The most ugly cars of 2015 according to BankRate

Design is an important part of automotive production and marketing. Thanks to the efforts of the designers, a magnificent machine is obtained, on which the rest has a rest. However, sometimes the design idea fails, then the most ugly cars appear on the "light" of the .And let for their owners their iron horses are the most beautiful, the editors of the popular Bankrate website have their opinion about the exterior of this or that model.

We present to you the top 10 most ugly cars of 2015.

10. Lincoln MKT

  • 9. Fiat 500
  • 8. GMC Terrain
  • 7. Kia Soul Electric
  • 6. BMW i3
  • 5. Scion xB
  • 4. Ford Flex
  • 3. Nissan Juke
  • 2. Honda Crosstour
  • 1. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
  • 10. Lincoln MKT

    This luxury crossover produces one of Ford's divisions - Lincoln. It looks like a car as an expensive hearse.

    9. Fiat 500

    The small Fiat 500 will give you a feeling of flattening, and impressionable people, perhaps, "reward" with claustrophobia.

    8. GMC Terrain

    This car in 2012 was already on the list of the ugliest cars by the Forbes version. As one of Forbes experts George Peterson( president and founder of Auto Pacific) said, GMC Terrain is trying too hard to look like a powerful and durable traditional SUV.Its design is "moderately ugly", although it is more suitable for 1990 than for the 21st century.

    7. Kia Soul Electric

    This electric vehicle, which will drive up to 190 km on one charge, was advertised by huge hamsters. And, judging by the video, they were very pleased with the test drive. Whether the electric hatchback will be as attractive to motorists-people will be shown by time.

    6. BMW i3

    Another electric car, this time not Korean, but German, has entered the rating of the most ugly cars. Minivan futuristic type can travel 130-200 km before the battery is exhausted. It is higher than many other cars, while it is very wide for its length. Such proportions of the cart for goods. However, thanks to the unusual and beautiful colors( the bonnet and fifth door, painted in black, a two-color bumper), the car will be visible in the densest stream of cars.

    5. Scion xB

    The Scion brand, owned by Toyota, has never produced models with a stunningly beautiful design. And the first Scion cars were repeatedly included in the list of cars with an unattractive appearance. Did not escape this fate and minivan Scion xB on the platform Toyota bB.Like some other cars on this list, the five-door "van on wheels" is desperately trying to attract buyers with an angular design. The drawback of the model is low ground clearance. Good luck not to tear off the bumper border.

    4. Ford Flex

    When you look at this square crossover that combines the properties of a minivan and an SUV, Cyclops from "X-Men" is immediately recalled. Or Jordi La Forge( more precisely, his "eye-opener" Visor) from the "Star Trek".

    3. Nissan Juke

    Who before the Nissan designers could have thought that it would be a good idea to create a car that looks like a slightly squashed frog? This car has such strange shapes that in 2014 it got into the top ten most unsuccessful by design cars according to the version of Usatoday. Its headlights are in place of fog lamps, and parking lights are installed where there should be lights. And the taillights are similar in shape to the clubs. Well, for someone this unusual and memorable kind of "bug" - the most beautiful car in the world.

    2. Honda Crosstour

    Imagine that you are one of the most eccentric buyers in the world. You do not want a four-door sedan, or a hatchback, or a crossover, or an SUV.No, you want to take a four-door sedan, attach a hatchback to it and raise the ground clearance so that there is an impressive ground clearance, but not enough for an SUV.Then you only need a crossover Honda Crosstour. In it, either too much, or too little.

    1. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

    In the cramped, but not offended - this is the first thing you can think about when examining this compact city electric car. Plus: on this you can easily find a place in the parking lot. Minus: citizens who actually need a small and smart car can save thousands of dollars and buy a scooter. And people who need cars, on which you can move around the city limits and in the metropolis, can get twice as many cars for the same money as the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.