The richest animals in the world

Often people consider pets to be full members of the family. Moreover, sometimes the related feelings become so strong that the dog, the cat and even the chicken are introduced into the will as the sole heir to the multimillion fortune.

In our today's top ten are collected the richest animals in the world .For the honor of becoming the guardians of these well-to-do animals, a serious struggle is at times unfolding.


  • 10. Kate and Tina collie puppies( condition - $ 1 million)
  • 9. Cats Tafnel, Hamish, Eileen, Boone and Coco( fortune $ 1.8 million)
  • 8. Chimpanzee Bubbles( fortune - $ 2 million)
  • 7. Labrador Flossie( state - $ 3 million)
  • 6. Gigu chicken( fortune - $ 10 million)
  • 5. Pesik Trable( fortune - $ 12 million)
  • 4. Blackie's cat( condition - $ 25 million)
  • 3. Dog Maximilian- $ 65 million)
  • 2. Kalu Chimpanzee( fortune - $ 109 million)
  • 1. German Shepherd Guenter IV( state - $ 324 million)

10. Puppies collie Kate and Tina( fortune - $ 1 million)

Two dogs American Nora Ardwell took from the shelter shortly before his death. According to the will, the dogs passed a million dollars, a luxurious mansion and a land plot of 5 hectares. When choosing a guardian for animals, the main condition was maintaining in the house of impeccable cleanliness.

9. Cats Tafnel, Hamish, Eileen, Boone and Coco( fortune - $ 1.8 million)

Actress Beryl Reid chose the heirs of her adored cats, who for life should live in the chic mansion of the deceased. A close friend of the actress volunteered to look after the animals.

8. Chimpanzee Bubbles( fortune - $ 2 million)

The first of the two chimps in the ranking of the richest animals belonged to Michael Jackson. According to the testament of the pop idol, Bubbles received about $ 2 million, and a huge queue lined up out of those wishing to become a guardian of the monkey.

7. Labrador Flossie( fortune - $ 3 million)

The dog once saved from the fire actress Drew Barrymore, who thanked the Labrador by re-registering real estate worth $ 3 million.

6. Hen Gigu( fortune - $ 10 million)

British publisher Miles Blackwell did not have any children, and after his wife's death bequeathed all of his rather big state to a chicken, which is very much loved by both spouses.

5. Pesik Trable( state - $ 12 million)

During the life of Leon Helmsley, the press dubbed the "queen of stinginess".However, she did not spare money for her favorite dog. When, after Leon's death, her testament was announced, everyone was shocked: Trabul received more than the brother and grandchildren of the deceased.

4. Blackie's cat( fortune - $ 25 million)

Blackie is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's richest cat. His fortune, he inherited from the eccentric master, Ben Rea, who did not leave relatives not a penny out of their millions.

3. Dog Maximilian( fortune - $ 65 million)

Millionaire-film producer Roger Dorcas left all his fortune to his beloved dog, depriving his own wife. True, the widow did not lose her head, after marrying Maximilian, because Dorcas corrected the dog with very real human documents.

2. Kampoo chimpanzee( fortune - $ 109 million)

The widow of the famous swimmer Frank O'Neill, aristocrat Patricia O'Neill bequeathed her entire fortune to her pet. Inhabits the world's richest monkey in a luxurious mansion in the suburbs of Cape Town.

1. German shepherd G√ľnter IV( state - $ 324 million)

His rather big state the dog inherited from his father - Gunther III.The mistress of Gunther III, the German countess Carlotta Liebenstein bequeathed her dog a huge fortune, a park of expensive cars and a villa in Italy. Experienced guardians multiplied the state of the deceased countess. For example, recently for Gunter IV purchased a mansion in Miami for $ 7.5 million, once belonged to Madonna. Here to you and a dog's life!