Rating of the best manual breast pumps

Breast pump is a small device designed for painless and comfortable expression of breast milk. It also allows you to store milk in a bottle for later use. We present to you rating of 2016 sucker suckers , based on the popularity of models on "Yandex. Market".All models are manual, they are noiseless, light and do without batteries and batteries.


  • 10. Canpol Babies EasyStart
  • 9. Tommee Tippee
  • 8. Courtesy 19204
  • 7. Pigeon
  • 6. Philips AVENT SCF330 / 13
  • 5. Medela Harmony
  • 4. Dr. med. Brown's Handi-Craft Company
  • 3. Medela Harmony without teat
  • 2. Ardo Amaryll Start
  • 1. NUK Soft &Easy

10. Canpol Babies EasyStart

Average price - 2 740 rubles.

Efficient, convenient, portable breast pump with adapter for different volumes of the bottle( 120, 150 or 250 ml).A bottle and a nipple are attached to it.

9. Tommee Tippee

Average price - 3 023 rub.

This breast pump has a rich package that includes not only a 150 ml bottle and a nipple, but also a sterilization container, a milk storage container and 6 disposable inserts for a brassiere.


The average price is 524 rubles.

In the rating of manual breast pumps got an inexpensive Russian model, complete with a bottle( 125 ml) and a nipple. Nothing superfluous, the best manual breast pump "for beginners".

7. Pigeon

Average price - 3 090 rub.

The first model with a two-phase type of expression in the list of the best breast pumps. What does this mean? At first, the breast pump works in a fast, but not strong regime( stimulation), and gradually moves to a slow and deep decanting. This mode allows you to completely "empty" the breast from the accumulated milk in it. In the complete set with the device there is a bottle and a nipple.

6. Philips AVENT SCF330 / 13

The average price is 3 350 rubles.

Slightly more expensive than other participants in the top 10, but this is due to the famous brand and excellent quality of the device. Soft nozzle pleasantly massages the breast. There are three universal milk containers in the kit.

5. Medela Harmony

Average price - 2 868 rub.

Another breast pump with a two-phase type of expression. The hinged handle is very comfortable and allows the woman to choose the most comfortable position of the hand at any time using the device. Already the traditional bottle and nipple are included.

4. Dr. Brown's Handi-Craft Company

Average price - 3 460 rub.

Soft, comfortable calyx bends and repeats the movements of the chest. The nozzle mimics the process of suckling the baby's breast, thereby ensuring the flow of milk. Together with the breast pump is a bottle.

3. Medela Harmony without teat

Average price - 2 000 rub.

Model with two levers for single-phase and two-phase decanting. Swiss quality, easy assembly and disassembly, the ability to change the funnel to a different size make Medela Harmony the best breast pump for a combination of price and quality.

2. Ardo Amaryll Start

Average price - 2 099 rub.

Swiss breast pump is equipped with an ergonomic handle that adapts to both the right and the left arm. Equipped with several funnels for bottles of different sizes. Due to the antibacterial barrier, breast milk does not come into contact with the external environment and is protected from the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition to bottles and funnels, the brush includes a brush for cleaning.

1. NUK Soft &Easy

Average price - 1 389 rub.

Best breast pump. The reviews are praised by a wide support base and a soft silicone attachment for the breast with a massaging effect. It fits even for the drawn nipples. This breast pump is very easy to clean. In the kit there is a bottle. The device is compatible with all nipples and screw-on rings of breast pumps produced by the German NUK Classic.