How to carry the heel on tight shoes?

  • How to prevent a problem?
  • What kind of footwear can be stretched and softened?
  • How to stretch the heel of shoes at home?
  • Professional tools for stretching shoes
  • How to stretch shoes in other places?

Always nice to buy new fashion shoes and then flaunt them in front of others, especially if they are expensive and branded. But sometimes the new thing can cause the most real suffering. On the feet after the first day of socks, you have found corn, puffiness and the thought of how to spread the heel on hard shoes becomes obtrusive.

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How to prevent the problem?

  1. To avoid the problem, choose shoes made from quality material.
  2. Shopping is best done after dinner, but not in the morning, because during the day the legs get tired and swollen, and shoes bought in the morning can be further uncomfortable.
  3. After buying, be sure to be like a new thing around the room and appreciate its comfort. If the shoes do not fit, you can always return it to the store, until the warranty period has expired, because if you are in the new outfit on the street, then it will be impossible to return it.

Important! Take into account that wearing shoes that squeezes, not only not comfortable, but also harmful to health: there is pain in the legs, on the heels - calluses, corns. Therefore, if you still do not take into account these rules or the hard skin on the shoes immediately makes itself felt, but you really like the model, you will have to try to correct the situation with your own hands. To spread a heel on a hard shoe is possible, but it will be necessary to exert some efforts.

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What kind of footwear can be stretched and softened?

If you have a problem with the discomfort of shoes or shoes, but you do not have the opportunity to return an uncomfortable couple to the store, use the recommendations and tips to fix the situation. Of course, on 2 or more sizes of shoes to stretch is unlikely to work, but half a size is quite.

Just note that the stretching is served only shoes made from natural materials:

  • skin;
  • suede;
  • nubuck.

Important! Shoes made of fabric, rubber, as well as other non-natural materials can not be stretched. Occasionally, only the fabric of some materials, including strings, is subject to the procedure.

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How to stretch the heel of shoes at home?

Before distributing the heel on the stiff shoes, identify the problematic shoes. To soften a certain area, apply one of the following methods:

  1. Place a piece of soft cloth on the back of the shoe and gently tap it with a hammer. The skin will not be so tight and will stop rubbing the back of the heel.
  2. Rub the backside on the inside with a slice of soap or a candle stove. This method will reduce friction. But keep in mind that the procedure must be repeated several times a day until shoes are worn.
  3. To facilitate the process and to spread the heel on the hard shoes it is possible and without regular rubbing by different means. To do this: treat the backdrop with kerosene or vodka and walk around in the shoes of the shoes, wearing socks.
  4. Soften leather shoes and heel with Vaseline or vegetable oil. Natural vegetable oil also helps to get rid of the creaking of the soles: drip some money on a dry clean sole and rub it. The same means are suitable for artificial skin.

Important! For this method it is better to use castor oil, since it does not leave a smell, quickly absorbs and gives the skin elasticity.

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Professional means for stretching shoes

If none of the above methods suits you, do not despair, but go to the shoe store and buy a special tool to help cope with rubbing:

  1. Special stretch foam or stretch spray is appliedon problem areas of shoes. After processing, put on shoes and go for a while. Repeat the procedure several times.

Tip! If you warm up the new shoes from the inside( for example, with a hair dryer) and then sprinkle the inside of the stretch spray and put on the shoes, after wearing a thick sock on the leg, and after the cooling, repeat the procedure again, even the most uncomfortable shoes will stretch.

  1. Special soft strips are glued to the shoes from the inside, such means will protect your feet from excess friction. After some sock it will be possible to remove them - the shoes will not rub any more.
  2. Special brake pads - silicone pads, fastened to the back in the places where the shoes cause discomfort. Such a tool allows you to prevent the appearance of corns.
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How to stretch shoes in other places?

If the shoes do not just press on the heel, but squeeze you in width, then use other ways to expand the shoes. The means depend on the material from which the steam is made.

Skin stretching tools:

  1. Buy a professional product in the form of a spray or foam that is sold in shoe stores, and can also be purchased from shoe makers. Apply the product to the problem areas from the inside and outside( suede and husk skin work only from the inside).After the product is slightly absorbed, put on socks and walk around in shoes until completely dry. This method will help make the product much softer in uncomfortable places. Repeat the procedure for several days. To enhance the effect, use a wooden shoe in shape and size of the foot. Sprinkle the shoes from the inside with a spray, insert the shoe and leave overnight. The shoe will allow the product not to deform when it dries.
  2. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase special funds, then use the folk. Treat the problem areas from the inside with a 3% solution of vinegar. This will help to soften and stretch the skin, and if after the stretching procedure to further rub the back of the soap or candles, then the shoes will not rub the heel.

Tools to make suede more comfortable

Put new shoes on slightly damp socks and walk in it until the socks dry. Since suede is very soft and elastic material, the shoes will easily take the shape of your foot.

Important! Do not forget that suede is contraindicated in contact with water, so be careful not to get moisture on the outside of the product.

Lacquered shoe care

Lacquered shoes will become more comfortable if you use the following method of posting:

  1. Mix 2 parts of alcohol with 1 part of water.
  2. Wet dense socks in this solution.
  3. Wear wet socks on your feet and walk around the room( 2-3 hours, until the socks are dry).

Important! Stretching lacquer shoes, remember that because of the special coating, the patent leather becomes fragile and partially loses its elasticity. Therefore, careless handling of such shoes can spoil it - the patent leather easily crack, losing its shine and attractiveness. Of course, each of us wants to have a beautiful, fashionable, comfortable shoes and for the sake of a beautiful pair of shoes you can set off on various tricks, but still only buy comfortable shoes of suitable size and take care of the beauty of your feet.