How to remove from the iron?

Gauze and soap solution
  • Vinegar
  • Salt and hydrogen peroxide
  • Onion
  • Abrasive file or pumice
  • Tea or milk
  • How to remove the shine from natural clothes?
  • How to remove gloss from synthetics?
  • Recommendations and tips for ironing
  • Sometimes after ironing on clothes there are traces that absolutely do not give attractiveness. Especially it concerns dark fabrics. Most often this is due to the high temperature, that is, the incorrectly selected temperature regime. But how to remove from the iron shine on black clothes, without damaging the fabric? I'm glad that there are several options for solving this problem, and you do not have to throw away your favorite thing. In this article, we will talk about the most effective and fastest ways to clean traces of iron.

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    Gauze and soap solution

    Unequivocally, one of the easiest methods to remove traces of iron from an iron is the option using soap and gauze.

    Important! It is advisable to use laundry soap, as this will speed up the process, and also the more concentration there is - the stronger the effect will be.

    Your actions:

    1. Before you moisten a piece of gauze in the resulting solution, you can also rub it with soap.
    2. When ironing, do not press on the iron, and iron until the trail completely disappears.
    3. Then leave the thing to dry naturally.

    Important! In no case, do not iron cloth without gauze.

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    Also, wondering how to remove traces of iron from clothing, you can resort to the method of removal with vinegar. The problem with this method is that it can not remove large or large spots, but if the problem area is small enough, use it safely.

    To do this, you need to dilute a weak solution( water + vinegar) and soak the thing in it for about an hour. And after that, do not wash the thing, just squeeze it and let it dry yourself.

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    Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide

    Sufficiently effective for the question of how to remove the trace from the iron on black clothing is this method:

    1. Lightly soak a cold water stain.
    2. Next, sprinkle a fine layer of fine salt on the contamination site and drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
    3. In the end, wash the thing in cold water and dry it again.

    Important! This method is best used in the warm season, since the thing must dry out in direct sunlight.

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    This method will be able to taste absolutely everything, as the onion is uniquely available in each refrigerator:

    1. For this method, you will need to peel and cut it in half.
    2. Clean the spot until the spot disappears.
    3. Then rinse clothing and leave to dry naturally.

    Important! The disadvantage of this option, how to remove the trace from the iron, is the sharp smell of the product that is applied. However, after cleaning, you can wash the thing with powder and it will again get a pleasant scent.

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    Abrasive file or pumice

    Sometimes there were cases when the only option for cleaning the fabric was using a razor, an abrasive nail file or a pumice stone. However, using these items, you should be extremely cautious, because solving one problem, you can create yourself another one in the form of cutting things. Then it is definitely not save and will have to be thrown out.

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    Tea or milk

    This, in fact, is two separate versions on how to remove clothes from clothes from the iron, but the way of using them is completely the same:

    1. Brew tea or take milk from the refrigerator and wait for the room temperature of the product, because hot liquid can spoil the fabric.
    2. Then soak the clothes in one of the suggested solutions until the stain starts to fade.
    3. In the end, rinse the thing in clean cold water and hang to dry.

    Important! These methods can be used to clean clothes from any material, however for things made of synthetic or natural fabrics, there are several separate methods.

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    How to remove shine from natural clothes?

    One can not but agree that things from natural fabrics are somewhat more valuable, so it would be very unfortunate if the thing had to be thrown away because of the accidentally left stain from the iron.

    Thick fabrics

    Linen and cotton are the most common. In order to remove the trace from the iron on black clothes, you will need ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and water. To obtain a solution, use:

    • 1 glass of water;
    • 1 teaspoonful of ammonia;
    • 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

    The mixture that you have formed, you must carefully mix and moisten a piece of gauze in it. Wash it gently for a few minutes. As soon as the stain disappears, rinse this area with cold water and iron it at a low temperature.

    Delicate fabrics

    Natural silk is even more delicate and should not be subjected to such strong chemical reactions. In this case, to remove the traces from the clothes from the iron, you can use wine vinegar or soda. To do this, it is necessary to wipe the place of contamination with gauze, pre-moistened with wine vinegar or rub it with a gruel made from soda with the addition of water.

    Important! After both ways, you need to carefully wash clothes in cold water and hang them.

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    How to remove gloss from synthetics?

    1. If synthetic glitter appears on the iron, it can be removed with boric acid. You can buy it at any pharmacy. Moisten the gauze with this medication and thoroughly soak the stain. Wait about 15-20 minutes for the product to soak. Then wash yourself or with a washing machine.

    Important! This method is able to remove not only fresh, but also old enough stains.

    1. And lemon juice is perfect for the problem of how to remove the shine from the iron on black clothes, namely on synthetic fibers. However, the problem of this method is that you can not tighten, because lemon juice can only remove fresh, newly appeared spots. Use such a tool you need exactly as a method of removal with boric acid.

    Important! Be prepared for the fact that if the fabric is not only left with a gloss spot, but there is a scorched trace, it may not be possible to get rid of it to the end.

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    Recommendations and tips for ironing

    In order to avoid the problems associated with the formation of stains on clothing during ironing, follow these tips:

    • Iron the black fabric from the wrong side through the gauze.
    • Before starting to iron, check that the surface of the iron is clean. And if there are any dirt, clean the sole with a special pencil.
    • If you are not sure or do not know how to properly iron this or that thing, carefully study the label on the clothes. It always indicates the optimum temperature of washing, ironing and care in general.
    • Before removing large spots, traces of the iron, check the action of the means by which you are going to clean the thing in a small and unobtrusive place.

    If you carefully studied this article, you undoubtedly learned a little new information on how to remove the gloss from the iron on black clothes, and now you can easily solve such an unpleasant problem, if necessary. We hope that the above suggestions and recommendations will be useful to you in the future life, and when you or your friends again have to "save" a thing, the acquired knowledge will certainly help. It remains only to wish you good luck, and also be able at the right time to show your knowledge.