The most happy and miserable countries in the world 2017

Agency Bloomberg has released the Misery Index 2017 rating, which, based on such criteria as inflation and unemployment, ranks the countries of the world from the poorest and the most unfortunate to the prosperous. In total, the list includes 65 economies of the world.

For the third consecutive year, the top ten is headed by Venezuela. Economic troubles have been plaguing this country for many years. Low oil prices - the country's only significant export product - fuel the crisis, which left food store shelves empty, hospitals - without essential medicines, and provoked a rampant increase in violent crime.

The strongest negative changes in the rating in Poland, which jumped from the 45th place in last year's rating to 28. And the higher the line in the rating, the more problematic the country's economy is. Although in Poland there is a steady decline in the unemployment rate, because of the financial crisis, inflation rose to 1.8 percent in January 2017 after a long period of deflation.

Poverty also grows in Mexico, according to Bloomberg. Compared with the 38th place in 2016, the country rose to 31st place. The combination of stopping government subsidies for fuel and reducing the peso rate by 11 percent against the dollar after the US presidential election in November has a negative impact on prices in Mexico.

The UK will also suffer economically in 2017 due to Brexit. The beginning of the country's exit from the European Union drove the pound to a mark below the 30-year low, led to an increase in the cost of imports and, at the same time, to inflation. But the price increase in the UK was low, as oil prices fell in late 2014.

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Thailand is the least poor and destitute country, largely due to the unique high employment of the population. Also, positive dynamics are observed in such countries as Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, Ecuador and Russia. Each of them dropped down in the Bloomberg compilation by 9 points or more. In the Misery Index of 2017, Russia ranks 21st. As for the United States, the country remained among the 20 least unfortunate countries in the world( on the 49th place), although it is inferior to China( 52 lines).

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