The most beautiful Chinese girls-models( 17 photos)

China, being the world's largest country, boasts a huge number of beautiful girls. Most of the famous Chinese beauties are known only in the Middle Kingdom, but in the international arena Chinese girls have achieved certain successes. For example, the Chinese model Liu Wen is the only Asian, which is one of the most successful top models of the world every year. Two Chinese girls won the prestigious beauty contest "Miss World": in 2007, Miss World became Zhang Zilin, and in 2012 - Yu Wenxia.
In this ranking will be presented the most beautiful, in my opinion, the famous Chinese girls-models and winners of beauty contests. The rating includes only representatives of the Chinese people themselves( Han) and do not include representatives of other peoples of China( Uighurs, Tibet, Mongols, etc.).

17th place. Yu Wenxia( born August 6, 1989) is Miss World 2012. The height of the girl is 178 cm.

16th place. Liu Wen ( born January 27, 1988) is a Chinese top model, the most popular model of Asia. Included in the top 20 best models of the world. Height 179 cm, the parameters of the figure are 80-59,5-87,5.

15 place. Ivy Chen ( born November 12, 1982) is a Taiwanese actress and model.

14th place. Pan Shuangshuang ( born April 3, 1987) is a Chinese actress and model. The height of the girl is 168 cm, the parameters of the figure are 90-62-92.

13 place. Shu Qi ( born April 16, 1976) is a Taiwanese actress and model. Height - 168 cm

12th place. Dai Fei Fei ( born February 7, 1985) is a Chinese model and actress. Height - 172 cm

11th place. Liu Yifei ( born August 25, 1987) is a Chinese actress, model and singer.

10 place. An Yiqian / An Yiqian is a Chinese model and actress. Height 165 cm, the parameters of 90-62-92.

9 place. Li Yan Bing / Li Yan Bing ( born September 17, 1983) is a Chinese actress, singer, model. Height 168 cm

8th place. Zhou Meng Ting / Zhou Meng Ting - representative of China at the contest "Miss Earth 2006".

7 place. Qin Lan ( born July 17, 1981) is a Chinese actress, model, singer.

6 place. Monika Cat ( born September 10, 1994) is a Chinese model. The height of the girl is 160 cm, the parameters are 86-52-84.

5 place. Joe Chen ( born April 4, 1979) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, writer and model. Height 165 cm

4 place. Yu Weiwei( born September 8, 1988) is a Chinese model and actress representing the country on the Miss World 2013. The growth is 177 cm, the parameters are 88-62-90.

3 place. Bi Hayden / Bea Hayden ( born January 16, 1984) is a Taiwanese actress and model. Height 169 cm.

2 place. Zhang Zilin( born March 22, 1984) - Miss World 2007. The height is 186 cm, weight is 58 kg., The parameters of the figure are 87-62-89.

1 place. Angela Baby / ( born February 28, 1989) is a Chinese model, actress and singer. Height - 168 cm. Her real name is Yang Ying. Angela's grandmother was German by her father.

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