Advantageous deposits of the Bank Home Credit for individuals in 2016

Bank Home Credit, despite its name, specializes not only in loans, but also in deposits. By the volume of deposits of individuals, Home Credit Bank ranks 13th among Russian banks. In this rating we will consider the most profitable deposits of this bank for individuals at the beginning of 2016.

6 place. Contribution "Quick earnings".Its validity is six months. The interest rate is 9.5% per annum( upon opening in the branch) and 9.8% when opened in the Internet bank. You can receive interest only at the end of the deposit period. The amount at which you can open and replenish the deposit is 1000 rubles. Partial withdrawal is not allowed. When deciding the early closure of the deposit, the interest rate is recalculated and will be 0.1%.

5 place. Deposit "Profitable Year".When opening an office in the bank, the interest rate is 11.02% per annum with a capitalization, i.ะต.the calculation of interest on the deposit. When opening an Internet bank, the rate in rubles with a capitalization is 11.35% per annum. Term - 1 year. The interest rate will not depend on the amount paid. The deposit can be opened in rubles, US dollars and euros. A deposit of 1000 rubles or 100 euros / US dollars is required to open a deposit. If the client wants, you can add funds. The interest rate for the deposit in dollars will be 2.5% per annum( if capitalization is chosen, then 2.53%).If the deposit is opened in euros, the rate is 2% per annum( with a capitalization of 2.02%).This deposit does not provide for expense transactions.

4 place. The contribution "Cabinet".For customers who intend to place on deposit an amount exceeding 3 million rubles. The maximum interest rate is 11% without capitalization, if it is stipulated - 11.57%.The deposit term is one year. There is no provision for partial withdrawals and additional attachments.

3 place. Deposit "Pension".It can be opened to those individuals who are pensioners. Term - one and a half years. The interest on the deposit is 11% per annum( if capitalization is envisaged - 11.91%).There is a possibility of replenishment of the deposit. You can replenish the deposit within a month after the opening, the minimum amount for replenishment is 1000 rubles. This deposit has no possibility of partial withdrawal.

2 place. The "Maximum income" contribution. Term - 18 months. The minimum amount is 1 thousand rubles. Interest rate 11.91% with capitalization. There is a possibility of replenishment.

1 place. The contribution of "33%".The minimum amount for opening a deposit is 1000 rubles. Validity period is three years. The interest rate on this deposit is 11% per annum. It is possible to replenish the deposit within three months from the date of its opening. The amount for replenishment should not be less than 1000 rubles. Payment of interest at the end of the term. As in other deposits, with early termination, the rate will be 0.1% per annum.
It is this contribution that is the most profitable in the line of deposits of the Bank Home Credit.after three years you will receive your funds, increased by thirty-three percent.