What can I do to keep my jeans from being dyed?

  • Types of jeans
  • What should I do not to be dyed jeans?
  • How to erase shedding things?
  • How to wash jeans with vinegar in a washing machine?
  • Useful advices:

Modern man's wardrobe is not conceivable without different models of jeans trousers. For more than a dozen years, jeans clothes are in fashion, but, unfortunately, the clothes favored by everyone do not only bring pleasure, but sometimes discomfort in the form of a blue hue on the body after the socks. The answer to the question, what to do, so that jeans are not painted when washing and wearing, you will find in this article.

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Types of jeans

The word "jeans" comes from the name of the city of Genoa, where the first time a dense cotton canvas was invented. Only after some time in England began to make clothes from this material. The word "Denim" came from France, where in the 16th century they began to use the fabric produced in the city of Nîmes. The composition of this fabric included silk and wool. Nowadays jeans fabric has become more diverse, it contains various chemical additives.

Whether or not the fabric of jeans will be painted, often depends on its variety:

  • denim - from the underside it is a white material, and in the base is a dyed thread;
  • jeans - the fabric is softer than denim, at the base - cotton with interlacing of threads from top to bottom;
  • jeans-bonding - the material contains jeans along with a layer of knitwear;
  • stretch - in the composition there are elastane;
  • jeans-cotton - there is satin weave together with yarn;
  • jeans-silk is a dense, but lightweight fabric with glitter;
  • jeans linen - consists of cotton and linen 50/50;
  • designer jeans - consists of cotton by 93% and elastane - 7%;
  • luxury - jeans material with a weave from top to bottom, with glitter.

Important! In order not to have to wonder what to do, so that jeans are not dyed, choose models in the material of which there is cotton and linen. All other varieties quite often moult, as with washing, and at sock.

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What should I do not to make jeans look good?

Painted, as a rule, new jeans, in the production of which used natural dyes. If the jeans are exactly the same and the warranty period has not yet expired, then try to return them to the store, indicating to the seller that the quality is not satisfactory.

Important! If the examination confirms the validity of your claims, then you will be paid the money spent. So you can go and choose a different model and the question of what to do, so that jeans are not dyed, will disappear by itself.

If you are sorry to part with a perfectly new outfit, then one or more washings will solve the problem with excess paint.

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How to erase shedding things?

To solve the problem of how to wash jeans that are painted, be sure to adhere to such rules:

  1. Jeans can only be washed away from other things.
  2. To this rule of how to wash things that are painted, add one more: you can not in any case erase a thing in hot water. Suitable only for cool or room temperature.
  3. To ensure that your trousers have a neat appearance for a long time, wash them by hand, since machine wash will quickly ruin the product.

We recommend that the washing process be broken down into a few simple steps. The process will take you some time, but you will be completely sure that the problem of how to make sure that jeans are not dyed, will definitely be solved.

Step 1. Preparation for washing

  1. Remove the pants inside out.
  2. Check for things in your pockets.
  3. Close zipper and buttons.

Step 2. Soaking

  1. Fill the basin with water.
  2. For 1 liter of cool water, add 1 tbsp.salt( salt prevents the excessive output of paint, helps remove stale dirt).
  3. Stir the water thoroughly.
  4. Leave the jeans in the pelvis for 30-40 minutes( do not keep clothes for a longer time in saline solution, as the quality of the fabric may suffer).
  5. Get the jeans out of the basin.
  6. Lightly press.
  7. Pour the colored water.

Important! If the water has acquired a too blue tinge, then this does not indicate that you bought a substandard thing. Simply, at the time of manufacture, the product was applied an extra paint, which when soaked out. This could have happened for various reasons - the use of a new paint, the non-observance of the concentration of the dye by the employees of the production department, the technical malfunctions in the operation of the equipment. But it's not so important, because all the same as a result you need to think about what to do so that jeans are not dyed.

Step 3. Wash

  1. In pure water, dissolve the powder( the composition should not have bleaching agents).If the powder is not at hand, the usual laundry soap will do.
  2. Add salt to the water, as in soaking. This is necessary to fix the paint.
  3. Wash the product in cool water by hand or with a brush.

Important! If you use a brush, the bristles should not be stiff, otherwise you will damage the fabric.

Step 4. Rinse the

  1. Spread the jeans on the bottom of the tub.
  2. Water them from the shower with a large head of water.
  3. In the process of rinsing squeeze and pull the trousers with your hands. This will speed up the process of getting rid of the colored water.
  4. After processing one side of the product, rotate it with the other side up and repeat the procedure.
  5. Remove the trousers on the front side and repeat the procedure on both sides, lowering the temperature.

Important! For the first rinse, you can use water at room temperature, and then lower gradually to cold.

  1. Spend the last stage of rinsing in a basin with cool water and adding ordinary vinegar( about 3 tablespoons).The vinegar solution helps to fix the pigment pigments. Put the jeans in water with vinegar and keep them in the solution for several minutes.
  2. Gently squeeze the product without twisting it.

Step 5. Drying

You need to dry the jeans in the same position in which you washed them - turned inside out. Hang them on a rope in full growth, fastening with clothespins around the belt. Overstuff, bend, throw trousers through the rope is impossible, because after drying on the legs there will be noticeable furrows, and you will have to make certain efforts, smoothing these tracks.

When drying in this way, jeans will look neat and without iron. Be sure to place a container under the jeans, which will drain water, to rid yourself of unnecessary troubles to clean the bluish spots.

Step 6. Checking the result

If you carefully dried the product, then you do not need to iron it. If you want to soften the fabric a little, then you can iron the jeans from the underside by not particularly hot iron.

To check if your jeans are painted after washing, soak a little area of ​​the product and rub it with a piece of white cloth. If the matter has not been painted, but remained white, then you have successfully solved the problem. In case there are blue traces on the white fabric, then with the next wash, repeat all the above manipulations.

Important! Do not be discouraged if the first wash does not give the expected effect. Sometimes, to get rid of excess paint, you will need several procedures. But in the end, you will definitely achieve the desired effect and will not be afraid to paint everything around in blue or black.

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How to wash jeans with vinegar in a washing machine?

Using vinegar helps maintain and preserve the color of the denim. In addition, this remedy removes dirt and odors well. If you want to wash the jeans in the car, we recommend doing this as follows:

  1. Unscrew the clothes on the wrong side.
  2. Place the jeans in the washing machine.
  3. Pour soft detergent without bleach. You can use a tool for washing colored things.
  4. Add 1 tsp to the air conditioner compartment.table vinegar( not essential).
  5. Wash in cold water in the "delicate" mode.

Important! Do not be afraid that clothes will absorb the smell of vinegar. When rinsing in cold water, it disappears.

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Useful advices:

  • Whether jeans are worn, you can check when buying a new thing in the store: take a regular match, wet it and draw it over the surface of the jeans. If the match is painted, then the trousers will shed.
  • If on trousers there are leather stripes, then when washing, first treat them with glycerin, so that the skin does not deteriorate.
  • Do not wear loose jeans, as they can lose their original shape.

Even the most expensive models produced by fashionable legendary companies are not immune from the problem of molting. That's why manufacturers recommend that you wash new jeans before you first put them on. We hope that our advice and recommendations will help you in choosing a fashionable and comfortable wardrobe, and your new clothes will not cause you any inconvenience. And if all the same happened, you now know how to make it so that the jeans are not dyed.