Top-5 countries of the velvet season, rest on the Cote d'Azur

The summer is over, and you have not given time off for vacation. There is no cause for sadness, because there is time to prepare for the next year's meeting of the best season, or what is it called in another way?velvet.

This season can be considered the most popular for recreation at many seaside resorts. The first months of autumn spoil not only good weather, but also a price policy. If you suddenly want to sunbathe before the onset of cold weather and swim, go to one of the following countries.


  • France
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Greece


Autumn in France becomes very calm;the city offers tourists. Referring to the reviews of tourists, it is better to choose a hotel in Nice, Cannes or stay in Paris. France is rich in monuments of architecture, delightful beaches and interesting cuisine, the property on the Cote d'Azur attracts wealthy tourists.


Malta is an island country, one of the safest for tourists among the countries of the European Union. Malta has a rich history, so the cultural program awaits you rather rich. In Malta, the purest blue waters, many quiet bays, temples and monuments of architecture. There is a mild Mediterranean climate with a predominance of sunny days. In the beginning of autumn the average temperature is about 27 degrees, and in the sea - 26 degrees above zero.


To visit Portugal September is ideal. The air temperature is about 27 degrees, in the water - 24 degrees of heat. Portugal has a very rich history, delicious cuisine - you fall in love with it at once. Perhaps, Portugal is suitable for everyone - it's interesting for those who love beach holidays, and those who are interested in history or adore overseas dishes.


Among tourists in the CIS, Turkey is one of the most visited holiday destinations. In September, classes begin in schools and universities, students and schoolchildren in Turkey are becoming less noticeable. The prices are very attractive, the beaches and excursions are not full.


As for Greece, the velvet season here is the period from September 15 to mid-October. At this time, prices for hotels and restaurants are dropping. In Greece, many beaches, you can even indulge in island rest. In this country is concentrated an incredible number of monuments of world architecture. The air temperature in the velvety season is approximately 25 degrees Celsius.

In each of these countries you can fully enjoy and active rest, and lying on the beach. The choice of entertainment is yours, the list of the best countries you already have.