Rating of banks in Russia for reliability in 2013

The National Rating Agency compiled a rating of reliability of Russian banks in the first half of 2013.The list includes only those banks whose headquarters are in Russia. In the final ranking were 39 of Russia's largest banks, each of which exceeds 120 billion rubles in assets. These 39 banks, in turn, are divided into four groups of financial stability, depending on the size of assets, the adequacy of equity and other indicators.
Next, we will review 16 Russian banks that have the best performance and are in the first and second group of financial stability.

16th: Uralsib Bank( Moscow), whose capital adequacy ratio is 11.07%.Uralsib opens the second group of financial stability according to the National Rating Agency. The site of Uralsib Bank - http://www.bankuralsib.ru

15th place: MDM Bank( Novosibirsk) with capital adequacy ratio 11.30%.Website - http://www.mdm.ru

14th place: Nomos-Bank( Moscow) with capital adequacy ratio 11.69%.Site - http: //www.nomos.ru/

13th place: Promsvyazbank( Moscow) with capital adequacy ratio 11.95%.Site - http: //www.psbank.ru/

12th place: Bank "St. Petersburg"( St. Petersburg) with a capital adequacy ratio of 12.10%.Website - https://www.bspb.ru

11th place: Khanty-Mansiysk Bank( Khanty-Mansiysk), whose index of capital adequacy is 12.81%.Site - http: //www.khmb.ru/

10th place: Moscow Credit Bank( Moscow) with equity adequacy ratio 13.35%.Site - http: //mkb.ru/

9th place: AK Bars Bank( Kazan) with equity adequacy ratio 13.57%.Site - http: //www.akbars.ru/

8th place: SME Bank( Moscow), whose capital adequacy ratio is the best among all 39 largest banks in Russia - 23.16%, but the size of assets did not allow the SME Bank to take a higher place in the rating. SME Bank's website - http://www.mspbank.ru

7th place: VTB 24( Moscow), which is a subsidiary of VTB Group. VTB 24 is one of the seven largest Russian banks in terms of assets. He opens the first group of financial stability of banks according to the National Rating Agency. The index of capital adequacy of VTB 24 is 10.88%.The site of the bank - http://www.vtb24.ru

6th place: Gazprombank( Moscow) with capital adequacy ratio 11.06%.Site - http: //www.gazprombank.ru/

5 th place: Alfa-Bank( Moscow) with the adequacy of its own capital 11.76%.Site - http: //alfabank.ru/

4th place: Bank of Moscow( Moscow) is another bank of the top-7 of the rating, which is a subsidiary of VTB Group. The Bank of Moscow has a capital adequacy ratio of 11.80%.Site - http: //www.bm.ru/

3rd place: Sberbank of Russia( Moscow) is the largest bank in Russia in terms of volumes of transactions with individuals. However, the index of capital adequacy, which is the basis of the reliability rating, is only the third among the largest Russian banks and is 12.13%.Sberbank's website - http: //sberbank.ru/

2 nd place: Rosselkhozbank( Moscow) with equity capital adequacy ratio 13.38%.Site - http: //www.rshb.ru/

The 1st place in the reliability rating is occupied by VTB Bank( St. Petersburg) - the second largest asset( after Sberbank) the country's bank and the first by the size of the authorized capital. It should be noted that in the rating of reliability of the largest Russian banks, the 7th and 4th places were taken by the subsidiary banks of VTB-VTB 24 and the Bank of Moscow. The capital adequacy ratio, which allowed VTB Bank to lead the rating, is 15.15%.The site of VTB Bank - http: //www.vtb.ru/