Traps for cockroaches

  • What are the traps for cockroaches?
  • The most popular means of industrial production
  • How to make a trap for insects yourself?
  • Tips for using traps:

Getting rid of uninvited guests - cockroaches, owners take a variety of steps: from making a poisonous bait to calling a squad of pest controllers. One of the most popular methods of fighting are traps for cockroaches, due to its efficiency and relatively low cost. Similar devices have a nearly similar design, but they act differently on cockroaches.

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What are the traps for cockroaches?

To date, there are many pitfalls for cockroaches in shops and markets, so buying them will not be very difficult. But in order not to become perplexed at the choice, get acquainted with their kinds, as the devices for

  • are different. The way of influence on insects.
  • Principle of operation.
  • Where possible, reusable.
  • Price category.

There are traps:

  • Adhesive.
  • Electrical.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Toxic.

Important! The structures of any of the listed types are square, round or rectangular boxes with holes located on opposite sides. Inside the device are either sticky base, or bait, or a poisonous substance. Ultrasonic devices repel insects with sound, and electrical devices are destroyed by electric shock.

What kind of trap from cockroaches to choose - it's up to you, it all depends on your preferences and financial ability. However, listen to the following tips:

  • Manufacturers do not recommend the use of electronic devices in apartments with young children, since a current discharge though not deadly, but it can quite frighten a child.
  • Place poisonous baits in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet away from children and pets.

Let's get acquainted with the principle of the action of various types of traps in detail.

Adhesive traps from cockroaches

Adhesive industrial devices are considered one of the safest, quite effective and inexpensive. Adhesive traps for cockroaches are a cardboard house, at the bottom of which is an appetizing bait for insects.

The principle of the device: having smelled, the insects penetrate inside the "house" and are glued to the sticky base, which means they will not be able to get out again.

This kind of appliance is absolutely harmless for people and pets. To place glue houses is necessary in the favorite places of congestion of insects. It is better to put them on at night, and in the morning to empty the trap.

Important! Although the adhesive surfaces do not dry out for a long time, but for greater effectiveness, change the houses as often as possible. Manufacturers recommend immediately buying several devices with a similar principle of operation.

The devices are very simple to use and can be used in apartments with children and animals, since they do not contain pesticides. Having bought a sticky trap, separate the paper covering the bottom and fold up the peculiar house.

Important! Adhesive traps are ineffective in combating a large number of insects, and also have no effect on eggs laid in hard-to-reach places.

Electric traps from cockroaches

The trap for electric cockroaches is operated from the network. Inside the metal box, place the bait, and the device itself is plugged into the mains and left for a while.

Principle of action: cockroaches, sensing the attracting smell, go to it and penetrate inside the trap, where insects get a lethal current for their body. This device is reusable, but it must be periodically cleaned of dead insects and placed only where there are no wet places.

Important! The device has a very important advantage - durability. You will only have to periodically change the bait and remove the remnants of insects with a special brush.

Electric traps do not have toxic effects on people, as well as pets, as they do not contain any insecticide inside. However, care must be taken in handling the device and adhere to the following rules:

  • Install the traps in places out of the reach of children.
  • To place it is necessary on dry places.

Ultrasonic devices against cockroaches

The ultrasonic device works on the principle of a repeller. They radiate ultrasonic waves that cause insects to worry, fear and desire to leave the place that is dangerous for them as soon as possible. In a house with a deterrent installed, cockroaches do not linger for a long time, let alone decide not to have offspring.

This device is sometimes called electronic traps for cockroaches, because in addition to high-frequency sound waves, some models emit light signals and specific clicks that negatively affect the central nervous system of barbel.

Although this type of device does not have a toxic effect, however, they have a number of drawbacks:

  1. Operate from the electrical network, which means - they can not be placed in places with increased dampness.
  2. Ultrasound can affect not only insects, but also pets.

Manufacturers recommend exhibiting scarers in a dwelling( at the dacha) some time before moving there.

Poisonous traps

Traps from cockroaches with insecticides resemble "houses", but the principle of operation is different, because the center of the box should be put not bait, but poison.

Principle of action: getting inside the device, insects not only eat poison, but also carry the poison on their paws into the nest, and there infect relatives. Thus, a massive infection of cockroaches occurs, and within a few days their entire population dies.

Place traps with insecticides in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet, in places inaccessible to children and pets. Most models of traps with pesticides on the back have adhesive tape that allows you to place the device on any vertical surfaces: on the walls of furniture, under the sink, on the back of the refrigerator.

The following devices have a similar design:

  • "Raptor".
  • "Combatant".
  • "Dohloks".
  • "Taiga".
  • "Reid".

Important! The bait of the "Reid" device includes an insecticide that not only poisons cockroaches, but also sterilizes them, which leads to a significant decrease in the population of insects.

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The most popular means of industrial production

To correctly determine which traps for cockroaches are best suited in your case, you need to focus not only on their cost, but also on efficiency. Check out the features of the most popular products of this purpose from different manufacturers to make the final decision.


Combat traps and Combat SuperBayt traps are considered to be the most effective for consumers, as they consist of specially developed insecticides that are used not only in our country, but also in Japan, Europe and America.

Features of traps "Combat":

  1. Absolutely safe for people and pets.
  2. Do not have toxic odors and vapors.
  3. You can use them in the kitchen, next to dishes and food.
  4. Effective, because within 10-15 days destroy the colony of insects completely.
  5. To this preparation cockroaches do not develop immunity.
  6. "Combat" traps operate for up to 3 months.


The traps from Reid cockroaches are very popular due to their high efficiency, as well as the quality of insecticides.

Advantages and features of the Raid:

  1. Actively fights not only with cockroaches, but also their larvae.
  2. The device is active in any place: under the refrigerator, in the storerooms, in the ventilation shafts, etc.
  3. The insecticide inside the trap not only infects the insects, but also sterilizes even those who have not touched the food.
  4. Using this trap, you can easily control the amount of the poisoned product inside the house. This feature gives a transparent lid.


Thanks to modern technology, Raptor traps are safe for humans and pets, but are extremely effective in fighting cockroaches. The maximum effect can be felt after 8-15 days.

Advantages of "Raptor" traps:

  1. Acts on the principle of "dominoes", infecting not only the insects that have got inside, but also their relatives, in contact with the infected individuals.
  2. Safe for the person, which means - you can place them in any place convenient for you.
  3. Traps do not emit smells and vapors.
  4. The drug was registered and licensed, approved for use.
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How to make a trap for insects yourself?

Some types of industrial traps are disposable, so if for some reason you do not want or can not purchase the device in the store, we advise you to make a trap yourself. It does not take much time and special financial costs.

Consider the simplest and most affordable ways of manufacturing.

Option number 1.Box

To create a trap for insects you will need:

  • Box( for pencils, from tea, matches, etc.).
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or special glue( not drying, with good fixing action).
  • Lure for cockroaches( any dish after a feast in the amount of several grams).

Proceed as follows:

  1. Attach double-sided adhesive tape or glue to the bottom of the cardboard box.
  2. In the middle of the box and around its corners, spread the fragrant bait.

Important! Products can be mixed with boric acid or another poison for cockroaches.

  1. Secure the house under the sink, behind the refrigerator and in other insect habitats.
  2. Dispose of as soon as the trap is filled in, insects.

Option number 2.Bank

For the manufacture of the device you will need:

  • Glass jar( preferably a liter).
  • Bait( a piece of bread soaked in kefir or a small amount of beer).
  • Vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Paper for wrapping cans( rough).

Method of manufacturing:

  1. Wrap the glass jar with paper( it will be more comfortable for cockroaches to climb).
  2. At the bottom of the tank put the bait( piece of cheese, bread, meat) and pour kefir or beer( for smell).
  3. Border cans and walls from the inside( to a depth of up to 5 cm) with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly, so that the insects do not escape back.
  4. Place a trap in the habitat of the barbel, for example, in the kitchen.
  5. In the morning, fill the jar with boiling water and dispose of the insects.

Important! Change the device at least every 4 days, because during this time the oil can dry.

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Tips for using traps:

  • Before installing any insect repellent, clean house:
    • Remove all crumbs.
    • Get rid of the garbage.
    • Create all conditions for cockroaches to look for their food in the specified device.
  • Close all valves securely, and if possible, turn off the water for the night.
  • Use several devices with different mechanisms to achieve greater effect.
  • Devices with insecticides and glue composition are constantly changing. The effect of these traps can be assessed only after a week.
  • When purchasing glue or insecticide, be sure to read the expiration date, as at the expiration of it, the product becomes safe for cockroaches.
  • The safest thing to do is use the devices during the absence of household members and pets. Set traps for travel or business trips.
  • Pour double-sided adhesive tape skirting boards, door joints, thresholds at night to catch as many insects as possible.
  • When collecting insects in the house, paper with adhesive tape and poisonous material( bait) spread out on all corners of the apartment to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Fighting uninvited baleen guests is quite difficult, but if you combine your efforts with neighbors and use traps of different types and mechanisms of impact, then the victory will be yours. Of course, branded or self-made traps from annoying insects are not as effective as aerosols and gels, but most importantly their advantage is a low toxic effect not only on humans, but also on animals. Have a good hunting!