be evaporated through a slightly moist gauze.

If lint or sintepon is used in the coat for insulation, it can usually be washed in a car. But we must take care that the material does not get lost in lumps. For this purpose, special balls are sold in hardware stores. They flatten the fluff, not giving him the opportunity to gather in lumps.

Of course, if possible, it's better to turn to a dry cleaner. It is there that professionals carefully and gently clean the outer clothing and bring it into the proper form. But not always it is possible, then the question arises whether it is possible to wash the coat at home. Experienced housewives are sure that yes. You just have to be careful and follow the recommendations.