Than to wash a felt-tip pen from a skin of the child?

  • Than to wipe the felt-tip from the baby's skin?
  • What is the basis for the marker?
  • What else can I use to remove the felt from the baby's skin?

A small child with pencils and felt-tip pens is always bright, fun and interesting for both the baby and his parents. However, it often happens that the creative flow of thoughts simply does not fit on the pages of the album and the crumb splashes it on your own body, as well as surrounding objects of the interior. Mom also think about how to wash the marker from the skin of the child, and not at the same time bring harm to the health of the baby. In this article, we will share with you all the most effective and fastest ways to get rid of trouble.

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How to wipe the marker from the baby's skin?

Quickly and without a trace, and most importantly without harm to health, the following tools will help you to remove traces of the marker or the marker:

  • alcohol;
  • nail polish remover;
  • hairspray;
  • hand sanitizers;
  • baby oil for massage;
  • Vaseline;
  • sunscreen;
  • toothpaste;
  • cream or shaving foam;
  • salt;
  • butter;
  • baking soda;
  • banana peel;
  • makeup remover milk;
  • wet wipes;
  • greasy cream for hands or face.

Each of these substances can help you in solving the trouble, but you do not have to wait long for the result, you need to know the basic rules for the removal of traces of the marker.

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What is the basis for the marker?

Asking the question how to wipe the marker from the skin, first of all, it is worth paying attention to exactly what basis the dye itself was created. It is from the substances used in the production of the marker that the further process of its removal from the surface of the body will depend. The options can be as follows.

On water or chalky basis

You can get rid of this kind of coloring matter with a soap solution or with a greasy cream. Here are a few of the most effective methods:

Method 1

The simplest solution to the issue of how to wash off the marker is by washing it under hot water. Wet the contaminated area of ​​the body, then carefully soap with liquid or ordinary soap.

If you prefer a liquid soap to clean the marks of the felt tip, it is desirable to use a sponge. If you take the usual washing, then soap yourself with a bar.

Important! When a fairly large area of ​​the body is contaminated, the most practical solution is to take a hot bath with soap foam.

Method 2

Another substance that can easily remove traces of a marker or marker - an antiseptic for hands. This substance should be applied directly to the contamination site and rubbed for 20 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with the body.

Method 3

If you need to achieve a quick and effective result, when deciding what to wipe the marker from the baby's skin, pay attention to the milk to remove the makeup. Apply the substance to a special cotton pad and wipe with it a dirty area. After carrying out the cleaning works, rinse thoroughly the remnants of milk from the body.


In solving the problem, than to wash an alcohol-based felt pen from the skin, you will be helped by any alcohol-containing liquid - vodka, alcohol, cologne, shaving products, etc. That is, we remove similar with similar. But there are other options.

Method 1

Varnishes for hair in most cases contain alcohol, and therefore can help in rubbing off the marks from the felt pen. To achieve the desired result, use it as follows:

  1. Spray a small amount of the substance on the contaminated area of ​​the body.

Important! Do not use this product on the face, as there is a high risk of getting the substance in the eyes and irritation of the delicate skin.

  1. Use a cotton pad or a damp cloth from a soft material to rub the hair spray into the area of ​​the dirt.
  2. After removing the traces of the marker, thoroughly wash the skin with warm water and soap, as in most cases hair varnishes have a very sticky texture.

Method 2

Medical alcohol has the properties of a strong solvent, and therefore it helps to remove indelible markers or markers from the skin. This remedy is applied as follows:

  1. Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol or vodka.
  2. Wipe the contaminated area of ​​the body.
  3. Rinse the debris from the skin with warm soapy water.

Important! It is best to use for this purpose medical alcohol solutions, which contain more than 90% of the active substance.

On paint and varnish basis

These objects for drawing have the most corrosive composition, and therefore it is quite difficult to derive them. To get rid of the traces of such a felt tip, the following solvents will help you:

  • The liquid for removing varnish consists of such strong solvents as alcohol and acetone. It is this combination that will help remove the indelible marker. To do this, it is enough just to soak the cotton disc in the liquid to remove the varnish and wipe the surface of the contamination with it.

Important! In some cases, the traces of the marker do not want to disappear, then hold the cotton pad, soaked in acetone, on their surface for a few minutes. But it's better not to take chances with the baby's skin. In this case, give preference to the nail polish remover on a bezacetone basis, it is safer.

  • Wet wipes that contain alcohol can also help in this situation. To remove contamination, it will be sufficient to thoroughly wipe the contamination site several times, then rinse it with warm soapy water.

Fat-based marker

Despite the seemingly difficult problem of removing body fat from a marker or felt-tip pen, it's easy enough to do it with various oils:

  • Creamy or coconut oil, which is sufficient to apply to the skin and leave for 3-4 minutes. After the oil absorbs the traces of the dye, wash it off with water and soap.
  • Suitable and sunscreen or cream for face and hands with a fat composition, which has the most nightly funds.
  • Suitable for washing bright traces and baby oil for massage.
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What else can I use to remove the felt from the baby's skin?

If you do not know what kind of composition the marker has, then do not despair, because the contamination can be cleaned with the following substances:

  • Toothpaste. A small amount of the substance from the tube is squeezed onto the surface of the contaminated skin and rubbed with massaging finger movements. After this, rinse the body with a mouthwash that is made from alcohol.
  • Scrub from salt. Prepare the paste from sea salt and water, then gently rub it on the contaminated area of ​​the body. Cleansing is carried out by provoking the peeling of the upper layer of the skin, which removes traces of the marker. After removing the contaminants, rinse the remaining salt thoroughly with a soap solution.

We hope that the methods given in the article to remove ink from the delicate surfaces of the body will help you to clean the baby from the results of creativity and at the same time not to spoil the mood of the little genius. And even better, if there is such an opportunity - do nothing, leave it as it is - dyes for a couple of days will go off by themselves. Just wash the child's hands more often and once a day more completely bathe, because in this case you will not need to apply any doubtful means.