The best ways to invest in 2016

Forecasts of economists for this year are becoming increasingly bleak, and many have often thought about whether to really save your money from the crisis in our time. It is important to understand the following: if you do not make money work for yourself today, tomorrow you will have to work for them. Fortunately, not everything is so bad, we carefully analyzed the investment methods, which will become the most effective and safe in 2016 .

Internet assets

The most promising method of investing funds in 2016.Forex trading robots, a system of PAMM-accounts - such assets today can be found very much. They differ in terms of scope and structure, and bring income also in different ways. Now the most profitable assets are reliable binary options, forex robots( expert advisors), a variety of crowdsfunding platforms( public mutual aid fund), as well as a loan exchange. Before investing in one of the funds, we advise you to study all the information available about it in order to understand how much you will be able to earn for this or that period. Interestingly, on some projects you can earn up to 10% per month, and on others - 80%, and all this - passive earnings!

Investing in precious metals

This way of investing has long been considered one of the most stable and successful, therefore we consider it the second item. Precious metals are usually called palladium, gold, platinum and silver.

There are several ways to purchase such products:

  • purchase of securities secured by gold( carried out in the vast majority through stock exchanges);
  • buying ingots in banking institutions. In this case, you will need to pay tax( 13%);
  • the opening of an impersonal account in which metals will act as a currency. In reality, you will not have any metals on hand, everything is relative here. The profit from the opening of such an account you will receive in the event of a rise in prices for precious metals;
  • buying precious coins. To date, the main supplier of coins of this type is Sberbank.

Developing your own Internet project

Many people have heard that it is possible to earn incredible money on the World Wide Web, you just need to try a little. Is it available to you? Undoubtedly, you just have to understand a little bit about the topic.
So, there are more than 600 million resources on the planet, each site is a separate project. All of them differ in their typology from each other.

To date, all Internet resources can be divided into:

  • online stores;
  • video services;
  • social networks;
  • blogs;
  • message boards;
  • news portals.

It is interesting that on some sites you can earn 1000-2000 rubles a month, and on others - six-figure amounts and even more. All this depends on a huge number of factors - topics, traffic, availability in catalogs, the age of the domain, various ratings. To get into the TOP on their subject and start earning real money, and will need some investment. You will pay webmasters who will bring your resource to the top positions of search engines, after which the process will go much more confidently. Such investment can be called safe and long-term: over time, the site will only be more valuable, especially if it is supplemented with interesting information. If this kind of earnings gets boring, you can sell the resource for good money.

Conclusion: the development of your Internet project is a profitable and profitable investment of funds, the main thing is to be resourceful, develop, and learn to promote yourself, so as not to lose money to outside specialists.

Alternative option - to buy a ready-made Internet portal, which already has a certain reputation and level. This will allow you to instantly receive dividends from investing in a ready-made, already set up asset, which implies passive earnings without the waste of nerves and time.

Investing in the knowledge of

This investment method is considered the most effective, and certainly the most secure of all of the above. However, it requires much more time and effort than the previous methods. If you invest in knowledge correctly, brain drain in the field of activity in which you are going to work, the results will be overwhelming, and very soon.

An example can be the same development of a popular Internet resource. Above, we told you that to get profit in the early stages, you will need a person who can correctly create websites, monetize and promote them, that is, to maintain the top positions in the search engines.

Hence the rhetorical question: why hire such an employee, if they can become you? !

We hope that after reading this article you will look at the world more optimistically, and your profit in 2016 will only increase.