Top 10 Most Expensive Public Companies in Russia, 2017 Ranking

In February 2017, RIA Rating Agency issued the latest rating of the hundred most expensive Russian companies .Their total capitalization for 2016 amounted to 635 billion dollars, which is 58%( 233 billion dollars) higher than in 2015.At the same time, the cost of all Russian companies in the top 100 corresponds to the capitalization of Apple alone( $ 630 billion).However, the potential of many companies is not disclosed until the end and their shares on the market can still soar in price.


  • Top 10 Most Expensive Public Companies in Russia in 2017
    • 10. VTB Bank
    • 9. Gazprom Neft
    • 8. Magnet
    • 7. Surgutneftegaz
    • 6. MMC Norilsk Nickel
    • 5. NOVATEK
    • 4. LUKOIL
    • 3Gazprom
    • 2. Sberbank
    • 1. Rosneft

Top-10 of the most expensive public companies in Russia in 2017

10. VTB Bank

Capitalization - 15,827 million dollars.

The main shareholders of this bank are state structures - the Federal Property Management Agency and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. They own 60.9% of the voting shares. By the amount of the authorized capital, VTB Bank ranks first among the country's credit institutions, and by the size of its assets - the second. In 2016, VTB Bank and the Russian Post concluded an agreement on the establishment of the Bank of Postal Service. Its head was Dmitry Rudenko, who intends to increase the loan portfolio of the bank to 4 billion rubles by 2023.

9. Gazprom Neft

Capitalization - 16 888 million dollars.

The company was founded in 1995 by the order of Boris Yeltsin and was then called the "Siberian Oil Company".In 2005, Gazprom purchased its controlling interest. Gazprom Neft first of the companies began to extract oil on the Russian shelf of the Arctic. By 2020 the company plans to increase the total oil production to 100 million tons of oil equivalent per year.

8. Magnet

Capitalization - 17,005 million dollars.

Almost all Russian cities are covered by a "magnetic" network. The total number of stores "Magnet" in July 2016 reached 12.9 thousand. The first of the "Magnets" was opened in 1998 in Krasnodar and originally there was selling household chemicals. And the development of the hypermarket network began in 2006.In 2007, the first one was also opened in Krasnodar. Apparently, this is a happy city for the owners of "Magnit".

7. Surgutneftegaz

Capitalization - 18 217 million dollars.

The largest enterprise in the city of Surgut and one of the largest players on the Russian oil market. For the whole of 2016, Surgutneftegaz produced 61.848.6 thousand tons of oil and produced 9.663 billion cubic meters of gas. A NPF under the same brand became one of the most profitable in the rating of 2017.

6. MMC Norilsk Nickel

Capitalization - 26 201 million dollars.

A Russian mining and metallurgical giant that produces 100% of platinum on the Russian market, 96% of nickel, 95% of cobalt and 55% of copper. GMK accounts for 1.9% of Russia's GDP.Vladimir Potanin, who holds the post of Norilsk Nickel CEO, at a meeting with Vladimir Putin said that until 2023 he intends to invest about 1 trillion rubles in the development of production. This will allow the company to rejuvenate the facilities and make them the largest in the world.


Capitalization - 39,220 million dollars.

Takes second place in Russia in terms of gas production. Together with such companies as Rosneft, Gazprombank and Vnesheconombank are included in the US sanctions list. This means that NOVATEK can not borrow in the US market for longer than three months.


Capitalization - 48,076 million dollars.

Until 2007, LUKOIL was the leader in terms of oil production in Russia, but then lost this title to Rosneft. In 2017, the company produced its first millionth ton of oil in the Caspian Sea, V. Filanovsky. And in 2016, LUKOIL took the fourth place in the annual rating of environmental performance of Russian oil and gas companies according to the World Wildlife Fund and the 2 nd place in the rating of gasoline stations for the quality of gasoline.

3. Gazprom

Capitalization - 59,932 million dollars.

Corporation, whose dreams come true, is the third line of the list of the most expensive companies in Russia in 2017.In the sphere of its interests, not only geological exploration and gas production, but also its transportation, storage and sale. Since December 2013, Gazprom has retained the right to export pipeline gas, until that time the corporation owned the right to export from the Russian Federation any gas.

2. Sberbank

Capitalization - 61,159 million dollars.

According to the Central Bank, Sberbank is the most reliable of Russian banks in 2017.For deposits placed there, there is no need to worry, the Central Bank is unlikely to withdraw from Sberbank license in the foreseeable future. And by accessibility, Sberbank occupies the highest step on the bank pedestal - it has almost 17.5 thousand units and 14 territorial banks in 83 regions of Russia.

1. Rosneft

Capitalization - 69,907 million dollars.

Rosneftegaz owns a controlling stake in Rosneft, and Igor Sechin is the executive director of the corporation. In 2016, the Glencore consortium and Qatar Investment Authority Qatar bought 19.5% of Rosneft shares for 10.2 billion euros. However, Rosneft has 50% + 1 share. Last year, Rosneft was mentioned in the press in connection with the loud arrest of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev. He is suspected of threats and extortion of a bribe of $ 2 million from a representative of Rosneft. In this amount, Ulyukaev assessed the positive assessment, which allows Rosneft to acquire a state-owned stake in Bashneft.