Ecological rating of Russian regions for 2016

Since 2008, the Green Patrol every year makes an environmental rating of the regions of Russia .Regions of the Russian Federation are estimated in three main categories: environmental( atmosphere, water resources, bioresources), industrial-ecological( industrial waste, environmental impact, business responsibility, etc.) and social( cultural and educational initiatives, habitat, law and authority, etc..).

The "Green Patrol" receives information coming from a variety of sources( media, public organizations, citizens' reports, reports of expert organizations, etc.), conducts their own expeditions and investigations, and as a result, a consolidated rating is made, due to which it is possible to determine the degree of ecological prosperityor other region of the Russian Federation. So, where is the safest place to live in terms of ecology?


  • 10. Tomsk Region
  • 9. Rostov Region
  • 8. Chuvash Republic
  • 7. Kursk Region
  • 6. Altai Territory
  • 5. Ulyanovsk Region
  • 4. Chukotsky AS
  • 3. Belgorod Region
  • 2. The Republic of Altai
  • 1Tambov Region

10. Tomsk Region

Primarily, the conscious citizens of the Tomsk Region are engaged in counteracting illegal logging and reforestation - so in a year, volunteers planted 49 thousand trees. Also, Tomsk citizens successfully close unauthorized landfills, take out household garbage and recently opened the first museum of nature and ecology. And although the Tomsk region is on the 10th place according to the summary rating, it is the first in terms of the amount of money spent on the protection of nature.

9. Rostov region

Over the past year, the Rostovites created a new nature reserve( at the site of mass migration of migratory birds) and released more than three thousand different birds, as well as deer and fallow deer into nature. The main problem of the region is water resources. Tsimlyansk reservoir because of the summer heat and mismanagement is only 9% of the norm, water from the springs in the region can not be drunk due to heavy pollution, and Don continues to grow thin.

8. Chuvash Republic

The Chuvash Republic has one of the highest social indicators in the environmental rating - 72, it is second only to the Orel region. In addition, the entry into the ecological top-10 regions of the Russian Federation was influenced by the creation of a new solid waste landfill.

7. Kursk region

Over the past year, 153 million rubles from the budget was spent on environmental measures - deepened and cleared the riverbeds, created specially protected areas, recycled domestic garbage and hazardous substances.

6. Altai Territory

One of the favorite places for active tourism abounds with specially protected natural areas - a natural park, a reserve and 35 reserves, as well as more than one hundred natural monuments.

5. Ulyanovsk Region

The main environmental problem in the Ulyanovsk region is a lot of landfills, half of which are unauthorized. Total garbage in the area covered 660 hectares! Regular checks of legal entities are carried out, fines are imposed, but dumps continue to function. However, not everything is so bad: more than 19 thousand trees have been planted in the region, a number of nature protection measures have been carried out, and a national park and protected areas of regional importance have been created.

4. Chukotsky AS

The incident with the white bear, which the builders for the sake of laughter slipped in the stern of the explosive package and laid out on YouTube. The governor of Chukotka appealed to local authorities to investigate this crime.

3. Belgorod Region

The first Russian biologization program operates in the region, volunteers plant trees( more than 50,000 seedlings were planted), and fish fry are released to the rivers to restore livestock.

2. The Republic of Altai

A garbage catastrophe in Russia has not passed and the Republic of Altai. It was not possible to solve the problem of the location, processing and disposal of solid domestic waste, which contributes to an increase in the number of unauthorized landfills that do not improve the state of the environment.

1. Tambov region

Takes the honorable first place in the ranking for the fourth consecutive year. The most environmentally friendly region in Russia. The state program "Environmental Protection of the Tambov Region" spent 1 billion rubles, and almost the same amount is spent by regional enterprises that installed and modernized environmental protection equipment.