Top 7 prototypes of the heroes of the "Game of Thrones"

"Game of Thrones" - one of the most popular series of all time. There are a lot of well-worked characters in it, some people are genuinely worried about some, and others are fiercely hated. Here are the top-7 heroes of "The Game of Thrones", which had real-life prototypes of .


  • 7. Tyrion Lannister and Perkeo
  • 6. Cersei Lannister and Queen Isabella of Bavaria
  • 5. Jame Lannister and Ludovic of Orleans
  • 4. Khal Drogo and Sigurd the Mighty
  • 3. Eiris II Targangien and Caligula
  • 2. Brienne Tart and JeanneArk
  • 1. Eunuch Varis and Wei Zhongxian

7. Tyrion Lannister and Perkeo

Tirion Lannister and Perkeo

Charming drunkard Tirion Lannister brings to the often grim and cruel "Game of Thrones" a healthy dose of wit. In real life, the twin of Tirion, the dwarf of Perkeo, was lucky to be born in peacetime. Instead of fighting with enemies, he entertained the ruler of the city of Heidelberg as a jester. According to legend, his name came from the fact that the question "does he want to drink more wine?" Perkeo invariably replied: "Perche no?"( Why not?).In addition to his main occupation, Perkeo was appointed guard of the Great Wine Barrel and did not drink anything except wine, except for one glass of water. According to legend, water caused the death of Perkeo. Perkeo is also indirectly the namesake of Tirion: his homeland was South Tyrol.

6. Cersei Lannister and Queen Isabella of Bavaria

Cersei Lannister and Queen Isabella of Bavaria

These two women have much in common. Both became queen regents, when their husbands were unable to rule. Both were extremely unpopular among the people. Both had an extramarital relationship. For a long time, Cerseay managed to hide her connection with her brother, Jamie Lannister. But Isabella had a persistent reputation as a debauchee, although this, according to some historians, could be the result of propaganda. According to one of the legends, she gave birth to a brother-in-law, Louis of Orleans, an illegitimate daughter, who became Jeanne d'Arc.

However, although Isabella, although she lost all political influence and was extremely constrained in the means, managed to live to the advanced age and die in her own bed. Whether this will succeed Cersei will show a new part of the "Game of Thrones".

5. Jame Lannister and Ludovic of Orleans

Jame Lannister and Ludovic of Orleans

Not only did Louis tend to sleep with the queen, he, as well as Jame, was cut off his hand( true before he died).Despite the fact that Louis was not a twin brother of Queen Isabella of Bavaria, their relationship was scandalous at the time.

4. Khal Drogo and Sigurd the Mighty

Khal Drogo and Sigurd the Mighty

Khal Drogo was a brave warrior, tireless lover and lover of horses. His long hair was a sign that the Khal had not lost a single duel( if lost, the Dothraki cut their hair).One could say that in real life

, Drogo's likeness was Miyamoto Musashi, who at the age of 13, armed only with a stick, won his first fight against a trained and armed samurai. But with the Norwegian Jarl Sigurd Drogo has an intolerable death. If you watched one of the best serials of 2017, "The Game of Thrones", then you know that the Khal received a minor injury, because of which( as a result of the efforts of the female sorceress), a widespread infection began.

After defeating his enemy, the Scottish leader, in battle Sigurd the Mighty cut off his head and decided to take this trophy home. He tied the enemy's head to the horse's saddle and, during the race, the teeth of the dead man cut Sigurd's leg to the blood. In the wound got an infection and a few days later the yarl died.

3. Airis II Targarien and Caligula

Airis II Targarien and Caligula

The third number in our rating of the prototypes of the characters of the "Game of Thrones" is the satanized king of madness and debauchery, the father of Daenerys, Wieseris and Reagar. He, like Caligula, began reigning on the right of his ancestry and on both rulers in the beginning had high expectations. The transformation of Caligula into a madman was more sudden and dramatic than that of Eigis. He fell ill, suffered from a severe fever so that many thought that it would be more humane to kill him. Having recovered, Caligula ordered to execute people just his pleasure. He also slept with other people's wives and boasted about it to show his strength and, possibly, provoke the response of the offended husbands( there would be a reason to kill them).Like Targarienes, Caligula had a penchant for incest and sexual debauchery. In the end, both men brought so much trouble to their subjects that they simply had to die. Everyone met his end from the hand of his own guardsman.

2. Brienna Tart and Jeanne d'Arc

Brienne Tart and Jeanne d'Arc

It's fairly easy to make a comparison between Joan of Arc and Brianna Tart. The only thing that distinguishes them is their size. Although Brienne is quite tall, and Jeanne d'Arc's height was only 157 cm, they wore similar outfits. Jeanne, as is known, wore men's clothing and armor. She also shortened her hair and negatively treated drunkenness and debauchery, which makes her and Brienne. Either by choice or by circumstances, both women are also virgins, for which they earned the nickname "maiden".

1. Evnukh Varis and Wei Zhongxian

Evnukh Varis and Wei Zhongxian

Varis is one of the main manipulators in the "Game of Thrones".He knows everything about everyone thanks to his extensive spy network. Despite all his achievements, Varis is known to most of the heroes of the universe of the IP as a "eunuch".

The background of Wei and Varis has much in common. Both were born poor and became eunuchs at a young age. Varis sold the sorcerer who had cast him out, and Wei lost his genitals himself, losing them to a dispute in the cards.

After that, each of them could move to the palace and received significant influence. Wei, through the Emperor's nurse, was able to secure the location of the Emperor of China Zhu

Yujiao and became de facto ruler. In addition, Wei was the head of a paramilitary organization of eunuchs, and had an espionage network that was not inferior to that of Varis. However, the fate of Varis was much better. He was able to leave the palace after the death of the king. Unfortunately for Wei after the death of Zhu Yujiao, the eunuch's influence diminished, he was removed from power and eventually Wei committed suicide.