The most beautiful French actresses( 27 photos).

26th place: Sophie Marceau ( born November 17, 1966) is a French actress. Height 173 cm, the parameters of the figure 92-60-90( 1990 data).

25th place: Marion Cotillard ( born September 30, 1975) is a French actress. Height 169 cm.

24th place: Emmanuelle Béart ( born August 14, 1963) is a French actress. Height 163 cm

23rd place: Aurélie Claudel ( born August 7, 1990) is a French model and actress. Height 174 cm, figure parameters: chest 84 cm, waist 58.5 cm, hips 84 cm

22nd place: Carole Bouquet / ( born August 18, 1957) is a French actress. Height 173 cm.

Karol Bouke in the film "Special Police"( 1985):

21st place: Anouk Aimée ( real name Françoise Judith Soria Dreyfus) is a French actress. By nationality - a Jew. She was born in Paris on April 27, 1932.The most famous role of Anouk Eme is Anna Gauthier in the film "Man and Woman"( 1966) directed by Claude Lelouch.

20th place: Mélanie Laurent - French actress, director, singer. Born February 21, 1983 in Paris in a Jewish family. Height 157 cm, the parameters of the figure 86-58-86.

19-th place: Jane Birkin / Jane Birkin ( born December 14, 1946, London) is an English and French actress and singer who has lived in France for the past 30 years. Growth Jane Birkin 174 cm

18th place: Anne Parijud ( born May 6, 1960) is a French actress who became world famous after the title role in the film "Nikita"( 1990) by Luke Bessson.

17th place: Berenice Marlo / Berenice Marlohe is a French actress and model. Born in Paris on May 19, 1979.Her father is a Cambodian with Chinese roots, her mother is French. Berenice Marlo played the role of the Bond girl in the film "Coordinates: Skyfoll"( 2012).

16th place: Anna Mouglalis is a French actress. She was born on April 26, 1978.The Greek name came from her grandfather( on the male line), who emigrated from Greece to France during the First World War. The growth of Anna Muglalis 174 cm, the parameters of the figure 86-63,5-86.

15th place: Laetitia Casta ( born May 11, 1978) is a French fashion model and actress. Height 169 cm, the parameters of the figure 89-61-89.

14th place: Martin Karol / Martine Carol ( May 16, 1920 - February 6, 1967) is a French actress. The real name is Marie-Louise Jeanne Nicole Mouret.

13th place: Yvonne Furneaux ( born May 11, 1928) is a French actress.

12th place: Milen Demongeau / Mylène Demongeot ( born September 29, 1935) is a French film actress. Her real name is Marie-Helene, which she cut to "Milena."The mother of the actress Claudia Trubnikova was from Kharkov.

11th place: Marie-France Pisier ( May 10, 1944 - April 24, 2011) - French actress Height of 157 cm, the parameters of the figure are 81-56-88.

10th place: Isabelle Adjani / Isabelle Adjani is a French actress. Was born in Paris on June 27, 1955.Her father is an Algerian Berber from the people of the cabins, his mother is a German.

9th place: Audrey Tautou( born August 9, 1978) is a French actress. Height 160 cm

8th place: Noemie Lenoir / Noémie Lenoir ( born September 19, 1979, Les Jules, France) is a French actress and fashion model. Noemi has a peculiar appearance, which she inherited from her mother, who is from the island of Reunion to the east of Madagascar and is Malagasy. Father Noemi Lenoir is French.

7th place: Jeanne Moreau ( born January 23, 1928) is a French actress, singer and director. According to the authoritative film critic Ginetta Vincando, "while Brigitte Bardot symbolized sensuality, and Catherine Deneuve - elegance, Jeanne Moreau embodied in the movie the ideal of intellectual femininity."

6th place: Olga Kurylenko / Olga Kurylenko ( born November 14, 1979, Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region of Ukraine) is a French actress and model of Ukrainian origin. Since 16 years of age he lives in Paris, has French citizenship. The most famous film works of Olga Kurylenko - the role of the James Bond girl in the film "Quantum of Solace"( 2008) and the role of Julia Rusakova in the film "Oblivion"( 2013).As a model, Kurilenko worked with many well-known brands( Victoria's Secret, Yves Rocher, etc.) and appeared on the covers of the magazines Glamor, FHM, Madame Figaro, Elle, Marie Claire, Maxim, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, Tatler. The growth of Olga Kurilenko 176 cm, the parameters of the figure 88-60-89.

5th place: Brigitte Bardot( born September 28, 1934) is a French actress, model and singer. Height of 170 cm., The parameters of the figure are 91.5-51-89( data of 1956), 90-48-89( data of 1958).

Brigitte Bardot in the film Street Light( 1955):

4th place: Hood ( another version of - Capuchin ) / Capucine ( January 6, 1928 - March 17, 1990) is a French actress and fashion model. Real name - Germain Helen Irene Lefebvre .Height 170 cm

3rd place: Michelle Mercier / ( born January 1, 1939) is a French actress. Her father is French, her mother is Italian. Height 163 cm

2 nd place: Eva Green / Eva Green. Born in Paris on July 5, 1980.Eva's mother - Marlene Jober - is a famous French actress, born in Algeria in a Jewish family. Eve's father - Walter Green - a Swede by father and a Frenchman by mother. Correctly the surname of Eve is pronounced as Gran and means "grain", "tree( branch)" in Swedish. Eva Green considers herself a Jew( see her interview with The Guardian), despite the fact that she was not raised in the traditions of Judaism.

The most beautiful French actress - Catherine Deneuve / Catherine Deneuve ( born October 22, 1943).Height 168 cm, the parameters of the figure 85-61-89( data of 1965), 88-65-91.5( 1985 data).

This ranking presents the most beautiful, in my opinion, French actresses of the 20th and 21st centuries. Basically, they are ethnic Frenchwomen, also in the rating there are three French Jews and one Algerian, an Englishwoman and a Ukrainian.

27th place: Vanessa Paradis( born December 22, 1972) is a French actress, singer and fashion model. Height 160 cm.