Credit card rating 2016: the best and most profitable

What are the minimum requirements for the most profitable credit card of 2016?Its receipt should not be problematic. Well if it can be done by submitting an online application or ordering by courier at home. It is necessary that the bank has a large network of ATMs, and a mobile bank has been connected to the card. And not necessarily, but it is very useful, if the percentage of purchases will be returned or bonuses for the purchase of goods are added. Let the readers decide for themselves which credit card should be better, based on our top-10.


  • most profitable credit cards in 2016
    • 10. Map «Green World»
    • 9. «Quick purchase»
    • 8. «Supermap»
    • 7. «Visa Classic»
    • 6. «The low percentage»
    • 5. «Momentumpre-approved offer »
    • 4.« 100 days without interest »
    • 3.« Classic card »
    • 2.« Credit card »
    • 1.« Tinkoff Platinum »

most profitable credit cards in 2016

10. Map« Green world »

Issuer: Mail Bank( Summer Bank).

Credit limit: min.20 thousand, max.- 500 thousand rubles.

In the first year of service, the card will be completely free. And the payment for each subsequent year will be 900 rubles.

Features: low credit rate - 19.9%.. If the user in the past month to spend on buying a map of 3000 rubles, the project organizers will pay for one tree planting

9. «Quick purchase»

Issuer: «Home Credit and Finance Bank".

Credit limit: from 10 to 300 thousand rubles.

The name "Quick purchases" the card received because it takes half an hour for its design and release.

Features: no commission for annual maintenance. For the withdrawal of cash, a fixed fee of 349 rubles is taken.

8. «Supermap»

Issuer: «Promsvyazbank»

Credit limit: up to 600 thousand rubles..

The card can be issued with the chosen image, it will cost 333 rubles.

Features: for purchases on the "Super Card" points are earned, which holders pay up to 90% of the cost of goods and services. Also, bonuses can pay for services and commissions of the bank itself, or convert into rubles at the rate of 10 bonuses = one ruble.

7. Visa Classic

Issuer: Avangard.

Credit limit: up to 50 000 rubles.

A map with a very large grace period-204 days. A small credit limit is set only for new customers, for others - "dimensionless."

Features: discounts up to 30% from the partners of the bank. From 1 to 3 months of maintenance rate is low - 21%, then - up to 30%.

6. "Low Interest"

Issuer: "Bank of Moscow".

Credit limit: from 10 to 350 thousand rubles.

Holders of this card are free to issue two cards for relatives.

Features: the program "My bonus" at the expense of return of up to five percent per month of the amount of purchases of goods belonging to a specific category list.

On the map there are also negative reviews related to paid SMS-informing.

5. «Momentum pre-approved offer»

Issuer: «Sberbank».

Credit limit: up to 120 thousand rubles.

Credit card rating of 2016 could not do without the card of the largest bank in Russia. Its registration takes 15 minutes.

Features: you can bind to an electronic wallet. Bonus points on the program "Thanks from Sberbank" are changed to discounts in partner stores.

4. "100 days without interest"

Issuer: Alfa-Bank.

Credit limit: from 10 800 to 150 000 rubles.

The card has a one-hundred-day grace period, which applies to payments and withdrawals.

Features: the function of contactless payments.

3. "Classic card"

Issuer: "Binbank".

Credit limit: up to 300 000 rubles.

A card with 1% cashback, which is charged if you pay for the purchase in the trade and service companies.

Features: Bonuses are calculated at a rate of 1% of the amount spent for any purchase and 5% for purchases in a certain category.

2. "Credit card"

Issuer: "Renaissance Credit".

Credit limit: from 3 to 300 thousand rubles.

Which credit card is the most profitable? The one for which maintenance is not charged. This is about the "Credit Card".Pleasant bonus: it will be delivered to the house.

Features: "Simple Joy" bonus program, which is charged from 1% to 10% for each purchase and returns to the card to 100% of the purchase amount.

1. Tinkoff Platinum

Issuer: Tinkoff Bank.

Limit: up to 300 thousand rubles.

Heads the best credit cards of the year 2016 due to the possibility of delivery to the house, the function of contactless payments and the low cost of annual maintenance( 590 rubles).

Features: Bonus program "Bravo", points are accrued in the amount of 1% - for any purchases paid from the card and from 3% to 30% - for purchases on special offers. Points can be spent on purchases in certain categories.