The ranking of European countries on the share of food expenditures in the family budget

Experts RIA Rating published statistics on the costs of residents of Europe compared with Russians. The main article, attracted the attention of analysts, was the cost of food. According to experts, a low share of spending on food in the family budget indicates a high welfare and accessibility of products.

Among the 40 countries that participated in the study, Russia was on the 29th line. About 30% of its budget, the average Russian household spends on food. Well, the leaders, as usual, are represented in our rating of the countries of Europe for the share of food expenditures in the family budget .


  • 10. Belgium( 13.2%)
  • 9. Finland( 12.6%)
  • 8. Cyprus( 12.3%)
  • 7. Austria( 12.1%)
  • 6. Germany( 12,1%)
  • 5. Norway( 11.8%)
  • 4. Denmark( 10.7%)
  • 3. Switzerland( 9.6%)
  • 2. Great Britain( 9.1%)
  • 1. Luxembourg( 8,8%)

10. Belgium( 13.2%)

About 30% of Belgian families prefer to eat out 7 days a week. Therefore, the cost of buying food is small. But another 6% of the family budget goes to visiting cafes and restaurants.

9. Finland( 12.6%)

In the Finnish family budget, approximately the same amount( about 12% of expenditure) is spent on food and entertainment. The cultural leisure organizations of the citizens of Finland pay more attention than their neighbors in rating - Cypriots and Belgians.

8. Cyprus( 12.3%)

The difficult economic situation in the country affects the structure of household expenditure - 2 years ago, the products of the Cypriots took 3% less funds than today.

7. Austria( 12.1%)

The Austrians pay great attention to the quality of their products, so many families prefer to dine at home using their own cooked meals. High incomes of the Austrians allow spending for entertainment and cultural leisure more than for the purchase of products( 12.8% of the budget).

6. Germany( 12.1%)

In the structure of household expenses of the German family, utilities are in the first place, and food products are only on the second. About 5% of the family budget goes to visiting restaurants, and another 2.7% - to buy a German beer so beloved in Germany.

5. Norway( 11.8%)

Like Austrians, Norwegians spend more money on entertainment and leisure than on food. Scandinavians are fed more often at home, as evidenced by rather modest expenditures on public catering - only 3.4%.

4. Denmark( 10.7%)

The structure of the costs of the Danish family is similar to the budgets of other Scandinavian countries - Norway and Finland. Danes often eat at home, spending the same amount of food as entertainment and cultural leisure.

3. Switzerland( 9.6%)

The products in Switzerland are not cheap - there are 2 cities in the country from the tens of the most expensive megacities of the planet. Nevertheless, for products the Swiss is only half a percent more than for entertainment.

2. Great Britain( 9.1%)

The British are leaders in their attachment to public catering. For the purchase of products for household meals, the average family of the United Kingdom spends 9% of the budget, while visiting cafes and restaurants - 10%.Increasingly, in British apartments there is no room for a full-fledged kitchen, which is replaced by a microwave and a mini-bar.

1. Luxembourg( 8.8%)

Inhabitants of the dwarf state practically do not spend money for food. At the same time, two-thirds of families eat exclusively at home, only occasionally running to cafes or restaurants. In addition, Luxembourg citizens almost do not consume alcohol and cigarettes - these expenses take less than one and a half percent of the family budget.