Polaris PVCR 0826 - overview of a robotic vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning

In the era of automation, more and more interest of manufacturers and consumers is being paid to robotic household appliances. And even R2-D2, although it looks like a vacuum cleaner, is too far for a modern robot vacuum cleaner. You will say that R2-D2 can talk, but you will not be right, Polaris has already taught its new model PVCR 0920 WV 2017 to talk. In the meantime, everyone is waiting for the novelty, read our review of the robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826 , which is ready to perform a dry and damp cleaning of your house.


  • Appearance and equipment
  • Characteristics
  • configuration
  • Operation
    • Autonomy
    • security system
    • Beep
    • button AUTO
    • Noise
    • Program
    • brushes
    • dust collector
    • Technology cleaning and filters
  • Wet cleaning
  • video presentation robot cleanerPolaris
  • Summarizing

Appearance and configuration

Having opened the box with a miracle device, we were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the vacuum cleaner and the presence of the most necessaryspare parts.

The Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Battery Li-ion 2600 mAh, 14,8 V( included in the vacuum cleaner)
  3. Charging dock
  4. Battery charger
  5. Garbage collection container
  6. Replacement container for wet cleaning
  7. Microfiber for wet cleaning - 2 pieces
  8. Filter HEPA 12 - 2pcs
  9. Spare side brushes
  10. Cleaning brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner
  11. Remote control
  12. Instruction for use
  13. Warranty card

Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO is distinguished by a futuristic appearance. It has the shape of a circle, the color is a gently pink metallic. On the top cover there is an AUTO button, which has a light indicator and is responsible for switching on the robot vacuum cleaner.


Dust container capacity, l 0,5
Battery Li-ion, 2600 mAh, 14.8V
Shock absorbers yes
Base / Charging station yes
Side brushes yes
Gross weight, kg 5,28
Net weight, kg 3,33
Wet cleaning yes
Charging time up to 5 hours
Operating time up to 200 min
Auxiliary dust collection yes
Dimensions box, mm 560 * 375 * 120
Height sensor yes
Display yes
Indicator dawnand battery
yes yes Programming
rubberized bumper
yes yes Remote
Modes 5
Timer yes
Electrobrushes yes


packing box bright on all sides of important information is applied. Weight of the complete set, taking into account the packaging is 5.28 kg, while the robot vacuum cleaner weighs 3 kg.

The robot vacuum cleaner is 31cm in diameter and its height is only 7.6 cm, so it can easily move under beds, sofas and cabinets, cleaning.

The axes of the driving wheels are located on the same diameter of the body circumference, this allows the robot cleaner to turn on the spot without changing the boundaries occupied by the area.

Leading wheels with a diameter of 65 mm are made in the form of rubber tires with pronounced hooks, by means of which it overcomes obstacles in the form of a high pile of carpet, skirting boards, sills and other elevations. The wheels are mounted on spring-loaded hinges with a stroke of 27 mm, which helps the robot to overcome obstacles. True, the lower part of the bumper is located at a height of 17 mm from the floor - obstacles above the robot can not be overcome.

The front part of the vacuum cleaner is buffer, it allows softening the robot's impact on the obstacle. The entire front half of the body is skirted by a spring-loaded bumper with a small stroke, at the bottom of which a strip of medium-hard rubber is glued, which protects the unit and furniture from damage during a collision.


Stand-alone operation

After the first full charge, PVCR 0826 worked for about 180 minutes, continuously "traveling" on the carpet with an abundance of cat hair. In other conditions, its battery life can reach 3.5 hours. This circumstance, along with the quality of cleaning, allowed the model to take the 4th place in the rating of robotic vacuum cleaners for the house of 2017.

After the cleaning is completed or in the event of a battery discharge, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the base station, where it holds up to 5 hours, until fully charged.

Security System

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO is equipped with a safety system:

  • Step Detection Sensor

Thanks to this function, your assistant will not fall down the stairs and break. Practice has shown that this function works perfectly - the robot vacuum cleaner did not fall off the table on which we placed it for the experiment. True, in some reviews of this model, we read that he refuses to work on black carpets. Unfortunately, we can not confirm or deny this fact yet.

  • Self-diagnosis sensor

This function helps the robot cleaner to stop its operation in the event that the winding of wires to brushes or wheels has occurred, if the robot is stuck, then turn off the power to save the battery and alert us with a sound signal about the incident.

Audible alarm

The robot cleaner has an audible signal that notifies the owner of the following actions:

  • Charging to the docking station
  • Filling the garbage container
  • Discharging the batteries
  • The error in the work of the vacuum cleaner

The AUTO button

By the button illumination color, you can determine the stateyour assistant: green - fully charged and ready for use, yellow - the charge is exhausted, it's time to base and red - something went wrong( either the garbage container is full or something is wrapped around the brushes).

Also thanks to this button on the top panel of the vacuum cleaner and its LED backlight, you can easily locate your unit and do not step on it in a dark room.

Noise level

The robot is relatively quiet. The manufacturer claimed 60 dB, which is very close to the volume of ordinary spoken language. The sound emitted by the noise is not annoying, being in a room with a working robot comfortable enough. Compare the sound of his work with the fan's work, i.e.he does not interfere with communication, watching TV or reading a book.


The vacuum cleaner is programmed to clean in four stages, the change of which occurs in automatic mode or you can select them yourself.

  • "Local cleaning"

The device removes only a small part of the room, the area of ​​which does not exceed 1x0.5 meters.

  • "Along the walls"

Polaris PVCR 0826 carries out cleaning along all the walls.

  • «General cleaning»

The vacuum cleaner activates the free-running mode.

  • "Cleaning a small room"

The device is cleaned indoors for 30 minutes.

Programs can be activated both on the robot cleaner using the "AUTO" button, or with the help of the remote control. Also, using the remote control, you can program the robot to clean at a certain time, for example, when you are at work, so as not to be distracted by this in the evening.


Brush-antennae or as they are called side brushes. These brushes perform the function of the broom - they sweep away the debris towards the main brush and dust collector. Cope with this task, they are very happy! Even from the corners and from under the cupboards, he sweeps everything to one crumb. The usual vacuum cleaner is difficult to achieve because of the bulky nozzle, it is only possible if you change the nozzle and, after stretching out on the floor, climb under the cabinet or sofa. Not all of us are fans of yoga, so we are not ready for this with daily cleaning. The main brush is another advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO.She collects garbage, animal fur and other traces of human life, even from carpets with a small pile.

Dust collector

Dust collector body is made of tinted transparent plastic. The dust bag is removed by pressing the latch with the inscription PUSH, easy and simple. The upper part reclines at a large angle, which makes it easy to clean it from the heavy debris from the bottom. For complete cleaning, you need to remove the pre-strainer, shake off the debris, usually these are wool particles, or, if necessary, clean the foam filter and fine filter as well.

Cleaning technology and filters

Polaris PVCR 0826 collects garbage by cyclone technology - the side brushes sweep away debris towards the center and the main brush. Inside the cyclone, a vortex flow of air is created, the inertia of which throws the particles of collected dust to the walls of the chamber, and then the garbage enters the dust container. The air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is cleared by 99.97%.Such a high purification index provides a special type of filter - HEPA, which stands for a system of highly effective retention of suspended particles.

Cyclone technology is characterized by the fact that it helps maintain a constant suction force, which in traditional vacuum cleaners using dust bags is gradually weakening. The engine of the cyclone vacuum cleaner works steadily and in a gentle mode, which best affects its service life.

Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a total of three filters, primary, foam and HEPA, which are capable of retaining not only the animal hair, but also the pollen of plants. This is a huge plus for people with an allergy to these irritants, and everyone else will appreciate that the dust in the house will be several times less.

Wet cleaning of

The main distinguishing feature of Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO is that it can do not only dry cleaning, but also wet. For this purpose, a special aqua box with a microfiber comes in the kit.

The tank of aqua-box is enough for a 30-minute cleaning program. This is enough to clean an apartment of 50 sq.m. At the bottom of the container with Velcro and two elastic bands a terry cloth is attached, clean water is poured into the barrels without adding any detergents. Warning about this is written on the very aqua-box. Carrying the floor washing, the robot vacuum cleaner leaves a wet trace behind it, which disappears within a minute.

The function of wet cleaning can be used regardless of what kind of flooring you have - with linoleum he manages to cheer, but the parquet will not suffer from it. It will be perfectly clean. During the operation of this function, there were no complaints.

If it is necessary to wash the floor more thoroughly or to wipe something off, you can use the "spiral" function on the remote control, and it will perfectly cope with the task. The dirt will not stand a chance.

Video presentation of robot vacuum cleaner Polaris

Summing up

He always manages to find dust and dust even seemingly in a clean room. It's just a godsend for people with allergies or asthma. Because the robot vacuum cleaner will save you from one of the reasons for the allergy - dust and you do not even have to do anything for it. Your task is only to clean the dust bag in time from accumulated debris in it, to charge the vacuum cleaner and set the time and cleaning program. And that's all! The rest he will do himself! You will return from work or school, and your house is perfectly clean and you do not need to waste time cleaning. Instead, you can spend time with loved ones, go for a walk or read a book. You are no longer a hostage to cleaning!

Is it possible to recommend this robot vacuum cleaner for purchase? Of course yes! Despite the fact that its cost is higher than that of conventional vacuum cleaners, it does the cleaning itself, and this is a huge plus in the era of a catastrophic lack of time.

At the moment, you can buy Polaris PVCR 0826 for about 20,000 rubles .