How to pet a jacket or a down jacket made of polyester - especially clothing care


  • How to properly wash and dry bulk products from polyester?
  • How to properly iron polyester in a traditional way?
  • Popular approach to smoothing out the whimsical products of

The appearance of polyester, a practical and attractive synthetic material, has solved many of the problems typical for wearing outerwear. Difficulties are only one thing - how to stroke the down jacket, if it is strongly wrinkled after transportation or long-term storage.

Today, to restore the shape of the product, it is customary to use one of two accessible and convenient methods. In the first case, the jacket is traditionally treated with an iron, taking into account the specificity of raw materials. In the second, a popular approach is taking place, less rapid, but more secure.

How to properly wash and dry bulk products from polyester?

Before you iron the polyester, it must be properly prepared for the process. Violation of the rules of ironing or drying can lead to the formation of lumps under an artificial cloth, then no methods will help restore the bolone jacket without repeated, properly performed treatment.

The following nuances affecting the subsequent ironing process should be taken into account during the washing process:

  1. The water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C, otherwise the material will stretch, which will not only complicate its leveling, but will irreparably damage the shape of the thing.
  2. Liquid detergent is ideal as a detergent. If you use a dry analogue of the product, it will not be washed to the end, it will come to the surface of the fabric in the form of a plaque that turns brown or yellow after exposure to the iron.
  3. If together with a down jacket to throw a few tennis balls in the drum, then in the future you do not have to waste time on leveling the filler.

Polyester jacket does not have to be ironed, if after removing the product from the machine, dry it properly. To do this, squeeze the garment with your hands, do not unscrew the fabric, but only lightly press it. We wet the wet places with a towel, hang it on the hangers and manually straighten all the wrinkles, repeating this action as the thing dries.

How to properly iron polyester in a traditional way?

It happens that even if the jacket is washed and dried correctly, it is still covered with small or large ripples, which does not look very aesthetic. In this case, and if it is necessary to restore the product, which is badly crushed after storage, it is necessary to proceed according to the following scheme:

  • If the clothes are completely dry or not at all worn, it should be soaked in cool water and squeezed. After that, we turn out the thing with the wrong side, and on the iron set the mode of processing silk.

Tip: Each industrial jacket is supplied with a tissue sample. Before the whole product is processed on this cut of fabric, you need to test the selected ironing mode, otherwise the risk of damage to the product is high.

  • The treatment starts with a lining, and you do not need to press the fabric heavily. It is best to use a pad in the form of a towel or a cotton cut.
  • Only if after such an influence the down jacket is still crumpled, ironing is performed from the outside. Here, moist gauze is used as a layer.
  • An important moment after ironing is the obligatory rest of the product. It should be hung on hangers and leave at least for a couple of hours completely cool, taking the right shape.

In addition, it is allowed to steam things out. The procedure should look like this:

  1. The garment is suspended, straightening all the wrinkles.
  2. On the iron set the mode of processing delicate matter.
  3. Let's start steam and start processing things from a distance of several centimeters. We move from top to bottom, the sequence of actions is as follows: back, sleeves, shoulders, face.

This technique allows you to get a quick and high-quality result, get rid of the unpleasant odor from the garment, reduce the risk of damage to the material.

Popular approach to smoothing out the whimsical products of

If household appliances are not at hand or their use causes concern, you can proceed as follows:

  • Cloak or jacket we hang on the hangers, fasten the thing to all buttons or zippers.
  • Slightly smooth the surface with wet hands and place the garment in the bathroom.
  • There we open hot water, best if the boiling water goes. The product is left in a room with a tightly closed door for about a quarter of an hour. During this time the material should be smoothed out.
  • After treatment, dry the thing at room temperature.

Even such gentle manipulations can lead to the formation of spots on the surface of the tissue, especially if disturbances were committed during the washing process. When dealing with delicate things, you should not risk yourself doing experiments yourself, it's better to immediately turn to professionals. In dry cleaners quickly and without the risk of damage to the product will restore its neat appearance and original shape.

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